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    Government Grant Consultation Finance Your Dream Projects

    To help defray your expenditures, seek government grants. NetworkBD’s dependable Government Grant Consultation services will look through your plans and help you with the application procedure. We have assisted thousands of Bangladeshi firms around the country in obtaining a variety of government subsidies for their new business ventures over the last 15 years.
    Thousands of Bangladeshi firms are granted a wide range of Government grant consultation subsidies each year. These grants provide much-needed support to initiatives that have been halted due to a lack of funds. However, many business leaders who need direction and clarification about what types of business grants their companies are eligible for have been confused and faced issues as a result of these funding programs.
    We can help you with a consultation at Network BD. The one-on-one conversation will allow both parties to gain a better understanding of your company’s requirements.
    Bangladesh currently has seven Global Fund grants worth a total of US$117 million. Due to the limited capacity of national programs, four of the grants are implemented by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This has ensured that, at least in the short term, Global Fund program objectives have been consistently met.
    Government grant consultation include government grant programs as well as grants sponsored by individuals, businesses, and large corporations. In Bangladesh Grant, money does exist, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to come by, and it usually comes with a lengthy application process. Therefore, Our Network BD agency can assist you to simplify the process for you.

    You will get 2 primary kinds of grants easily in Bangladesh:

    1. Bangabandhu Innovation Grant
    2. NGO Grant
    Bangladeshi Grants Are You Eligible, Government Grant Consultation

    Proper Consultation Can Save Your Time & Headaches

    Students and young professionals with innovative ideas in the field of information and technology will be able to share them. The competition will result in the selection of 36 startups.


    iDEA project: BIG is an iDEA project initiative that aims to create a startup ecosystem in the country by awarding grants to 100 startups in order to encourage new innovative ideas from young entrepreneurs. From March 16, 2020 to November 2020, the iDEA project’s project selection committee approved grants of Tk.10 lakh to each of the 32 startups. The top one(01) startup will receive 100,000 USD, while the remaining thirty-five(35) startups will receive a grant of 100,000 BDT from the Information and Communication Technology Division’s Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (iDEA).


    We want to reach out to the international ICT community while also supporting local startups. Through an international roadshow, foreign startups will be able to participate with Government grant consultation.


    Young entrepreneurs, i.e. new innovative startup ideas, will be encouraged to build a startup ecosystem in the country and establish this event as an international flagship program through “BIG.”


    In 2020 and 2021, Government grant consultation will focus on three main areas: a university and stakeholder activation campaign, a TV reality show, and an international road show. This event will bring together delegates from Bangladesh’s public and private educational institutions, inventors, professionals, startups institutions, high-commissions and embassies from various countries, as well as startups from hundreds of different local and foreign communities, clubs, and trade associations.


    The Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (iDEA) project will host this event, which will also include the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority, Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), A2I, and Startup Bangladesh Limited. We will also have various trade associations as private partners, such as BASIS, BACCO, BCS, ECAB, ISPAB, and BIJF.


    Last but not least, Bangladesh will be re-presented as a prosperous and ambitious country on the global ICT stage as a result of this event.

    Our Legal Advisory Services Increase Your Cashflow

    National Category
    1. In the national category, anyone who is a Bangladeshi citizen will be eligible to apply.
    2. Citizens of Bangladesh who live in a foreign country but are not citizens of that country will be able to apply in the national category.
    3. Anyone with a startup idea or a business in the early stages of development will be eligible to compete in the national category.
    4. Government grant consultation participants in this category will include both students and non-students.


    International Category
    1. Anyone with a foreign passport who wishes to apply in the international category will be able to do so.
    2. In the international category, anyone with a Startup idea or a business that is still in the startup stage will be able to compete 
    3. This category will accept both student and non-student participants.


    Tax exemption
    1.  In Bangladesh Tax Free up to BDT 3 lacs(Sole Proprietor Business)     
    2. Tax Free up to BDT 3 lacs (Partnership)
    3. Corporate Tax at 30% (Limited Company)


    Selection Process:

    The Primary Selection Committee and the Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy will review all online applications with government grant consultation. Proposals will be chosen for grants initially based on (but not limited to) the following criteria:


    1. The type of business
    2. Feasibility
    3. Research Methodology (Business, Technology, Finance)
    4. Make a business plan
    5. A business plan
    6. Management Group

    Learn About NGO Grant Eligibility With Network BD

    Non-profit organizations working in marginalized farming communities that are registered and recognized as charitable organizations under the law are eligible to apply for grant funding. In order to be considered for a grant, applicants must submit a certificate of non-profit registration to AAF as part of the application process.

    Do you require assistance for government grant consultation? Please contact us.


    Do you require assistance with grant funding for your company? We can assist you in determining which grant would be most beneficial to your business. Contact us today for a consultation on all of your government grant support questions and more.

    FAQ For Government Grant Consultation Services

    Where did this grant come from?

     Grants come from the Government of Bangladesh, municipalities, and provincial governments. If you are a non-profit or charitable, there are also grants through the foundation, but these are very different from the grants available for business.

    How can I stay updated with new grants?

     In our 3 service packages, you will be notified via email of any changes to the grant that are new and match your business. Through our premium service package, your grant advisors will keep you informed of new grants that meet your business needs throughout the year through quarterly check-in and annual strategy meetings.

    Do you work with companies in our industry?

     We work with different industries because of the grants that are often art agnostics. Check out our blog posts for success stories.

    When is the best time to apply for a grant?

    It will be difficult for us to determine the “best” time to receive grants, as they are seen throughout the year and are closed. Grants change all the time because government budgets change or priorities change.

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