What Does “New Company Incorporation” Mean


Let’s Have A Look At How To Incorporate A New Business

The phrase “new company incorporation” refers to the process of forming and registering a limited liability company. A certificate of registration will be issued once this process is completed. A limited company has the legal position of being a separate legal entity from its owners. If you really are self-employed and own a business, it is not a legal entity until it is incorporated and granted a registered company name.

According to statistics, 11,62931 new companies were formed between 2008 and 2013 and every company followed the new process of company incorporation.

Why Did You Decide To Incorporate New Company?

When you choose to incorporate new company, you are creating a limited-liability entity. This ensures that any business creditors will be unable to prosecute you individually for any debts owed to the company. Incorporation of new private limited company can have directors and shareholders, as well as employ people and pay taxes.

Key Points:

1. New company incorporation is the process by which a company is formally constituted and brought into existence.

2. Incorporate new company entails drafting a declaration as the certificate of association and listing all of the company’s shareholders.

3. Incorporation of  new private limited company means that the resources including cash flows of the corporate entity are kept distinct from that of the buyers and shareholders in a company.

New Process Of Company Incorporation In Bangladesh


You must also complete the following licenses and registrations:

  1. Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  2. Trade License 
  3. Certificates of VAT Registration 
  4. Fire Certificates
  5. Environmental Clearance Certificates (if necessary)

How Do You Go About Incorporate A New Business?

According to the Companies Act 2006, every company incorporated in the world that wishes to be incorporation of new private limited company must do so through new process of company incorporation. It makes no difference whether the company is a start-up or already operates as a partnership or a self-employed corporation. New company incorporation is needed by law in all circumstances. The word “limited” or the initials Ltd or Inc are traditionally put after the name of an incorporated business, but this is not a requirement. If a suffix, such as Inc, does not fit with their branding, many companies eliminate it.

New Company Incorporation After Covid-19


According to the studies, the percentages of incorporate new company jumped a shocking 126% in a week (June 14 – June 20) around the world. On 14 June,2020, the incorporation of new private limited company was 4801 and at the end of the week on 20 June, the number was 10,954.

The Benefits Of Incorporate A New Business

While the details may vary significantly between legal jurisdictions, the benefits of incorporate a new business are generally as follows:

  1. Any owner’s assets, such as their home, are protected from being pursued because of any corporate liabilities.
  2. It becomes easier to shift the company’s ownership to a third party.
  3. The firm owner or owners can often obtain a lower tax on their individual income by incorporate new company.
  4. The proprietors of a company that has been incorporated can raise funds by selling shares in the company.

Did you know? In 2020/21, 810,316 new businesses were formed. When comparing 2019 to 2020, this represents a 21.8% gain. The years 2020-2021 saw the largest number of incorporations ever.

The New Company Incorporation Procedures

The preparation of a certificate of association is the first step in incorporate a new business or incorporating an established one by a new process of company incorporation. These are papers that state the business’s primary purpose as well as its location. If the company plans to issue stock, the articles will specify the quantity of shares to be issued as well as the stock class. For example, a small business may have only one shareholder, whereas many larger companies are publicly listed and have hundreds of stockholders.

The company’s directors will be elected by the shareholders, and those members will be in charge of the company’s day-to-day operations. They are normally chosen on a yearly basis and must operate in the interest of the company.

Final Words

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