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Thanks to its friendly immigration policies that draw in international talent from all over the world. Bangladesh is rapidly becoming Asia’s top economic hub.

Bangladesh provides a range of work permits and a Bangladesh immigration program for foreign business professionals and skilled workers. The details provided below will assist you in learning more about  Bangladesh’s immigration policies and regulations.

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NetworkBD assists with applications for student visas, tourist visas, medical tourism, and immigration schemes & requirements.

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NetworkBD’s Immigration Schemes & Requirements Law To Save You From Conflict

NetworkBD assists you with the full immigration schemes and requirements procedure by abiding by all legal criteria. Know the immigration laws of Bangladesh. The illegality of leaving Bangladesh or making attempts to leave is enforced by the law.

  1. Knowingly gives false information or withholds any relevant information in order to obtain a passport or travel document in accordance. With this Order or causes alterations in the information on a travel document.
  2. Refuses to present his passport or other travel document when requested, regardless of whether it was issued in accordance with this Order.
  3. Willfully allows another to use one of his passports or travel papers, or willfully uses a passport or travel document issued to another person
  4. If found guilty, the perpetrator faces a maximum penalty of six months in prison, a fine of Tk 1,000, or both.

Bangladesh Immigration Schemes & Requirements For Passport

A person may only receive a passport or other travel document in exchange for the surrender of their own. With the exception of subrule, a person who currently has a valid passport or travel document is not eligible to receive another one. Under the Bangladesh Passport Order 1973, this crime shall be punish.

Immigration Schemes & Requirements: NetworkBD Ready To Protect You

The following sections are relevant: 

  1. Any of the following passport crimes may result in punishment for the offender.
  2. Any statement that is made, attest to, or verify in a document that will be use to obtain a passport and that the person knows or has reason to suspect is false is prohibit.
  3. He makes an untrue statement that he knows or believes to be untrue in any document via which he intends to get a passport.
  4. He wilfully hides any information that, under the circumstances. He should divulge in order to obtain a passport for himself or another person.
  5. He forges, tampers, or alters any document that he knows—or has reason to believe—will be use to obtain a passport 

Anyone who intentionally uses, or has cause to suspect that, a passport is fake, changed, or tampered with Immigration Schemes & Requirements.

Basic Terms & Condition Of Immigration Schemes

  • Institutional and administrative procedures that guarantee adherence to the approved immigration schemes and requirements
  • Control authorities: Sections of a national government in charge of regulating both legal and illegal immigration. As well as the orderly flow of regular migrants.
  • ICAO: The International Civil Aviation Organization, established in 1947 to carry out the terms of the International Convention on Civil Aviation (The Chicago Convention).


Established in 1919 as the industry’s trade association, IATA is the International Air Transport Association.

The International Air Transport Association/Control Authorities Working Group (IATA/CAWG) brings together airlines and Immigration Schemes & Requirements authorities from 19 countries to develop and pursue a cooperative program for the facilitation and processing of air passengers while ensuring effective action against illegitimate traffic.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) was found in 1958 as the United Nations specialize agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships.

FAQs For Immigration Schemes & Requirements

1. What are the methods for immigrants to get permanent residency?

To begin, consider the four different forms of immigration status: citizens, residents, non-immigrants, and illegal immigrants.

2. Can I sponsor my spouse if I’m unemployed?

YES! To be a sponsor, you do not need to be employee. You can work, be self-employee, or be un-employee yet able to support oneself through savings or investments.

3. How long are you financially responsible for someone you sponsor?

An affidavit of support is a legally binding contract, and the sponsor’s obligation normally lasts until the family member or other individual either becomes a citizen or passes the citizenship test.

4. How long is Bangladesh immigration visa valid for?

It is recommend that travelers secure a Bangladeshi visa in advance of their journey from the Bangladeshi Embassy or consulate nearest to them in the United States. Depending on your trip objective, the visa is usually multiple entry with a validity of 1-5 years.

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