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    Corporate Advisory Services With Valuable Insights

    Our corporate advisory services and structuring services give you vital insight into your company’s structuring alternatives, allowing you to increase stakeholder value. Our experts combine worldwide market and industry knowledge with specialized technical expertise to provide you with the optimal balance of technical, commercial, and operational competence to meet the particular difficulties your company faces.


    Get High-Quality Business Consulting Services

    There is one thing you need for success, whether you’re wanting to buy a new business, expand, raise financing for your private listing and more. This is the correct kind of guidance. That’s where our team of consultants comes in, with their years of experience, knowledge, and resources to help you achieve your company goals. Exit strategies and management, as well as liquidation and receivership plans and management, are all areas in which we assist our clients. Our corporate advisory services also assist clients with essential strategic and financial risk management needs, as well as operational components such as cybersecurity, which can have an influence on corporate value and brand.


    Exactly what we do


    Because the business world is so volatile, you need consistency on your side. You’ll need a group of people you can trust to look out for your best interests. Your best interests become our top priority at Network BD.


    Our corporate advisory services provider team is made up of people with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. This puts us in the best position to help your company overcome any obstacles it may face.

    The following are 7 key services included in our package:

    1. Make a business plan.
    2. Establishing and tracking your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
    3. Restructuring advice for corporate groups.
    4. Mergers and acquisitions advice.
    5. Transaction support and valuation advice.
    6. for your private listing, a pre-diagnostic review.
    7. Increasing the value of a company and raising funds.

    Simplify 11 Complex decisions with Certified & Professional Corporate Advisors


    Human Resources Consulting:

    Services that focus on the process of effectively using your company’s personnel to obtain your organizational goals.


     IT / Technology Advisory

    Our professional IT Services is designed to ensure the security and efficiency of your IT environment and operations, which in turn reduce risk of loss, corporate security, improves the overall flow of business, and addresses any required compliance with data regulations in your industry. Contact us for corporate advisory services.


    Risk management: 

    Our risk management services are designed to help you identify, assess and manage current and future business risks as well as measure and monitor the effectiveness of your risk management strategies and reduce risk by improving efficiency, lowering costs and ensuring regulatory compliance.


    Agreements & Contracts

    Network BD, with its team of legal consultants, can help startups put together templates and review various contracts and agreements in a cost-effective manner. Shareholder agreements, employment agreements, service agreements, and business contracts are just a few examples. Our corporate advisory services help you such many ways.


     Project counseling and investment studies: 

    This service is related to project finance and includes a project analysis as well as advice on project viability and implementation procedures.


     Corporate restructuring:

    Financial restructuring, organizational restructuring, portfolio optimization, business retention criteria, divestment strategies, diversification choice, financial engineering, shareholders value creation, debt equity mix, cost management and organizational design are all examples of corporate restructuring. We provide top corporate advisory services in Bangladesh.


    Joint venture preparation: 

    This service requires guidance on local laws, product risk, government regulations, and negotiating foreign financial and technical collaboration agreements.


    Mergers and acquisitions:

    The steps involved in a merger are the formulation of a scheme, the memorandum of association, the notification to the stock exchange, and the approval of the proposed scheme by the board of directors. The approval of the shareholders, Application to the court, court-ordered meeting, Petition for Amalgamation Confirmation, Court Order, Transfer of Assets and Liabilities, Issue of Shares, and so on.


    Making asset valuations and valuations:

    Book value, appraisal value, market value, and earnings per share are all factors to consider.


     Consultancy for sick industrial units’ rehabilitation: 

    This service is designed to assist and guide sick industrial units.


    Other corporate advisory services: 

    This category includes corporate services and advice needed to resolve issues.

    What Makes NetworkBD Different In Corporate Advisory Services?

    At Network BD, we rely on our stellar track record to prove our worth. More than a dozen clients have found success in Bangladesh thanks to our wide range of services. Our extensive global network demonstrates why we are in the best position to guide and advise your company. Contact our team today to learn more about our Corporate Advisory Services.


    1. NetworkBD is the world’s seventh-biggest network of audit, tax, and consulting businesses, with NetworkBD Bangladesh frequently ranking in the top six accounting and consulting firms in the country.
    2. Extensive experience in different aspects of corporate consulting services, including corporate structuring and business restructuring assistance across a broad range of industries, nationalities, and locations, as well as cross-border structuring.
    3. Chartered accountants, management graduates, legal and secretarial professionals, as well as domain and industry specialists, make up a committed multi-disciplinary team.

    FAQ For Corporate Advisory Services

    Can I outsource corporate advisory services?

     The good news – you can outsource many aspects of retirement planning management. A prudent investment trustee will select, monitor and adjust the investment lineup as appropriate.An administrative trustee is responsible for conducting the day-to-day operations of the plan, from signing the form to interpreting and approving the distribution of the plan document.

    What if our company already has a plan and we are simply dissatisfied with the service?

    Many of our new clients have already come to us with a plan. We can take the service on your current plan, usually at no extra fee or cost We will even offer a complimentary initial planning advice. This modifying agent is as simple as signing a change of form.

    What if I like the record keeper of our plan? Do I have to switch?

     Absolutely not. Corporate Advisor Group advisors can work with any record-keeper.

    How do I determine if the fees being paid to service providers on my plan are reasonable?

    If plan service providers are compensated from the plan assets, the plan sponsor must ensure that the fees paid for the services provided are reasonable. Corporate Advisor Group advisors can analyze the current cost of your plan in detail and compare it with the costs of competing providers.

    Access Our Successful Corporate Advisory Services To Improve Your Business Structure At An Affordable Price