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    High-Quality Content Moderation Services In Bangladesh

    User-generated content is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to reach out to customers. Content moderation is the process of directing desired content from online platforms such as social media networking sites.


    This is because a sizable proportion of consumers – 74% – trust user-generated personal testimonies as much as peer suggestions.


    However, there are a number of risks associated with taking the time to share and going to post user-generated content in terms of how this can affect users’ preconceptions of your brand. Content like clear and specific videos, spam, fake comments, or obscene remarks can quickly and widely spread, harming your company’s online reputation.


    This is where content moderation of user-generated content comes into play. It is critical to sift out inappropriate material while also protecting your brand’s online reputation.

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    User Generated Content Moderation Services

    The contents created by users on such social platforms are referred to as user generated contents. Texts, images, videos and other indicative content in various formats are posted by these users. To moderate of this kind UGC, expert moderators work around the clock from all over the world, keeping the social media platforms safe and free of spam. We are best for content moderation services.


    User Generated Content Types:

    1. Standard Text Post
    2. Blog and Article Posts
    3. User Testimonials
    4. Interviews in Groups
    5. Likes and comments
    6. Forum Discussions

    The Process Of Content Moderation

    1. Make commenting guidelines available.

    These should suffice to describe the type of environment you want to create with your website. A prominent indicator of first basic step of wonderful moderating is explicitly stating that no foul language should be used. Many social media sites have a keyword filtering system that can be used to ban swear words or specific keywords about topics that are not permitted to be discussed. Your commenter page guidelines don’t have to be complicated for content moderation.

    2. Encourage employees to participate in discussions.

    Employees participation is widely thought to improve the performance of conversation and if their comment threads are both enjoyable and intelligent, readers will be more likely to return for more. Your writers will be capable of responding to criticism and identify the most interesting aspects of their work. Our content moderation team are most experienced.

    3. Encourage employees to participate in discussions.

    Staff involvement is widely thought to enhance the quality of conversation, and if there own comments are both enjoyable and intelligent, readers will be more likely to return for more. Your content moderation service provider will be able to respond to critique and illustrate the most interesting aspects of their work.

    4. Look for ways to highlight the most useful comments.

    Allowing readers to like or dislike remarks is a great place to start, and while it increases the visibility of the good comments, it also benefits the people in the comments who have actually contributed that are worth reading. According to Statistic Brain’s findings, each user spends 14 hours and 32 minutes per month on Facebook. Because social media content moderation consumption has increased at an exponential rate, it is well worth tying your brand’s success to designed to encourage valuable comments and people commenting.

    5. Provide feedback and education to your readers

    Commenters who did not intend to offend will be perplexed if you simply delete their post, so it’s important to explain why their comment was deleted rather than simply removing unsuitable content without explanation. According to the BBC BD, “what we try to do is that when you delete a comment, content moderation provider can choose a drop-down litany of excuses why the comment failed.” That is something the user would notice.”

    6. Seek legal counsel and share it with staff.

    Because we have very little data on the technical legal aspects of online commenting due to a lack of previous instance, it can be difficult to define defamatory or even discrimination when unnamed commenters may simply be trying to voice their opinions. Nonetheless, all moderators, community managers and writers should be kept informed of the situation. Content moderation is essential for digital marketing.

    The Importance Of Social Media Content Moderation

    It is convenient to now have quick access to interconnection and interactions via social media platforms. It allows people to meet people, learn about new trends and events, as well as stay up to date on what is going on in the world.


    Every user will always benefit from a healthy community. In the virtually harmful side of the internet, social media content moderation is the solution.


    Implementing and adhering to established community guidelines, understanding one’s limitations when sharing online content, and recognizing the common good that social media can carry — if all of these are done collectively in every social media site and virtual communities, it will be possible to lessen the damaging effect of unfiltered UGC.


    Our Content Moderation Services Include:

    1. Community Management and Moderation
    2. Forum Administration
    3. Image and video editing
    4. Filter for profanity
    5. Moderation of Profiles
    6. Social Media Moderation
    7. User-Generated Content Moderation
    8. Website Moderation


    Choosing a reliable online content moderation partner is becoming increasingly important as more brand names and individual people flock to social media for both leisure and business purposes. At NetworkBD Services, we provide the most effective solutions for managing your social media content. If you are looking for a reliable partner to provide high-quality and expert social media content moderation, we are the right choice.

    FAQ For Social Media Content Moderation Services

    What Is the Role of a Content Moderator?

    Social media moderator is an a kind of content mediator who focuses on social media channels specifically. They detect and remove spam, fraud, and trying to troll from posts on social media and comments, as well as fake and harmful user profiles.

    How do you manage social media content?

    1. Make commenter guidelines available.
    2. Collaborate with a Project Leader to stay on top of discussions.
    3. Encourage employees to participate in discussions.
    4. Look for ways to highlight the most useful comments.
    5. Provide feedback and education to your readers.

    Why should social media be used content moderation?

    The existence of a reliable and consistent procedure for social content moderation causes individuals and businesses to reconsider the content that is disseminated and affiliated with their accounts or brands.

    What is the significance of content moderation?

    Having a team like networkBD of content moderators on arm reduces the chance of visitors viewing content that is upsetting or offensive to them. Content moderation also keeps bullies and trolls from exploiting your brand online.

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