How To Form A Private Limited Company In Bangladesh?

Private Limited Company's Legal Entity

An inexpensive private limited company formation in Bangladesh is made possible by NetworkBD.

Because of its convenient location close to two significant seaports, low startup costs, and ongoing rapid growth, Bangladesh is quickly establishing itself as a hopeful emerging economy.

To attract more foreign investors, the nation offers tax breaks, economic zones, and streamlined procedures for importing machinery and raw materials. 

Easily make a private limited company in Bangladesh with the aid of NetworkBD’s regional professionals.

3 Easiest Ways To Create Entities By Us

1. Company incorporation

Our team of knowledgeable people in-country handles the most of of the incorporation process. You will thus gain valuable time.

2. Advisory Service 

All of your quarterly corporate services will be managed by a highly qualified advisor. This advisor will manage your accounting, bookkeeping, and financial planning.

3. Human Resource Department

Our local department of human resources is here to help you set up your whole entity with trustworthy and legal assistance.

Principal Benefits Of Forming A Private Limited Company

1. Minimal risk to individual assets

Stockholders of a private limited liability company have little legal obligation. As a result, you will only be held accountable for the liabilities of the company to the extent of your investment as a shareholder.

2. Legally Recognized Entity

A PLC is a separate legal entity from you. As a result, the Business is in charge of all of its assets, liabilities, debtors, and creditors. You won’t be held accountable for the company’s losses. As a result, your debtors won’t be able to collect from you.

3. Fund Raising

Although creating a PLC has compliance obligations, entrepreneurs prefer it because it enables them to increase and limit their responsibility while also allowing them to raise money through shares.

4. Reputability

Businesses in Bangladesh are required by the Companies Act of 2013 to sign up with the Registrar of Companies. (ROC). Anyone can view the company’s information on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal.

5. Stay in Existence

Perpetual succession refers to a company’s ability to exist indefinitely without being formally dissolved. A corporation continues to exist despite changes in membership because it is a distinct legal person and is unchanged by the death or cancellation of any of its members.

NetworkBD Helps In The Legal Formation Of A Private Limited Company

Before forming a private limited liability company in Bangladesh, the following factors must be considered. To use it as your registered office, for instance, you must supply a local address. It will have to be situated physically.

With the aid of, a local office can be established. Additionally, you need to open a business bank account and fund it with your starting money.

For foreigners, establishing a business in Bangladesh is now much simpler. A company’s director and shareholder may be a foreign national. Additionally, a company can be incorporated without traveling to Bangladesh.

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