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    Restructure your business for increased profitability and a brighter future

    Corporate business restructuring is reorganizing a company’s legal ownership. Moreover, other operational structures as well in order to better serve its stakeholders. There are a number of important tax difficulties in Cyprus that frequently affect corporate restructurings. Debt forgiveness, debt portfolio disposal and purchase, corporate disposal and reorganization, bank loan restructurings, tax characteristics, and tax settlement during winding up are the most common.


    Our Corporate Restructuring Services tax team assists companies going through a reorganization by reviewing their tax difficulties and supporting them in choosing tax-efficient business restructuring strategies. We partner with organizations to get outstanding results quickly, identifying the best solution to financial and operational difficulties by lowering risk and preserving value in time and cash-strapped situations.


    When faced with a crisis, swift decisions and actions are required. Our team of experts will be there to help you unlock liquidity and support you throughout the entire restructuring lifecycle, whether you’re looking to manage your working capital, restructure your business, or realize value for your creditors. They have years of professional experience dealing with the situational dynamics that a financially challenged business and its financial stakeholders may face.

    Everything To Take Your Company Restructuring To Full Potential

    Businesses are constantly pushed to their limits in today’s competitive climate. Therefore, they require business restructuring services to overcome these challenges. Moreover, a thriving business is one that is always on top of its game.


    Also, they have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and don’t stray from it. More importantly, they have the proper framework in place to assist them in achieving their business objectives. Therefore, if your company’s workflow and operations have recently been less than ideal, it may be time for a business reorganization.


    We can help you maximize your possibilities on the road to company recovery if you take action sooner rather than later. It is unlikely that the road to corporate revival would be simple or easy. For the journey, businesses must be in the greatest possible shape.


    Operational Restructuring, Cash Optimization, Financial Restructuring, and Strategic M&A Mechanisms are the four important areas to focus on before anything else if you want to reclaim control of your company and its fate and drive success through a robust recovery.

    Avoid 8 Common Mistakes With Our Business Restructuring Services

    1. There is a lack of strategy and direction.
    2. Insufficient funds to complete the task at hand.
    3. Your profit margins are reduced by high operational expenditures.
    4. Management and reporting systems are of poor quality.
    5. An overly intricate corporate structure.
    6. Your talent force isn’t as productive or motivated as it should be.
    7. A lack of efficient processes.
    8. Lacks an established system.

    Learn The Benefits Of Business Restructuring Services

    There are so many benefits of business restructuring. For example, financial benefits include reviving a failing firm, improving the value of a company, and preparing it for sale or transfer to the next generation. In addition, other advantages include acquiring a competitive edge, such as assisting a company in positioning itself for growth. Plus, allowing for the acquisition of new accounts, or allowing for geographic development.


    We have the international reach and knowledge to create the best solution for our clients as one of the world’s leading accountancy and business advising networks. Our partners offer cross-border help, recognizing and appreciating the challenges and sensitivity that arise when enterprises in trouble operate in multiple countries.


    We bring together NetworkBD’s experience from all over the world. Our recommendations are practical and suited to the specific needs of each customer. Our business restructuring service is personalized and partner-driven, combining the best of a small business with the quality, knowledge, and reputation of a large corporation.

    Our 6 Corporate Restructuring Process Is Focused On Business Growth

    In all sorts of formal insolvencies for firms and people, we function as insolvency office holders. We can accept appointments in all major countries or advise and support our clients throughout the insolvency process. We have teams dedicated to contentious and sophisticated business insolvencies, such as fraud investigations and forensic asset tracing.


    1. Identifying which regions require business restructuring.
    2. Identifying your weaknesses.
    3. Putting in place a short-term corrective plan.
    4. Calculating and securing financial resources.
    5. Restructuring.
    6. Finally, results are evaluated.

    Choose Us 10 Services To Restructure Your Business

    Our team at NetworkBD assists companies in distress as well as lenders wishing to revive or exit non-performing assets. Our business restructuring offer is based on our technical ability to accurately comprehend and meet the demands and expectations of our customers. A team of highly qualified accounting and finance specialists is part of our targeted teams.


    In addition, forensic experts and industrial professionals. We work with a diverse set of clients in the pharmaceutical, information technology, ecommerce, and manufacturing industries, drawing on our global expertise and knowledge.


    1. Decide on a clear focus, purpose, and course of action.
    2. Increasing the company’s internal cash flow available.
    3. Cash management guarantees that your finances are properly managed and centralized.
    4. Concentrate on realigning your investing priorities in order to reach your goals.
    5. Business restructuring debt in order to enhance its finances.
    6. Identify places where you can improve your performance.
    7. Increasing the efficiency of decision-making.
    8. Creating a more efficient workflow method to boost employee motivation.
    9. Determine tactics for retaining personnel while keeping production high.
    10. Increasing the company’s leadership structure.

    FAQ For Business Restructuring Services

    Why does a business need restructuring?

    Most importantly, businesses can reorganize themselves to increase profitability by changing internal functions. They could, however, aid growth or expansion into new products, services, or international markets.


    Therefore, you might reorganize your company to protect assets or make a change in ownership, such as by bringing on new partners.

    What types of business restructuring is there?

    For instance, legal ownership restructures, operational restructuring, and financial restructuring are all examples of restructuring.

    What is the difference between restructuring and insolvency?

    Insolvency refers to a company’s inability to pay its debts. A corporate restructure, on the other hand, is reorganizing a business in order to increase profitability. Therefore, it may be beneficial to businesses that are on the verge of going bankrupt.

    Do I need a business plan for restructuring?

    If you’re reorganizing your company, you’ll need a new business plan. Because it lays out how your company will operate under the suggested structure in order to meet your stated goals.


    If you use our service, however, we will undertake the hard work of creating your business plan for you.

    Restructure Your Business Before It’s Too Late