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Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Services - General Accounting and Bookkeeping

Companies must utilize their resources to their fullest potential in the difficult economic situation of today. The majority of firms are unable to invest the time and money necessary to control the long-term costs of carrying debt. They require a collaborator they can trust on to strengthen the internal accounts receivable division of the business and aid boost cash flow. We provide top class accounts receivable services in Bangladesh.


Our goal at NetworkBD, a top provider of account receivable services, is to assist companies in operating more effectively and financially. By lowering Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and enhancing overall work capital, our AR services provide a cutting-edge strategy to assist firms in improving the effectiveness of their AR department. By combining technology with human capital resources, our solutions generate quantifiable results.

Outsourcing Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Services from NetworkBD

Accounts Receivable services are one of the many incredibly affordable services that NetworkBD has been offering to clients worldwide. Our Account Receivable solutions, which include Account Receivable services for small businesses, are thorough yet totally adaptable, allowing customers to select from a variety of services. Our outsourcing options for accounts receivable services include –

  1. Receivable Services for Real Estate

We can assist if you run a real estate business and are finding it challenging to manage all of your AR tasks.

   2. Services for Factoring Accounts Receivable

We are one of the top companies offering account receivable factoring services to a wide range of international customers.

Why Choose NetworkBD for Accounts Receivable Services?

We are one of the best firms for outsourcing accounts receivable services and our team of knowledgeable specialists offers specialized account management services based on your company’s needs. You may select NetworkBD Solutions for services related to accounts receivable for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Affordable Prices

We assist you get the most return on your investment by offering our AR services at very reasonable pricing. We’ll work with you to save your processing costs by as much as 70%.

2. Information Access Right Away

We enable rapid access to all document pictures and combine print, postal, and electronic deliveries from a single source.

3. Simple Document Recovery

We offer a single location for all documentation needed for client support. We also make it simple for you to access documents and data using a standard web browser.

4. Boost Cash Flow

We assist you in reducing late payments and bad debt. We also give you the ability to improve cash flow and salvage profits.

5. Services for Professionals

In addition to offering specialized inbound/outbound account handling services, we also handle client disputes and inconsistencies professionally and continuously monitor them.

Here Are Some Other Services You May Find Useful

  1. Analyzing finances
  2. Reconciliation 
  3. Real Estate Bank  
  4. Reconciliation Accounts

Outsource Accounts Receivable Services to NetworkBD

Hire NetworkBD to handle your accounts receivable services needs, and you’ll have plenty of time to focus on your strengths. Our services help you exert more control over each account by ensuring that unpaid invoices are followed up on and that thorough reporting is done. Your data is absolutely safe with us thanks to our data security and privacy procedures.

Our AR operations assist you in enhancing quality, flexibility, and cash flow while saving time and money. Accounts Payable, Bookkeeping, and Tax Preparation and Processing are just a few of the professional and timely services we offer.

Utilize our cutting-edge services to gain the NetworkBD advantage and keep up with your competitors.

Please contact us or speak with one of our representatives if you’re seeking an accounts receivable outsourcing partner. We’ll respond to you within a day.

FAQ For Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Services

What activities related to accounts receivable may I outsource?

  1. Customer setup and upkeep
  2. credit inquiries
  3. settlement of customer questions
  4. pursuit, escalation, and resolution of invoices
  5. upkeep of the sales ledger
  6. Reconciliation and reporting of invoice discounts
  7. Reconciliation of revenues on a weekly and monthly basis
  8. Reconciliation of principal vendors
  9. Management of deductions from accounts receivable

What attributes or credentials ought to I hunt for in a specialized partner?

  1. pertinent expertise
  2. Use of tools and software that are industry standards
  3. Employee accreditation/certification Flexibility
  4. open lines of connection
  5. regular security precautions
  6. Attention-to-detail
  7. Punctual delivery

What kind of thing is an account receivable example?

An electric firm that invoices its customers after they use the electricity is an example of an accounts receivable. The electric company keeps track of unpaid invoices as an account receivable while it waits for its clients to make payments.

What are the major advantages of outsourcing receivables management?

Enhances accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency of processes: When you work with a professional, you’ll obtain a dedicated finance and accounting staff to handle all of your AP-related demands.

Reduces administrative expenses Employing, training, and maintaining workers can be expensive when maintaining internal staff for the accounts receivable process. Additionally, there are additional costs for IT hardware, tools, and office supplies. A expert can help your company avoid these administrative expenses so it may concentrate on activities that bring greater value.

Everything You Need To Outsourcing Accounts Receivable In One Package