Annual IT and Network Services Contract for Business in Dhaka Bangladesh

We will play the role of IT doctors to to make sure your business IT infrastructure is running  perfectly.

We cover offshore technical support solutions for your corporate devices under our annual IT maintenance contract.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

24/7 Network Monitoring

Eicra brought to you 24/7 server monitoring facilities for a smooth business connectivity.

Incident Based Call‐Out

Comprehensive infrastructure support for corporate users and in-house IT department.

Fast Response & Resolution

Once under contract, our IT engineer will come to your office to resolve all IT issues.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our experts will provide you scheduled(daily, weekly, monthly) technical support.

Remote Tech Support

Our agents are all standby to provide you remote support for all your IT issues.

Data Entry & Data Management

We brought to you error-free data entry and management solution for your business.

Data Backup & Protection

We ensure safe data backup process. This minimizes possible data loss and mishandling.

Branding & Supply Chain

Other than technical support we takes care of your company’s supply chain and brandings.

and more...

  1. Workstation configuration
  2. Data entry and management
  3. Network maintenance contract
  4. Peripheral device maintenance
  5. Security software maintenance
  6. Surveillance  camera monitoring
  7. Remote IT support and services
  8. Virtual assistance for business
  9. Network device Maintenance

We provide total system configuration, update and maintenance services to our clients company. However our activities also comprises of network error solving, routing and wireless intranet infrastructure buildup for a smooth connectivity in business premises.

Our IT specialists will provide efficient data entry and data management process for your company. They will guarantee error and loss-free data management services for your business.

Business Solutions

Ranked supply chain and business branding services.

Business workstation and network tweaking is not  the only work we do in the industry. We are also active in the field of business activities in the corporate field. Eicra efficiently provide supply chain management and business branding functionalities to our clients in the market.

Business solution

Our IT and network services & Solutions

Eicra offers complete Computer and Networking Solutions.

Remote Support

Our remote computer support services allow you to maintain your daily business. Mean that time we work behind the scene to tune-up your system. We perform most of our computer support service through remote process. Remote service turns out to be the most convenient and cost-effective option for clients under our constant connection management.

Network Management

Networks- wired or wireless, are critical for businesses and bring convenience for home users. High-speed data transfers, security, and easy accessibility are some of the benefits of efficient networks. Eicra Soft Limited offers a team of network engineers who will debug the communication path between computers and network devices.

Security Solutions

At any given time, thousands of computer viruses, worms and spyware are in circulation on the internet. Users who connect to the internet are prime targets for email attacks, identity theft, and malicious hacker programs. Our Security Specialist will provide software and hardware solutions to help remove and combat continuous attempts by unknown internet predators.

Data Backup & Recovery

Data backup and security service is critical and vital for any business. Yt many businesses ignore backed up process.  we understand the importance of data security and back up. Therefore  we have developed an effective backup solution policy for our client companies in the field.

Business Assistance Services

Corporate supply chain management and business branding solutions are the two business functionalities we offer. Over the time we have realized how important these two fields are. Therefore we now offer world class service in this two important aspect of business to our clients.

Services We Undertake

Under our yearly contract, Eicra provide top notched workstation and network tunings services. Our service covers total network security and premises surveillance solutions. Our task also compasses useful business functionalities, such as supply chain and business branding processes.

We Offer

Outsourcing Remote IT Support Services Company.


Hardware & Software

Eicra Soft limited provides comprehensive IT Support for commercial users. Our support driven platform consist of pro-active IT infrastructure maintenance experts. Our experts in the field ensures maximum application availability and optimal PC performance, peripheral devices and network components.

Expert Data manager

Expert Data manager

We have expert data entry and data management specialists garaged to serve your business. We provide excellent data entry service which we ensure to be error-free. Our experts process and manage data for companies followed by an effective data gathering process.

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

IT issues like server down, or workstation crush need urgent attention. We give top-notched support in IT and network platform. Our Rapid Response to IT issue will take just an hour or two. We aim to provide priority services to you as you need your system back and running quickly again.

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