" Wow ! You Can Fix My Computer Over the Internet? "

  • Virus Activity
  • Email Issues
  • Wireless Connection Problems
  • Lost Data
  • More then phone tech support

" We'll connect online and fix your computer via the web. Remote services are available regardless of your location."

These are just a few of the issues that a qualified, patient and highly trained remote service tech can help with. As a nationwide computer service company with over 1200 techs throughout the country, we can dispatch technicians just about everywhere but sometimes even a few hours is too long to wait, never mind tomorrow.

So what can you do? Through the magic of remote assistance technology we are able to bring you our most highly qualified technicians to provide immediate over the Internet assistance through screen sharing technology. Through a highly secured connection, we can find lost data, cleanup spyware and virus activity and fix annoying issues. We use the same set of advanced software used for our premium small business and enterprise customers clients and now made available to you in your home for a fraction of the cost. More then simple phone tech support we can get started instantly.

If you need immediate telephone computer or network tech support and cannot get help from your Internet Provider or your computer maker, we can help.'s entire nationwide force of computer and network technicians are specially identified according to their expertise. Within minutes of your telephone call (or online support request) we can tap one of our experts to call and assist you right over the phone - within minutes.

If you need urgent or immediate computer assistance, we provide online computer support, where you can watch every step of the way via a secure, private connection that is encrypted with a 128-bit key.

Offering a range of computer services including remote technology support, you will find Onsite Computer Services to be your one stop shop for everything relating to your computer needs. When dealing with your remote technology support, you will receive helpful and timely solutions. Onsite Computer Services delivers fast professional service for all your immediate and emergency IT service and support needs such as remote technology support. Unlike other providers, who may also retail equipment or manufacture equipment, our only revenue is providing IT support with rapid response to client's real time needs. As a convenience to our customers they can purchase components (i.e.: break-fix or upgrades) for or from us to streamline the process.