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    Get Our Corporate Fundraising & Private Listing Services

    Through our industry-leading fundraising and private listing services, we are ready to assist businesses in obtaining smart capital and highest return. Instead of selling stocks on the market, a private placement happens to sell them to pre-selected investors and institutions. For a firm wanting to raise funds for expansion, it is an alternative to an initial public offering (IPO).


    Wealthy individuals, banks and other financial institutions, mutual funds, insurance companies, and pension funds are all welcome to join in private placement programs. Even though a private placement, like an IPO, involves the sale of securities, there are few regulatory requirements and standards. The sale doesn’t even need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the. Prospective investors does not need to get a prospectus, and specific financial information do not have to be revealed.


    Most importantly, a fledgling firm can remain private, avoiding the numerous laws and annual reporting requirements that accompany an IPO. Because of the tax regulation of private placements, the corporation can save time and money. As a result, the underwriting process is sped up, and the company receives finance sooner.


    When an issuer sells a bond, it also saves time and money by not having to get a credit rating from a bond agency. A private placement permits an issuer to sell a more complicated instrument to accredited investors who are aware of the risks and rewards involved. Which is why we are at your doorstep to walk you through the whole process. Don’t go ahead without expert advise. Contact us for fundraising and private listing services.


    Our Fundraising & Private Listing Scheme Is A Game Changer

    Are you a business owner looking to raise finance to fund your expansion and growth plans? Or are you considering an IPO but are put off by the time-consuming procedures, huge expenses and liabilities?


    However, you and your shareholders can now sell a portion or all of your privately held shares to raise funds. In addition, we are helping employee stock ownership plans to become more tangible and valuable. We are the best fundraising and private listing services provider in Bangladesh.

    About Our Fundraising Through Global Capital

    The Monetary Authority of Bangladesh regulates our major online syndication platform, which also holds a Capital Markets Services License. In a market like the one we’re in now, buyers should think about buying a house privately and dealing directly with a seller or listing agent. As a company that believes in a free market and giving consumers as much choice as possible.


    We wouldn’t imply that buying a house privately is a poor idea, so don’t read this as a piece designed to inflate the value of real estate brokers. Regardless of our feelings on the subject, we know that some consumers believe they would get a better deal if they buy a home privately or directly from a listing agent. As a result, we’d like to introduce our fundraising and private listing services and prepare people who are considering purchasing a home privately.


    The most typical method for purchasing a home privately is for a buyer to contact our listing agent directly and inquire about the property. They will then proceed to see that specific property, and if it meets all of their criteria, they will proceed to submit an offer.


    Acting for yourself and buying a home privately has the most potential complications in the time between viewing the home and placing an offer. We’d like to let you know that we’ve put together a guide for all buyers who are thinking about going this route. We’d like to recommend that you follow the criteria for buying a home privately. As a result, individuals are less likely to make a costly mistake.

    Top 4 Benefits Of Using Our Global Fundraising Scheme

    1. Global Investor Exposure.
    2. Gain Foreign Exchange.
    3. Reduce Cost.
    4. Digital Platform.

    Requirements For Raising Funds

    Have a yearly revenue of more than $1 million or have previously raised more than $10 million.

    About Our Private Listing Services

    The world’s largest licensed and regulated private securities exchange. Most importantly, we are governed by Bangladesh’s Monetary Authority and holding a Recognized Market Operator license.

    Get 8 Premium Advantages By Using Our Private Listing Service

    1. Maintain control while having a minimum impact on the cap table.
    2. ‘Light-touch’ operation and flexibility
    3. Increase investor access and improve the company’s reputation.
    4. Allow early investors to profit from their investments in a systematic and transparent way.
    5. By allowing tradeable private equity, address succession planning difficulties, ESOP, and staff retention.
    6. For a future exit, implement best practices in governance and information sharing.
    7. Increase the company’s visibility and reputation, as well as investor confidence.
    8. An alternative to IPOs that is faster, simpler, cost-effective, and risk free.

    Requirements For Private Listing

    Most importantly, have an annual revenue of more than SGD 2 million or have previously raised more than SGD 4 million. Moreover, have at least 2 years of operating experience and a working capital of more than 12 months. If you need fundraising and private listing services we are here to help you.

    Our 6 Additional Services Focusing On Business Growth & Client Satisfaction

    Beside the fundraising and private listing services we offer other services for you in Bangladesh. Our services are cost effective and most reliable for the clients.


    1. Readiness Assessment
    2. Valuation Services
    3. Fundraising Risk Management
    4. Digital Marketing
    5. Independent Director
    6. Securities Exchange

    FAQs For Fundraising And Private Listing Services

    How do we ask for donations?

    We ask for donations in a number of different ways, including in person.


    Also, on phone or by email and social media sites. Moreover, on our website or online donation forms at events and more. Nevertheless, soliciting donations is a tricky task.

    How soon do we start fundraising for a non-profit?

    You can fundraise even if your nonprofit organization is brand new.

    However, until you are formally recognized as a charitable organization, your contributions are not tax deductible.

    What is an annual fund?

    A classic definition of an annual fund is a fundraising campaign that a nonprofit launches at the same time each year. It usually follows a theme and includes complementary promotional and marketing materials.

    Why do you need an annual fund?

    Multichannel fundraising and annual funding go hand in hand. As a strategy to produce cash for your organization, make sure you’re taking advantage of both of these options.

    Ensure Your Growing Organization's Largest Ever Fundraising