" Your network is like a human body. It needs to be protected at all costs. "

Without Internet security, computer viruses can delete, corrupt and even hide information from you; worms can replicate and infect a whole network of computers; spyware can even steal your most private records or passwords and relay them back to its creator. These are just a few of the risks you take when you connect to the Internet without Internet security, so why put yourself or your business at risk any longer? Eicra Soft Limited can provide you unparalleled Internet security today.

Our Internet security services can create an impenetrable barrier from Internet threats such as viruses, malware, spam and spyware. We have the Internet security services that can ensure you don’t fall victim to phishing practices, which lure you into entering details on illegitimate websites. You can control the Internet security of your e-mail and web browser with our content filtering, and even rid your life permanently of those annoying pop-up ads. One of the most invaluable Internet security measures you can have is our premier Internet security management: Our Internet support experts will provide around-the-clock monitoring and scheduled check-ups of your accounts to ensure you are protected 24/7.

Tough on threats

  • Block poisoned web pages in real time
  • Detect and remove Viruses, Spyware, Rootkits, Worms and Trojans
  • Protect against exploits that automatically download dangerous content to your computer without your knowledge while you are surfing the Internet
  • Stops spam without blocking the mail you want

Easy on you

  • Simple set-up and automatic updates
  • Auto-scheduled scanning and updating
  • Fast-teks experts help you with support and updates

If you waited too long to get Internet security or a cyber criminal found a new way to attack, our experienced Internet support team is standing by to provide you a fast and flawless solution. Whenever you need Internet support, our expert Internet support techs are available remotely (online or by phone) as well as onsite. Because Eicra is a nationwide company, one of our certified Internet support techs can be onsite in less than an hour.
Your current network security may be working today but could quite easily be outdated tomorrow. So how can you keep up with, and manage this constantly evolving predicament?