An Advanced Guide To Joint Venture Company Incorporation


Understanding The Background Of Company Incorporation

The ensuing legal entity is a corporation, which isolates the cash flow and profits out of its owners and shareholders. Corporations can be formed in practically every country on the planet, and are typically characterized by terms like “Inc.” and “Limited (Ltd.)” in company titles. It is the way of splitting an incorporated limited company from its owners legally.

You must also open bank accounts in the company’s name and deposit the paid-up capital during the incorporation process. There is no formal capital requirement for any incorporated limited company in Bangladesh.

Take notice, for company incorporation, that investors must provide a USD 50,000 inward transfer to fund the company’s running expenditures for six months.

Key Points:

1. Company incorporation is the process by which a company is formally constituted and brought into existence.

2. Company incorporation entails drafting a declaration as the certificate of incorporation and listing all of the company’s shareholders.

3. Limited liability means that the assets and free cash flow of the corporate entity are kept distinct from those of owners and shareholders who incorporate limited companies.

Foreign Company Incorporation In Bangladesh

While foreign investors are permitted for offshore company formation in all of these areas, the government advises forming a joint venture in the following:

1. Refinery for crude oil (lube oil recycling/refining for use as fuel)

2. In the private sector, electricity production, supply, and distribution are all handled.

3. Minerals are used as raw materials in medium and large industries.

More: Here are some government-controlled areas for registration and incorporation of a company that require prior approval: Deep-sea fishing, private sector bank/financial institution, insurance firm, channel on satellite, Coal exploration, exploitation, and supply etc.

In addition, there are four forbidden sectors in which neither foreign nor domestic investment is permitted for company incorporation:

1. Military machinery and equipment

2. Nuclear power is a safe and reliable source of energy

3. Printing and minting for security

4. Within the boundaries of a designated forest, forest areas and mechanized extraction are prohibited.

Note: The average time it takes to register a business in Bangladesh is approximately 45-60 days.

Procedures Of Startup Incorporation In Bangladesh


The first step in establishing a joint venture company incorporation in Bangladesh is to submit the Memorandum of Association toward the RJSC. Prepare the digitized pages of the subscribers’ information as well as the signed Form IX, since you will need to submit those as well. The preparation and submission of a Joint Venture Company incorporation to the RJSC is the third and most significant step in the offshore company formation of a joint venture. Also, please remember that this is a crucial document in that you must define the terms and rights of both parties. 

Last but not least, you must pay the planned company formation charges to the bank and submit an entitlement certificate to RJSC.

Post- Registration Responsibilities For Offshore Company Formation

There are various additional permits and procedures you must follow depending on the type of newly registered joint venture company incorporation:

1. Obtain a Tax Id Number (TIN) Certificate 

2. Establish a bank account for the recently created Joint Venture Company incorporation.

3. Obtain a VAT Certificate 

4. A Certificate of Registration for Imports 

5. Certificate of Export Registration 

All of them are ordinary post-registration responsibilities to secure your joint venture company incorporation.

How To Secure Your Incorporate Limited Company

When you set foot in an emerging market and begin doing business, it’s critical to understand the potential dangers you’ll face. Furthermore, doing your homework before engaging into contracts or collaborations with new companions is critical.

Important: Due diligence is essential since it helps you to anticipate all hazards and decide whether or not to proceed.

We can help you with due diligence. Here’s some of the primary due diligence services for company incorporation we provide:

1. Determine the company’s business categorization and whether or not it has all of the necessary licenses.

2. Examine the company’s tax and investment reporting to see if it’s accurate.

3. Calculate the total number of employees and the registered address.

Furthermore, because the joint venture company incorporation will protect both parties’ interests, it is critical to have a business consultant create the cooperation contract. With this paper, we can assist you. Please contact us.

5 Advantages of Company Incorporation Services

Legal Compliance: Company incorporation services ensure that your business is incorporated following all legal requirements and regulations. They help you navigate the complex legal procedures and paperwork, ensuring that your company is in full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Access to Funding: Incorporating a company can improve your ability to secure funding. It opens up opportunities for raising capital through various channels, such as issuing shares, attracting investors, obtaining loans, or partnering with financial institutions. This can be vital for business growth and expansion.

Tax Benefits: Company incorporation can provide certain tax advantages. Different jurisdictions have varying tax structures and incentives for businesses. Company incorporation services can help you navigate the tax regulations and identify opportunities for tax optimization, potentially reducing your tax burden.

Enhanced Privacy: Incorporating a company can provide an additional layer of privacy for business owners. Depending on the jurisdiction and type of company, personal information, such as the names of shareholders and directors, may not be publicly disclosed, offering a level of confidentiality.

Facilitated Business Transactions: Having a registered company makes it easier to engage in business transactions. Other entities, such as clients, suppliers, and partners, often prefer to conduct business with incorporated companies due to the added credibility and legal protections they provide.


The process of forming a company is known as company incorporation. For the aim of registration and incorporation of a company, it involves a variety of variables and legal documents. There are two files that are quite crucial at the moment of establishment. Memorandum of Association (MoA) & Articles of Association are the two documents in question (AoA).

As a result, in Company Law, the creation of a company entails a number of main stages that must be completed in order to complete the company incorporation process. The company could be created or run without these steps.