Businesses are rightly concerned about increasing security threats to all their company communications, particularly email and instant messaging. We provide solutions for security and helps your company keep up with regulatory and compliance issues. Dealing with the risks of security breaches requires specialized skills and resources.

Onsite Eicra Support team offers specialized solutions for saving valuable network bandwidth and avoiding loss of productivity and in some cases lawsuits. We provide solutions for security, prevention, and protection of your companys communication from spam, viruses, and phising. We can also block programs and prevent downloads of malicious Web content. Our onsite support provides email archiving, email encryption, and Web browsing protection and other protection services to suit your business needs.

Eicra Soft limited provides these enterprise computer security services.
  • Encryption
  • Computer security policy implementation
  • Physical computer security
  • Cisco router and VPN installation
  • Security appliance installation
  • ISA Server and Microsoft Threat Management Gateway

Managed Security Solutions
Security risks are a fact of life when dealing with computers, networks and servers. There are internal and external threats that can get into your system and wreak havoc with your data and in some cases outright steal valuable information from your company without you even knowing it happened. Securing your computer and network system is essential to protecting your data and keeping your business’ network safe from harm.

Your Business a Better Way to Stay Protected!
Eicra Soft Limited offers an array of security products and services that are designed to meet your security needs and will help you personalize a security plan that can define different users of your network system and risks associated with each. Once these measures are put in place, your network, server, workstations and data can be protected from many external and internal threats.

Our Security Solutions Include:
  • We ensure your virus definitions, patches and updates have been downloaded and applied to every PC and server on the network
  • We will be automatically alerted of any virus activity on your network and which computer is infected
  • There are no more annual subscriptions and costly licensing fees
  • You will automatically receive the most up to date anti-virus software versions as they are rolled out
  • Your anti-virus program status automatically restarted when it is canceled or stopped

Network Security
Protecting your network is a top priority in today's world of information management. Server hack incidents are on the rise in today’s technology world. Server security is no longer something that only large corporations have to do. Do you wonder if your network is as secure as possible and protected from hackers and cybercrime?

Basic network and server security methods and software are cost effective, and critical even for small businesses today. Every company has certain data they must secure, both from intruders as well as employees. Creating proper groups and permissions is and excellent method to provide network. security and server securtiy.

Eicra Soft Limited will work with you to assess your current situation and then design and implement a security plan tailored to your specific needs.

Internet Security
At any given time, thousands of computer viruses, worms and spyware are in circulation on the internet. Users who connect to the internet are prime targets for email attacks, identity theft, and malicious hacker programs. We provide software and hardware solutions to help remove and combat continuous attempts by unknown internet predators.

Firewalls – If you are connected to the Internet, you need firewall protection, no matter how small your company may be. But building a firewall isn’t enough to safeguard your internal networks. Our expert network engineers will configure, install, monitor and upgrade your firewall, and integrate it with other security components to enhance the overall security of your network environment.

Anti-virus – Your IT system requires anti-virus software that identifies and eliminates computer viruses and other dangerous software that can damage your servers and email systems. We’ll implement the ones that best protect your system needs.

Spyware – The never-ending battle against spyware requires proactive measures to safeguard your company’s private information. We have the tools and know-how to detect and protect you against this omnipresent threat.

As a part of our proactive server and system maintenance routine, We update virus profiles and ensure your antivirus programs are current and functioning properly. In addition, we regularly monitor spam filters to keep email communication running smoothly and efficiently, minimizing unwanted and unsolicited communications.

Patch Management
By patching your machines regularly, you are able to avoid security threats, therefore decreasing the amount of company downtime related to virus attacks and other unwanted network intrusions. Leave it to the professionals at Eicra Soft Limited to ensure your servers and desktop computers stay current with all of the latest patches and updates, keeping them up and running round-the-clock.

Microsoft Security Patch Management
With the importance of computer security, nothing is more important than maintaining up to date security patches from Microsoft for both the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software. We will monitor and maintain the patches and provide you with reporting as required to make sure you are up to date.