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Business Advisory

NetWorkBD has qualified individuals who can assist your firm in meeting its growth goals. Our special business advisors have served as CFOs for both public and private firms, planned and launched start-ups, raised capital, bought, sold, and combined businesses, assisted companies and guided clients. We work with businesses of all sizes in a number of domestic and international industries.
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Business Incorporation

NetworkBD is ready to assist you with the company registration specialist of your foreign and local businesses in Bangladesh. We recognize that registering a business in Bangladesh can be a tough procedure, particularly for foreign investors. The process is complicated by a number of issues, including the opening bank account, name clearance, trade licenses, registered offices, and so on.
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Human Resource

NetworkBD is more than simply an HR recruiting organization. It is a full-service business solution provider. We are committed to providing a holistic solution to your organization through our HR Recruitment, Payroll, and other services. NetworkBD is a well-known organization for its ability to retain capacity in times of crisis while providing quick and easy solutions to your HR & Payroll issues.

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NetworkBD Has Been No.#1 Online Company Registration Specialist Website In Bangladesh

NetworkBD has been No.#1 Online Company Registration website in Bangladesh

NetworkBD is Bangladesh’s top provider of small to medium-sized private limited company registration specialist and administration services. Several hundred Bangladeshi companies are formed each year, and we continue to provide continuing company registration specialist services to them.

Quality Ensured By Expertise

NetworkBD is proud of the resources we offer to the challenge of setting up a business in Bangladesh. Our Company Registration Specialists come from a variety of cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds.

Quick & Responsive Services

NetworkBD offers a comprehensive range of quick and responsive services. Our service standards are exceptionally high. NetworkBD ensures that every client receives outstanding service each and every time.

Receive Professional Recognition

Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) accepted NetworkBD into the prestigious Approved Employer Program in Professional Development. Only RJSC companies that satisfy the highest criteria of staff training and professional growth are accepted into the RJSC program.

One-Stop Solution For Organization

NetworkBD’s website is the one-stop solution for all corporate formation needs for cost-conscious enterprises wanting to register new company corporations in Bangladesh. We provide comprehensive accounting-related services that satisfy the highest professional. So get in touch with us.

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Services For Company Registration Specialist, Tax, Secretarial and Technology Consultancy

We give you unrivaled possibilities to work across boundaries and establish an international career with NetworkBD offices in more than 120+ countries.

Reap the benefits that will prepare you for the leadership positions you desire and help you progress your career in a world that is becoming increasingly borderless.

We seek to build world-class leaders, and beginning your career with us provides you with the greatest possible training and foundation for whatever your future holds.

NetworkBD Services for Company Incorporation, Tax, Secretarial and Technology Consultancy

NetworkBD: Accounting Firm Assists You, How To Start A Business!

Over the last 20 years, we’ve structured and built our product and service range on 4 main factors:

Client Needs
Client Needs

For more than 20 years, we have evolved our services in collaboration with our clients. We are experts in various sectors and have all of the necessary experience in-house, making it simple to get help and advice.

Business Efficiency
Business Efficiency

Each of our solutions is designed to help our clients minimize the number of suppliers they work with, saving them time and increasing efficiency, which lowers their overall procurement costs.

Visibility and Control
Visibility and Control

Our Management Information System is built to assist clients/Customers in tracking process and controlling process their spending across all branches, departments, and all individual users.

Procurement Process
Procurement Process

We can assist our clients to save up to 80% on administration and minimize duplication of duties. This will streamline your internal operations from order to payment by providing dependable solutions.

Discover a brighter future with NetworkBD corporate services

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Discover A Brighter Future With NetworkBD Corporate Services

We provide you with unrivaled opportunity to shape your career and future. Your chance has arrived; seize it and walk into your brightest future.

NetworkBD does not just lead the way in professional services, but also in our communities.

Tmake difference for our clients, our people, our communities, and, through them, the rest of the world.

Find the one door that leads to a brighter future. Live your mission today, and together, we can change the world – one life at a time.

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If You Want To Know More, Look At NetworkBD FAQs

When is it appropriate to hire a business consultant?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all business consultant. You’ll need to assess your firm in the following areas:

  • Human resources are important.
  • a business plan
  • Operations
  • Regulations and compliance
  • Organizing your finances

If your company is having trouble in any of these areas, it’s a smart idea to hire a business consultant.
Keep in mind that business consultants specialize in specific areas of business, so look for a reputable specialist in the subject.
If you require the most support with financial planning, for example, don’t hire an operation specialist.

How long does it take to valuation a company?

For its initial valuation, a seller/consultant seller’s or an investor/analyst investor’s conducts a corporate valuation, which is a process that evaluates the value of a corporate entity. Earnings multiples, discounted cash flow, debt and assets components, and other components are among the most frequent and practical approaches for determining a business’s value. In practice, assuming all essential information is provided, an initial corporation valuation report might take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Furthermore, depending on the results of the Due Diligence, the corporation valuation can be changed.

When it comes to starting a business?

As you begin your business, we recommend contacting and including the following people on your team:

Attorney — to help with essential business files and legal advice in general.

CPA – for entity selection, tax planning and preparation, accounting and bookkeeping, and business advice.

Payroll Provider — to aid with monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll deposits and filing needs.

Is it necessary for me to hire an accounting firm?

The solution to this question is very dependent on your requirements.

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, an accounting firm can help you focus on what matters most to you instead of worrying about the financial details. Unless you have a qualified accountant on staff, working with an accounting business rather than navigating through complex financial regulations and tax codes on your own will likely save you time and money.

What should I do if I am unable to pay my taxes?

First of all, stay cool. If you are unable to pay the entire amount owing, you should still file your return and pay what you can before the due date to avoid interest and penalties. RJSC should then be contacted to explore payment options. In rare situations, the RJSC may grant you a short-term payment extension, a payment installment agreement, or a penalty waiver.
Look At NetworkBD FAQs

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