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Business Advisory Services: An Innovative Solution

NetworkBD is one of the major companies in Bangladesh that aspires to be one of the best advisory firms in the country. We provide a extensive range of Bangladesh Business Advisory Services to help firms address issues such as performance, growth, and governance. Our business advisors are talented and experienced experts who work in multi-disciplinary teams to help our individual and corporate clients with a variety of needs. We collaborate with our clients to create a wide range of consultations that are both efficient and successful.

Services of Business Advisory in Bangladesh

How Our Business Consultation Service Help Clients

We achieve this immediacy by developing one-on-one partner connections that give business owners, their managers and if applicable, stakeholders, immediate access to the information and guidance they require. Because an owner-managed business may require a wide range of services, we have taken the time to ensure that we have all of the necessary skills and experience on hand when needed. Join us for Business Advisory services.


  1. Take command of tense circumstances and discover answers to business issues.
  2. Major events such as acquisitions, succession planning, integrations, separations, and turnarounds should all be taken care of.
  3. Improve performance within and across business functions.
  4. Create and implement transformation initiatives for your company.
  5. Determine ways to help businesses survive in difficult circumstances.

Grow Your Business With Our 15 Business Advisory Services

Decisions have a significant impact on a company’s performance and competitiveness in the business sector. The quality of your decisions, as well as how they are implemented, has a direct impact on value creation, performance levels, and governance standards. While businesses are ultimately responsible for their decisions, many choose to rely on the expertise of trusted, reliable consultants to help them identify and analyze challenges and make strategic decisions.

1. Financial Due Diligence:


Any party interested in potential mergers or acquisitions must do a preliminary assessment of the risks and opportunities faced by the company in question. Our Financial Due Diligence services is the proper tool to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their positions in a prospective agreement, so they can build their strategic transactions accurately and address potential pitfalls.

2. Budgeting:


One of the most critical operations in a corporation is budgeting. Our budgeting services also aid in forecasting future sales numbers or the company’s cash flow over a set period of time. It depicts a monetary depiction of a company’s strategy that influences other business decisions. Decisions made now will have far-reaching financial consequences in the future. Our business advisory services give you a proper budgeting solution.

3. Business Solution Services:


NetworkBD is a multi-award-winning business advisory service company based in Bangladesh that provides a wide range of business solution services to customers large and small throughout Bangladesh. We offer services that help our clients manage their businesses more smoothly, efficiently, and easily. We have built an excellent reputation as one of Bangladesh’s favorite one-stop service providers by placing our customers at the center of all we do.

4. Scale Up Your Business with NetworkBD:


Our associates’ business advisory team of specialists at NetworkBD is ready to assist you in taking your business to new heights. We provide a variety of business solutions for all types of businesses, from start-ups to seasoned professionals. NetworkBD, being one of the leading consultancy firms, can assist you in scaling up your business to meet local and worldwide demands.

5. Problem Solving Services:


With our unique approach, NetworkBD, one of the top companies in the sector of business advisory services, will assist you in diagnosing and analyzing the problem, as well as resolving the discovered issue. As the country’s largest corporate service provider, we build our industry expertise, experience and capability through working with a variety of firms in various industries and sizes, honing our problem-solving talents.

6. Management Consulting Services:


NetworkBD’s management consulting service is a client-focused business advisory service that provides customized solutions for your business in areas such as operations, financial, strategy, marketing, organization, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. We’ll work with our associate partners to bring deep, functional expertise to bear on transforming and resolving your company’s issue.

7. Pre-lending Assessment Services:


By focusing on identifying the risks involved, examining your finances and the local market, inspecting your business case and its maintainable revenues, and measuring the capacity for high-level debt, NetworkBD’s pre-lending evaluation services will help you better protect your future. Our business advisory experts will provide you with expert advice on the viability of your company.

8. Corporate Tax Planning and Tax Advisory Services:


Our corporate tax planning and tax advisory services are designed to help businesses save money on taxes. This allows the company to remain cheap in its field. When sufficient tax planning is implemented, a firm is better positioned to adapt to changes in its external environment. Contact us for business advisory support.

9. Project Management Services:


We at NetworkBD work closely with each and every one of our customers to ensure the best results. Our Project Management Services bundle will transform your projects and transform your company into a high-performing environment. Through our extensive selection of services, let our experience match you with your strategic business objectives.

10. IT Technology Advisory Services:


IT is a field that is constantly changing faster than we can keep up with. NetworkBD’s IT advisory services will assist you in addressing all of your technology concerns without overstretching your resources. Because of our extensive expertise and knowledge, our business advisory team is in a unique position to tailor solutions to your specific requirements.

11. Cybersecurity Risk Assessment:


Is it something you should think about doing a cybersecurity risk assessment? Absolutely. Data breaches have become so widespread that it’s possible that you’ll be the victim of one. The biggest error a company can make is to believe that a data breach will never happen to them, which is exactly what fraudsters want to exploit. You need to defend your company and a cybersecurity risk assessment is the first step toward figuring out where your present vulnerabilities are. Our business advisory team will handle your cyber security problem.

12. Brand Strategy Consulting:


The performance of a corporation should always be aimed toward improvement. You can do this with the help of the correct Brand Strategy Consulting services. Businesses are continuously trying to keep up with consumer expectations as they continue to rise. The image and reputation of a company are crucial. The brand strategy consulting services provided by NetworkBD help you maximize your potential value across all of your channels and products. We provide best business advisory services in Bangladesh.

13: Digital Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services:


Our Digital BPO services will re-engineer your business process, building digital and intelligent workflows that will improve efficiency. This allows your company to maintain its high growth while remaining relevant. To become more intelligent than ever before, a company must continue to evolve. We tailor our business advisory services and methods to meet the specific requirements of your company.

14. Business Succession Planning Advisory:


NetworkBD’s business succession planning advising services are well-versed in what you require. Our business advisory knowledge is geared at assisting you in managing your financial risks. By assisting you with the risk reduction process, you can concentrate on what matters most to you: growing and stabilizing your firm.

15. Internationalised Business Advisory:


International expansion necessitates a good strategy to support this growth, which Internationalised Business Advisory Services provides. Our years of experience at NetworkBD will now be your most useful resource. Our Bangladesh-based Internationalised Business Advisory Services offer guidance on breaking into the international market and strengthening your financial position.

What Makes NetworkBD Advisory Service Different Than Others?

Our Business Advisory Services in Bangladesh professionals also assist our clients in improving efficiency and providing valuable guidance in adapting to changing regulatory conditions. As one of the leading advisory firms, we assist our clients in identifying, analyzing, and addressing any business difficulties that may arise as a result of numerous catalysts, such as new technology, emerging markets, geopolitical events, and regulatory reform. We help you anticipate the difficulties’ immediate and far-reaching consequences, and we provide you with the finest solutions for your circumstances based on our proven expertise and experience. We assist you in fast adapting to changing situations and achieving long-term success.

FAQ For Business Advisory Services

Why need business advisory services and what include with it?

Business advice services aim to help organizations in identify and overcome weakness in order to achieve growth. These services cover budget and cash flow, buying or selling a business, higher profits, business improvement and change, application selection, series planning and other business strategies.

What are the 3 main financial statements of an organization?

The three main financial statements are:

(1) Balance Sheet: Shows what the company is worth in terms of assets, debt and equity. It is common to see the simple formula of (Assets = Liabilities + Equity).

(2) Income Statements: Record financial details about a company’s revenue and cost. The expenses are usually divided into direct, oblique, and capital cost

(3) Cash Flow Statements: Made up of three clear sections operating, investing, and fund. Cash flow statements represent the movement of funds coming into and out of a business over a particular account period.

What do you do when you're self-employed?

You must separate your business affairs from your personal affairs as the first and most important step. All business affairs are carried out through a separate bank account created for the business. Accounting software together with this allows you to create financial statements to make sure you are meeting all your financial commitments from a taxes perspective.

How important is the most important financial statement?

Balance sheets are one of the most important financial statements for small businesses. The balance sheet shows the overall financial state of a business by combine its assets, liabilities, and equity. The income statement and cash flow statement are also important financial statements.

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