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    Improve Speed & Efficiency By Outsourcing Our BPO Services

    Are you considering establishing a BPO (Business and Corporate Process Outsourcing) center? The best place in the world to start a BPO is right here in Bangladesh.

    BPO Services in Bangladesh

    NetworkBD, World-Class BPO, and Corporate Process Outsourcing Provider

    A business process outsourcing (BPO) is a way for a company to outsource certain aspects of its operations. Third-party vendors are hired to handle these aspects. These days, the business environment is competitive, and business needs are rapidly changing.


    Every day, a business faces new challenges. Why not delegate certain aspects of your company to reputable professionals so you can concentrate on the big picture? Today, many businesses choose to outsource various aspects of their operations. This ensures that everything runs smoothly without taxing the system’s resources. As a result, Bangladesh needs a Business and Corporate Process Outsourcing Center.

    We Offer Unique & Premium Service in Bangladesh Affordably

    Bangladesh offers a plethora of advantages in addition to being Asia’s largest financial hub. For decades, these advantages have attracted investors to the country’s shores. Bangladesh is a top choice for investors for many reasons, including its good infrastructure, stable political climate, favorable business environment, and lack of corruption.


    There is no better place to diversify your risk than Bangladesh if you’re looking for a stable base to build a Business and Corporate Process Outsourcing Center.

    NetworkBD Has Ranked No.#1 BPO Services Provider In Bangladesh

    Our comprehensive and cost-effective solutions are what keep our clients coming back to Network BD. Our BPO services include the following:

    1. Finance and accounting
    2. Contract accounting
    3. Recruitment services
    4. Bookkeeping
    5. Financial administration
    6. Managing your human resources and payroll
    7. Management reporting
    8. End-to-end accounting

    Allow our team of trained professionals to look after your company so you don’t have to.

    Leading Cost-Effective Professional BPO Solutions In 4 Vital Services

    Finance and accounting, human resources, analytics, banking services, contact center, and other BPO services are available. Our Digital Minds focuses on providing comprehensive solutions to B2B and B2C business owners, partnering with them directly to tackle the necessary but repetitive tasks that help small and mid-sized businesses grow.

    1. Accounting and Finance Services

    Finance and accounting outsourcing firms around the world are tasked with reorganizing processes, maintaining compliance, and reducing costs all at the same time. Maintaining this equilibrium, on the other hand, can be a difficult task. Finance and Accounting (F&A) Outsourcing partners with experience, such as us, can help companies manage the financial and accounting pressures they face, reducing work load, lowering operational costs, and increasing efficiency. Finance and accounting business process outsourcing that is well-managed helps companies increase their financial agility.

    2. Healthcare BPO Services:

    We provide healthcare providers with customized and unmatched healthcare outsourcing services with the goal of improving financial performance and increasing provider efficacy. We use cutting-edge technology to outsource healthcare BPO services that provide ongoing healthcare support at Network BD BPO services.

    3. Data Management Services:

    Data management is now considered a business process outsourcing service by organizations all over the world. This includes data entry, data capturing services, data analysis, converting hard copies to soft copies, and gathering customer information, among other things. All of these data management services are designed to help you manage your documents effectively.


    We at Network BD assist globally renowned companies in efficiently processing data management outsourcing, which can assist such organizations in generating higher revenues and increasing the number of satisfied customers. We aim to provide superior data entry, data cleansing, data scanning, data capture and form processing services through our data management outsourcing and BPO services.

    4. Human Resource BPO Services:

    Both large and small businesses face challenges, whether it’s in recruiting new employees or finding a suitable location to house their freelance workers, but enlisting the help of outsourcing service providers can unwittingly reap a slew of advantages.


    Small businesses are usually put off by the idea of hiring a company to assist them with repetitive tasks because they believe it will be too expensive, but what they don’t realize is that in the end, they will save more money and resources than they spend. Human resources are an important factor that can help you grow your business, but finding good quality recruits for a reasonable price is difficult, which is where our Network BD outsourcing agency comes in. We can assist you in finding the best quality employee, training them, and managing them even if you are unable to do so yourself.

    FAQ For Business Process Outsourcing Services

    Why would I trust NetworkBD for my business needs?

    Just as you are an expert in your industry, NetworkBD employs and trains experts in BPO operational processes that will improve your business results. NetworkBD BPO has helped complex organizations improve efficiency, improve customer relationships, and reduce costs for nearly 20 years.NetworkBD is not only about optimizing operations for our clients and achieving results, we have won numerous awards for our positive workplace.

    NetworkBD specializes in which industry?

    NetworkBD specializes in the BPO finance industry, but serves a wide range of industries, including automotive, energy and utilities, healthcare and insurance, retail and e-commerce, technology, media and communications, and travel and hospitality.

    What services does NetworkBD offer?

    NetworkBD offers a number of services that will help you reach your business goals. These offers include customer service, inbound and outbound sales, customer retention, lead production, technical support, facilities and procurement, payment processing, management, accounting and acceptance, direct response marketing, administration and back office processing.

    NetworkBD BPO staff what kind of manpower?

    NetworkBD BPO currently has more than 1,000 staff members and a total recruitment capacity of 1,500 staff. These employees have higher English speaking skills and almost all agents can speak English locally. Eight to three percent of NetworkBD BPO’s workforce lives in Bangladesh and currently 8 percent of families are in Bangladesh

    For more information regarding our BPO services, contact us today.