A Bookkeeper Job Description Template

Bookkeeper Job Description Template

Job Title: Bookkeeper

Job Summary: Provides a range of accounting and bookkeeping services, including payroll for employees and clients.

Reports To: Team Leader for Finance

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Carries out bookkeeping and payroll tasks, such as completing staff and client payrolls, bank deposits and reconciliations, accounts payable, and other client payments.
  2. Prepares payroll for both clients and employees
  3. Responds to enquiries about client payroll received by phone and in person.
  4. Makes the necessary T4 series forms and balances them.
  5. Keeps accounting records
  6. Completes office work and other related tasks as needed 
  7. Offers backup support for the Finance Team Leader 
  8. Prepares and keeps track of Receiver General, WCB, MSP, employee benefits, and other required remittances.
  9. Installs and maintains accounting software and backup files
  10. Additional tasks as needed.


  1. Minimum 5-years of bookkeeping and payroll experience, as well as a minimum 2-year degree in a comparable discipline with a second-year accounting/payroll designation
  2. Knowledge of Provincial and Federal financial reporting regulations and experience managing numerous government contracts would be advantageous
  3. Must be aware of the provincial and federal procurement processes
  4. Must possess strong computer skills and be prepared to enhance them as needed
  5. Being familiar with community-based nonprofit activities and services is a plus

Job Skills and Abilities:

  1. a track record of multitasking in a situation where priorities can change quickly.
  2. Proven proficiency in running computerized accounting and payroll systems.
  3. The capacity to foresee and manage a changing workflow as well as effective time management abilities
  4. Effective verbal and written communication abilities