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    Get Cash Flow Management & Reduce Accounting Errors

    Is cash flow management taking up too much of your time and money? Save the most expensive options for last, and go with what provides the most productivity and return on investment. However, most businesses consider NetworkBD’s cash flow management services while looking to maximize their income. It lowers accounting errors and the need for additional resources.


    Outsource roles to a cash flow management service provider like NetworkBD if you don’t want your team to spend hours fighting with account reconciliation, payment processing, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, fraud monitoring, and contract review. We have worked with businesses of various sizes to boost their income, and we have 17 years of experience in cash flow management. We handle your financial tasks so you can focus on making important decisions.

    We Ensure Positive Cash Flow in Your Business Operation:

    We can also create historical cash flow statements to help you understand where your money has gone and how it has been spent. We can find hidden expenditures that are holding back your organization and help you streamline financial operations to increase your cash flow by getting a holistic view of all your financial data. We help you stay on top of your daily cash flow while avoiding costly accounting errors. We undertake thorough accounting and data compiling to generate individualized reports for sales, expenditures, and other transactions. Daily cash flow reports, which can be used to adjust short-term targets, can be used to track weekly financial performance.


    Our Secure & Simplified Process Ensure 12 Services Affordably

    In general, one finance firm differs from another based on the size of the company and the number of employees. A cash flow management firm, on the other hand, should be able to provide services such as:


    Risk Assessment


    Running a risk analysis is critical to your company’s success. The risk analysis will look into and methodically identify any threat that could harm your company, and then eliminate it.




    For potential investors, the importance of cash flow management has not gone unnoticed. A healthy cash flow in your business indicates and demonstrates your ability to lead and manage your finances as a business owner. This will persuade third-party investors to fund your company even more.


    Cash Flow Forecasting


    Forecasting provides you with valuable information about your cash inflow and outflow in the future. Not only that, but it also shows you how much money you’ll make and how much you’ll spend in the future. With this information, you can strategize your business plan to meet your long-term objectives. You can also choose to forecast a year, months, or a week from now with the help of a cash flow management service.


    Construct Cash Reserves


    Put money aside for a rainy day. Cash reserves will come in handy in an emergency, but don’t keep too much or too little cash on hand! You can store the right amount of money for unexpected or unplanned events with the help of a cash flow management service.


    Managing Electronic Payments


    If handling and analyzing payments through traditional ways is becoming too time-consuming, we can do it for you electronically, ensuring that you have a trustworthy and accurate payment record. Our cash flow management employ a flexible system that supports several currencies and links with bank accounts to ensure that your financial system runs smoothly.


    Maintenance of the Daily Cash Flow Report (Sales, Deposits, Expenses)


    We assist you in keeping track of your daily cash flow while avoiding accounting mistakes. To produce custom reports for sales, expenditures, and other transactions, we perform comprehensive accounting and data compiling. The weekly financial performance can be tracked with the help of daily cash flow management reports, which can be used to adjust short-term goals.


    Accounts Payables and Receivables


    In a large and complex business environment, keeping track of account payables and receivables can be difficult. As a result, by keeping track of fund movements, we improve the agility and accountability of your financial transactions. As a result, any dues that are causing a bottleneck in your revenue streams will be flagged.


    Reconciliation of Credit Card Reports


    By comparing the credit card statement to your internal records, we will be able to match every transaction that has occurred within a financial term. If there is a discrepancy, we will flag the data for your cash flow management department’s attention. To improve credit management accountability, we will create detailed reports for each credit card transaction.


    Reconciliation of Bank Statements


    By comparing and matching the account balances on your company’s balance sheet, we ensure the accuracy of your cash flow management. We’ll work with you to plan and implement financial models, and we’ll do so with care. Our bank statement reconciliation is the final step in ensuring the accuracy of your company’s financial records.


     Cash Flow Budgeting:


    Cash flow management budgeting is a complicated process that relies heavily on the accuracy of financial records in order to make accurate estimates. To apply the approximation method, we verify cash receipts and expenditures between time periods. Our findings will assist you in estimating the budget required for the next term.


    Fraud Management: 


    If you’re looking for a reliable fraud management solution, look no further than us. We keep a close eye on everything that happens in your company. We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to channels, users, or accounts. By combining the efforts of AI-based fraud management systems and risk management analysts, the data will be captured and screened. We will help you to increase cash flow management issues.


    Handling Electronic Payments:


    If managing and reviewing payments using traditional methods is becoming too time consuming, we can handle it for you electronically, ensuring that you have a reliable and accurate payment record. We use a scalable system that supports multiple currencies and integrates with bank accounts to ensure that your cash flow management runs smoothly.

    FAQ For Cash Flow Management Services In Bangladesh

    What is the importance of cash flow management?

     Good cash flow management will ensure that you always have money available to pay your expenses when they are in arrears. Even profitable business can fail if the cash flow is not managed properly. If you do not have enough money to pay your lenders or suppliers, banks may foreclose and suppliers may reduce supplies.

    How do you monitor cash flow?

     Net Cash Flow – Take the total outflow from the total flow to see if there is more money in or out. Opening Balance – Record your cash available at the beginning of the month. Closing Balance – Calculate your available funds at the end of the month by adding net cash flow to the starting balance.

    What is the cash flow problem?

     A cash flow problem occurs when a business struggles to pay off its debts when they go into arrears. … a business often experiences a net cash flow, for example when raw materials, a large payment for new equipment or where seasonal demand decreases.

    How do you measure cash flow performance?

    A cash flow performance measurement is calculated as cash provided by operating activity divided by current liability. A cash flow performance measure is calculated as cash supplied by operating activities divided by capital expenditure.

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