Foreign Worker Quota In Bangladesh

Calculate Foreign Workers Quota in Bangladesh

This article on how to calculate the foreign worker quota is intended to provide you an overview of the various work permit programs that are available in Bangladesh for foreign employees.

Additionally, we are offering the ideal manual and professional guidance for calculating the foreign worker quota.

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3. The relevant foreign embassies demand that you prepare the necessary information.

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5. To guarantee that processes are followed, foreign employees must be registered and have regular medical examinations.

6. Providing Hospitalization and Surgical Scheme for Foreign Workers with Foreign Insurance.

7. giving advice on how to renew a foreign worker’s work permit

8. Giving instructions for extending a foreign passport

9. Giving instructions on how to use the check-out reminder 

10. Assisting international workers with translation and counseling

Our Perfect Guide To Calculate Foreign Worker Quota

  • The MOM bases its calculation of a firm’s foreign worker quota on the CPF account of the enterprise.
  • The employer’s contribution is a representation of the nearby workers engaged in business operations.
  • One full-time local employee or two part-time local employees count as one head of the local workforce for the purposes of calculating payroll.
  • After removing the current and previous months, contributions over a three-month period are taken into account in order to fairly compute and account for minor variances.

Statistics Of Calculate Foreign Worker Quota

The amount of foreign workers who are now employed is not properly accounted for by Bangladeshi government agencies.

However, a number of NGOs predicted that it might be as high as 500,000. As a result, the nation loses more than $5 billion in remittances.

The textile, telecommunications, information technology, poultry, and poultry feed businesses in Bangladesh employ a large number of foreign specialists, according to sources in the private sector. Many of them are also employed without a license.

Rules & Regulations Of Foreign Worker Quota

The Bangladesh Board of Investigation has set a five-year restriction on the number of foreign workers who can be employed in commercial enterprises there. More jobs for citizens are needed in the nation.

This choice was made in response to a task team’s discovery that several foreign employees in Bangladesh were lying about their genuine incomes in order to evade paying income taxes.

However, foreigners employed in diplomatic or other non-commercial roles will be free from the restriction.

How Do We Do This Legally?

The formula will be used to determine the maximum number of foreign employees after calculating the foreign worker quota of the complete local labor force.

Maximum number of foreign employees = (100% -DRC%) x local manpower Currently, a corporation is required to hire five locals for every foreign worker hired.

As a result, international firms tend to hire foreign nationals for mid-level management positions, which results in a shortage of employment for many qualified local individuals.

Because of this, the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority has suggested legislation requiring a certain percentage of jobs to be filled by foreign workers at every level of employment. As a result, the ratio remains the same when hiring for entry-level positions.


However, ten local employees must be hired in addition to every foreign worker hired under the manufacturing industry’s quota.

Furthermore, foreign employees may account for somewhat more than 9% of the total workforce at establishments like

FAQs For Calculate Foreign Worker Quota

How many foreign workers can I hire?

First and foremost, it is contingent upon the number of full-time local employees you have. Second, you must pay a monthly charge for each calculated foreign worker quota you employ, which is divided into three tiers.

The levy tier you pay is determined by the number of foreign workers you employ; the greater the tax, the closer you are to the maximum quota.

How much does your guide to calculate foreign worker quota cost?

We offer a flat rate on our services for client comfort. However, the prices can be altered if required. Therefore, contact us for a detailed discussion.

Why is it important to calculate foreign worker quota?

If your business intends to hire foreign workers next year, you must submit a quota request by October 1 of the current year. According to recent practice, work permits are issued and extended in accordance with the quantity of positions mentioned by an employer in the application.

When is it required to renew foreign worker’s permit?

The application for a work permit extension, including all supporting documentation, must be submit no later than 30 calendar days before the work permit expires.

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