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    Sophisticated Forensic Investigation Services in Bangladesh

    We provide Forensic Investigation services to our clients at Network BD. Our forensic and investigation team assists in the detection of any fraudulent or extraneous activities taking place within the company. To avoid a variety of hidden crimes, Network BD provides the best facility and services to their clients through forensic and investigation. We put our expert team to work for our clients and individuals, scrutinizing everything that has to do with numbers in accounts. We provide services relating to data investigation and retrieval. In addition, our team searches for every solution to any data that could be misinterpreted.


    Beyond risk management and compliance, every business function in charge of investigations is expected to become more integrated, growth-oriented and globally proactive. They must, however, be adaptable to the business’s changing needs, which typically entails efficiently and quickly scaling resources up or down. To put it another way, they’re expected to accomplish more with less.


    Deloitte’s On-Call Investigation Services, which are designed for quick deployment, technology-enabled delivery, and predictable prices, can help you supplement your forensic accounting and investigations skills anywhere in the world.


    We have extensive forensic investigation experience in a variety of industries and can provide insights that can impact the inquiry’s direction and pace. Our experts are also familiar with the cultural, business, law enforcement, and legal settings and practices in the area.

    Sophisticated Forensic Investigation Services

    Our Unique & Premium Verification Services

    Your company’s integrity is crucial. It has an impact on your company’s image. Your success will be bolstered by a positive reputation among your customers and employees, the general public, regulators and other businesses. Losing one’s reputation, on the other hand, can happen in the blink of an eye.


    What are the chances of this happening?

    Hackers have access to your personal information. Your sales team has been accused of corruption by a competitor. An argument with a business partner has the potential to devalue your company. Market confidence is harmed by an accounting discrepancy. In a joint venture, the media uncovers related party transactions.


    According to what we can see here, the changing nature of business has created not only new opportunities, but also new risks and potential threats. There will be no end to the dangers you will encounter.


    Not to mention the rise of potential risks such as fraud, organized crime, and terrorism becoming more sophisticated, more complex legislation and regulations, some with expanding extraterritorial reach, evolving technological challenges, complex cross-border disputes, pitfalls of expanding into emerging markets, reliance on unfamiliar business partners, and more complex supply and distribution channels. Last but not least, intellectual property theft and misappropriation. Join with us for forensic investigation services.


    It is preferable to prevent rather than cure.

    A company that can effectively monitor and respond quickly to problems will be able to reduce negative financial, reputational or operational consequences and gain a competitive advantage with real business benefits.

    In Forensic Investigation, There Are 5 Areas On Which We Concentrate:

    1. Business intelligence
    1. Integrity due diligence is the process of gathering information about a prospective business partner’s background, track record, reputation, and integrity.
    2. Fraud, asset tracing, and other problem-solving investigations require investigation support.
    3. Support for litigators and counsel in complex international arbitration and litigation is known as litigation support.
    2. Dispute resolution services
    1. The preparation and presentation of expert witness evidence is what expert witness services entails.
    2. The goal of international dispute resolution is to assess risks in order to determine the value of claims and gather evidence.
    3. Business and share valuations are used in the context of litigation to determine the value of shares and businesses.
    4. Drafting/reviewing financial sections of Sale and Purchase Agreements is part of forensic transaction services.
    5. Acting as an expert to assist in accounting-related disputes is known as alternative dispute resolution.
    6. Competition’s mission is to provide competition-related advice and guidance.
    7. Capturing, processing and reviewing large amounts of data and evidence is what evidence and disclosure management is all about.
    3. The use of forensic technology
    1. Recovering Digital Evidence
    2. Management of Evidence and Discovery
    3. Investigations into cybercrime
    4. Analytical Data
    4. Fraud Risk Management:
    1. to make a need assessment based on the nature of fraud and misconduct risks as well as existing controls
    2. to develop ethics and compliance programs, as well as related anti-fraud controls, in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices
    3. to assign responsibilities and deploy resources in order to implement programs and controls
    4. To assess the effectiveness of the program and its controls in achieving their goals
    5. Forensic Investigation on a global scale
    5. Adherence to regulations
    1. Anti-Money Laundering (Anti-Money Laundering) Services
    2. Anti-corruption and anti-bribery services

    In a nutshell, forensic investigations services can ensure that you gain real-world business advantages. Our affiliates are happy to assist you with forensic investigations when you contact Network BD. Get in touch with us right away!

    FAQ For  Forensic Investigation Services in Bangladesh

    How can emails be traced for forensic purposes?

    When the e-mail is opened, a log entry with the recipient’s IP address is recorded on the image hosting http server and thus the sender is tracked. Both find out the IP address of the receiver’s computer and e-mail the investigators.

    What is the standard method used for network forensics?

    Network forensic testing consists of seven steps, including detection, preservation, collection, testing, analysis and presentation, and incident response. The identification process has a huge impact on the following steps as this step is the way to end the case.

    Who uses network forensics?

     There are usually three types of people who use digital evidence from network forensic investigations: police investigators, public investigators and private investigators. The following are some examples: criminal prosecutors, homicide, financial fraud.

    What can network forensics reveal?

    Network forensics is a relatively new field of forensic science. Network forensics can be performed as an independent investigation or in addition to computer forensic analysis.

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