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Employment Pass Online

You can apply for an Employment Pass or S Pass, check its status, issue it, renew it, or cancel it using EP Online if you’re an employer or an employment agency. The residential address can be updated using this eService by owners of Employment Passes and S Passes as well.

For managers, executives, specialists, and other professional workers in Bangladesh, employment passes are visas that can be applied for online. After incorporating a business in Bangladesh, business owners can also apply for an EP with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). They can now move their businesses to Bangladesh as a result.

Applying Process Of Employment Pass In Online

  1. You are an entrepreneur, executive, or managing director of a Bangladesh-based company and wish to relocate to manage your company’s operations;
  1. Need to hire an employee from overseas for a locally incorporated Bangladesh company;
  1. You have been offered employment by a Bangladeshi company. It is your employer who will make the Employment Pass online application for you.

Required Documents For Your Employment Pass Online Legally

Each online Employment Pass application is thoroughly examined by the Ministry of Manpower. In addition to skills, work history, and job scope, MOM takes into account an employer’s track record and their capacity to bolster the local labor supply.

To be eligible for an employment online, you must meet one or more of the requirements below:

  1. A recognized diploma or degree
  2. Qualifications (professional or educational)
  3. Expertise
  4. Experiential learning

If there are additional favorable compensatory variables working in a candidate’s favor, such as:

  1. Work experience, salary, and job description;
  2. A good employer track record, a high paid-up capital and tax contribution;
  3. Possess skills in sunrise industries that are in high demand.

On the other hand, having recognized educational qualifications does not guarantee success in applying for an employment pass online.

We Help You On The Entire Application Process & Timeline

Applications for Employment Pass online must be submitted to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Applications can be submitted online or manually. Documents supporting online applications must be uploaded. Approximately 80% of applications via this route take three weeks or more to process.

A manual application might also be chosen by candidates with other qualifications in addition to writing samples or references from prior employers. Beginning on the day the application is accepted, the process for this option takes at least five weeks. The length of the case could extend during busy times if more economic agencies are required to submit input.

5 Criteria To For Employment Pass Online

  1. Applicants who earned their tertiary education and graduation from reputable universities;
  2. Applicants who have significant experience or are experts in their fields;
  3. Certified at the higher levels of their qualifications,
  4. Applicants with significant work experience of the Employment Pass online process.

Especially if that field has been highlighted in government policy as being essential to the nation’s economic development, in an applicant who is a specialist in their field of practice and can contribute to Bangladesh’s international reputation in that subject.

Now NetworkBD Helps You On Employment Pass?

If the authority rejects your online application for an Employment , we will look into why. Then, in response to MOM’s concerns, we will draft an appeal while also, if necessary, submitting any requested documentation.

Please inform us if your appeal is complicated and takes longer than three weeks. If your initial application is denied, one free appeal is included in your fees.

Services for processing work visas

The Networkbd employment agency is registered with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Our license enables us to place employees with a local employer and to represent employers or employees when applying for work permits.

There is only one point of contact for our work visa services. You’ll be assigned a specialist who will help you review your candidacy, coordinate with MOM, apply and schedule your work pass, process renewals, and manage appeals.

The Bottom Line

A Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) is also available to EP holders and gold collar professionals. People with the PEP are granted an Employment  based on their merits. The pass is independent of its holder’s employer, so the pass can be switched without affecting its status.  Our Bangladesh Personalized Employment Guide provides more details.

FAQs For Employment Pass Online

Does employment pass holders need to pay CPF?

Employment online holders and their employers (on behalf of EP holders) are not required to contribute to the CPF or any other statutory fund. Only Singapore citizens and permanent residents are required to contribute to the CPF

Do you use company technology for online employment?

Yes. Our in-house engineers have developed a solution that is able to deliver you with the fastest employment pass.

How long does it take to get employee pass approved?

The application is processed in about 8 weeks. If more information is needed, it may take longer.

Will I have access to the online employment pass application?

Yes. we will give you access to your account once you register with us. So, you can monitor the progress from anywhere around the world.

Apply Your Employment Pass Online & Get The Fastest Results With NetworkBD