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    Bangladesh is the third most vulnerable country to malware threats. Online transactions in e-commerce, online banking operations and the use of mobile financial services (MFS) have increased across the country as a result of repeated lockdowns caused by Covid-19. During the epidemic, for example, MFS has shown to be one of the most effective methods of disbursing funds under the government’s numerous incentives and social security programs. Various private enterprises, particularly the garment industry, have used such systems to pay salaries and bonuses.


    However, the fast adoption of new technologies brings up the issue of cybersecurity risk assessment – how secure is Bangladesh’s financial system?


    Bangladesh ranked third in the list of nations at risk of malware attacks on smartphones in the first quarter of this year, according to a survey by Kaspersky Lab. In Bangladesh, approximately 26 out of every 100 smartphone owners are at risk of malware attacks this year, rising from 13 out of 100 users just five years ago. According to the data, ransom ware attacks on computers in Bangladesh have climbed from 4-5 percent to 8.11 percent. We offer cybersecurity risk assessment services in Bangladesh.


    Bangladesh, on the other hand, has been able to maintain continual cyber security gains, rising 25 places in the newest edition of the International Telecommunication Union’s Global Cyber security Index from 78th to 53rd place (ITU).


    Bangladesh plans to train 1,000 cyber security experts over the next five years to fortify the country’s digital infrastructure, said by ICT Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak. They will keep both Bangladesh and the rest of the world safe from cyber-attacks, he said at the award distribution ceremony of the National Cyber Drill 2020 at ICT Tower in the capital.

    Increasing Demand of Cybersecurity

    Protecting Your Business: Cyber security Risk Assessment

    Identify your weak spots in order to safeguard your company’s future.


    Risk management is essential for ensuring that your company’s success is never jeopardized, and cyber security risk assessment is a must.


    We ensure better security:


    Cyber-attacks are a threat to nearly half of all organizations. Experts predict that by 2022, the expense of cybercrime would be on the rise.


    Is it something you should think about doing a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment? Absolutely. Data breaches have become so regular that it’s possible that you’ll be the next victim. The biggest blunder a company can make is to believe it will never happen to them.  However, fraudsters are attempting to take advantage of this laid-back attitude.

    Enjoy 360 Degree Cyber Security Risk Assessment

    You must safeguard your company, and a cybersecurity risk assessment is the first step toward determining your current vulnerabilities. You’ll know which areas need to be fixed based on the assessment and what you can do about it.


    The evaluation will determine which of your devices and data are the most critical. It will investigate how hackers might acquire access. It also considers the risks you might face if your data is compromised.


    You can do your own analysis, but the support of a professional cybersecurity risk assessment team can help you reinforce your defenses even more.


    Here’s The 6 services an expert team can achieve for you:


    1. Figure out what your present framework is like and where your vulnerabilities are.
    2. Figure out how your system operates and who utilizes it right now.
    3. An in-depth analysis of your identified risks and strategies for mitigating them.
    4. Conduct vulnerability scans to identify and detect threats across your network.
    5. Test employee responses as well, because vulnerability can also be caused by human error.
    6. Be aware of the potential consequences if your machine is hacked.

    Meeting all Cyber-Security expectations with Certified Professionals

    Your company’s security is something you can’t put a price on. The expense of having your data breached and falling into the wrong hands is a more serious headache. Customers’ information is incredibly precious, and a company must protect it at all costs.

    We at Network BD are well aware of the stakes. Our team of expert analysts takes this job very seriously, and our years of knowledge will be extremely beneficial to your company. We’ll assist you in doing a thorough and quantitative cybersecurity risk assessment so you can find the optimal solution. Leave your company’s future in the hands of the specialists, and you’ll never have to worry about falling prey to the next cyber-attack. Contact our team today for a quotation on our services and further information.

    FAQ For Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services

    How is NetworkBD affecting cyber risk management?

     NetworkBD has been developed to give people control over their personal data and to create a high, uniform level of data security across Bangladesh that is ‘appropriate for today’s digital age’. Combined with the background of the NetworkBD regulatory environment, the cyber landscape is also evolving rapidly, with cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated to identify new ways to enter IT infrastructure.

    How severe is the punishment for non-compliance?

     The maximum penalty under NetworkBD is up to 4% of the annual global turnover for companies that violate its requirements. Nevertheless, not all NetworkBD violations result in data protection penalties. The supervisory authority may take a range of other measures, including warnings, reprimands, temporary or permanent restrictions on data processing.

    How do you fix software vulnerabilities?

     You can fix a vulnerability by installing an operating system update, changing the application configuration, or installing an application patch. Identified vulnerabilities may not apply to installed applications but to their copies. A patch can only fix a vulnerability if the app is installed.

    What are the benefits of cybersecurity risk assessment?

    Advantages of security risk assessment: 1.It helps businesses recognize vulnerabilities. 2.It helps businesses review security controls 3.It lets enterprises see if they meet industry-related compliance.

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