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    NetworkBD is one of the leading companies that aim to be the top consulting firms that provide business digital advisory services in Bangladesh. We offer a full range of Bangladesh Digital Advisory Services that are constructive and helpful for entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges linked with performance, growth, and governance. We work with skilled and experienced professionals in multi-disciplinary groups to provide the best aid and support in a variety of needs of our individual or corporate clients. Together with our clients, we work proficiently and resourcefully in making a vast range of consultations. So get in touch with us to pick the best support to grow your business strategy with our digital advisory services.
    Our Innovate Digital Advisory Services

    Feel Confident With Our Reliable Digital Expert Consultants

    Our Digital Advisory Services provide you with access to the necessary expertise at every stage of your journey, whether you’re at the strategy, assessment, design, or implementation stage. Simply select the service level that best meets your requirements, and we’ll assist you in gaining access to SDN’s benefits and achieving the types of outcomes that will keep you ahead of the competition.

    NetworkBD Makes Going Digital Simple for SMEs

    Small and medium activities (SMEs), including cottage and micro enterprises, have been convert greatly in Bangladesh, with different initiatives taken by the public and private sectors. It’s estimated that 7.5million SMEs constitute a significant component of economic enterprises accounting for over 97% of all enterprises in Bangladesh. The share of SMEs in Gross Domestic Products GDP is 25%. Due to our breadth of knowledge, we take pleasure in becoming our clients go to digital marketing experts providing digital advisory services. We can assist you in determine growth chances in your strategy, operations, analytics, and technology. With clients in 16 countries and a track record of supporting the marketing of over $7 billion in total sales, NetworkBD has vast geographic knowledge in real estate.

    Digital Advisory Services Offer Market Insights, IT & Digital Strategies.

    The Eligibility Criteria’s and Details

    The government of Bangladesh has taken different initiatives in order to support SMEs. These policies taken by the government are implemented with the help of the SME Foundation in the core issues like: recommend rational budget structure for SMEs, digital advisory on financial issues, assist to ensure the quality of SME products, in capacity development, techno-entrepreneurship development, information support through web portals, establishment of virtual SME front office, in technology transfer activities etc. These measures will significantly lower the cost of adopting any of the solution needed. In order to do so, the government signed a loan agreement with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank with a view to support credit expansion and reduces liquidity constraints of CMSMEs. SMEs can apply for government funding if they meet the following criteria:
    Registered and operating in Bangladesh

    Purchase or lease of the properties and equipment in order to develop the business must be used in Bangladesh.

    To apply for the loan and other financial securities provided by the government, a proprietor should access and identify relevant digital advisory solutions that best suit their business needs, get a quotation from a pre-approved vendor for IT solutions and source for the equipment and then submit an application for the government provided loan for SMEs.

    Learn About 6 Eligibility Criteria To Apply for SME loans:

    Any macro, small or medium business entrepreneur who had gone through any type of loss due to COVID-19, especially who:
    1. Haven’t got any loan under the incentive package.
    2. All the prioritized SME subsectors and clusters, and value added entrepreneurs.
    3. All women entrepreneurs from around the country.
    4. New entrepreneurs who haven’t yet sanctioned any loan from any bank.
    5. Entrepreneurs from remote areas, tribal areas, people with disabilities or of third gender.
    6. Trade-bodies, SME associations, women entrepreneur associations any public and private organization that works with the development of entrepreneurs from around the country and any entrepreneur who is referred to by zilla and upazila administration.

    Our 5 Special Digital Solutions for Your Companies Growth

    1. Procurement Digital Solutions

    The purchase robotics software handles daily B2B business processes and streamlines purchasing workflow. Its powerful accounts payable conciliation module embodies an artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning of documents,  digital advisory allowing up to a four-way matching of the purchase order, goods receipt, invoices- both hard and soft copies for saving up to 70% of the time. Using this software, business achieve accuracy and accountability that enables better decisions regarding the business.

    2. Integrated Mobile Marketing Solutions (Facebook Marketing)

    Facebook is a popular multi purpose social media app that actually offers networking. With 2.89 billion active users per month, face book has become the biggest social media and networking site in the world. It offers a business friendly platform called face book market place, also creates opportunity for online business from buy and sell to food and other home services. It also allows people to reach out to more people with their products and other facilities which opens the door for a million or even billions of users, multiplying the clientele base and increasing revenue. Join us for digital advisory services for social media.

    3. B2B Marketplace

    The ecommerce sector has seen rapid growth since the early 2000’s, specifically after 2009, when the Bangladesh Bank, the country’s central bank authority, approve online affairs. In 2013, the Bangladesh Bank also allowable the purchase and sale of goods and services online using international credit cards. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) puts total internet patron at 117.3 million as of May 2021, of which only 9.8 million use broadband connections while the rest are mobile internet users. This optimized the growth of a number of B2B websites in the country that provides manufacturing and supply chain by digital advisory solutions. Bangladesh Garment inventors Employee association- BGMEA has deployed B2B ecommerce solutions for international ready made apparel and purchase. There also are various B2B websites that feature business directories, trade deals and information.

    4. Website Development/ e-Commerce Development

    In today’s world, it is essential to build a digital presence for e-commerce business. With an enterprise grade server rental and a SSL certificate, one can host their own e-commerce functions like coupons module, discount module, newsletter modules, article or blog modules, testimonials, inventory management, product reviews, rating modules, payment gateway integration, tech responsiveness and many more. Our digital advisory services is the best for any businesses.

    5. Additional Benefit in Resilience & Supplementary Budget

    i. Enhanced Support for Enterprises
    ii. SMEs Go Digital enhanced to include more digital solutions for business continuity
    iii. Up to 90% support under SME supportive budget.

    FAQ For Digital Advisory Services

    Which activities include advisory services?

    Various deal advice services: Responsibilities include develop an proper purchase strategy, shaping local and global tax issues, determine potential parties and adjustments, assisting with financial models, negotiate a fair price, and metering potential risks.

    What do advisory services do?

    Advisory management services allow individuals to consult with investment professionals before shift to their case. Advisory management professionals have skill in one or more contribution and provide useful direction for an individual’s specific situation.

    What is the difference between counselor and counselor?

    An advisor typically works with clients on a long-term basis, providing advice for ongoing business challenges. A consultant, on the other hand, solves strictly defined, granular problems – they work on a project basis, lasting every 2-3 months.

    Which is the higher consultant or advisor?

    A counselor is someone who consults or provides professional services to another. An advisor is someone who gives advice on what to do. These are simple definitions but actually offer little or no value for business executives who are looking for a coach, mentor, mentor or mento

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