Rapid Response IT Support
IT service problems come in many shapes and sizes. Some, like "My computer keeps telling me to update it but I don’t know how," are annoying, but not panic-worthy. Others, like "Our server is down and we can’t access our client information," are critical and need to be addressed ASAP.

For critical IT service issues like a server being down, a lost internet connection, or a failed hard drive, Network.com.bd employees pride themselves on providing IT support that is second to none. Our Rapid Response to your IT support issue will be to address it in hours; not days.

We know that you need your system back up and running quickly. All of Olmec’s clients are a priority, and we will address your issue in whatever manner necessary to insure a quick resolution to your problem. Olmec’s Rapid Response IT support can be onsite, via remote support, or over the phone. The bottom line is that we will address your issues and we will do so quickly. Whether your company has 5 employees or 500 employees, our goal is to make you feel like you are our most important client; because you are.

We give you 24/7 account access.
Use our Online to get instant information about anything we’ve done for you, including recent service, invoices and more. You can even schedule and approve IT Support work orders from your computer or mobile device.

We make it easy to switch from your old provider.
If you’re here, you may not be happy with your current IT Company. They may not be providing the level of IT support that you need to operate your company at peak efficiency. Olmec makes it easy to switch from your old IT service provider – no hassles and no interruption of your computer services.