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    Our Proven And Excellent Solution For HR Advisory Services

    Human resources advisory that improves your company’s performance and coworker relations. NetworkBD offers a wide range of HR Advisory services to businesses of various sizes and HR sophistication levels.

    We support your company with good and successful human resource programs and procedures, as well as offering human resource compliance consultations. Assessments of HR program efficacy, employment practices liability risk management, compensation program design evaluations, and employee engagement analysis are all part of this. We can also assist businesses with both the creation and implementation of their strategies.

    Our Proven And Excellent Solution For HR Advisory Services

    Our 6 Special Facilities For HR Advisoy Services

    The majority of HR departments begin as a process of progression. Because the owner needs to be out selling products and growing business. Therefore, the Office Manager is instructed to start doing payroll eventually. And before you know it, you’ve grown to 100 employees and are battling to stay on top of compliance concerns.


    Therefore, always be prepared to hire the proper people, manage their performance, and so on. Which is where we come in and w e can assist you more efficiently with our expertise.  We can also enhance your team and deliver accurate answers to your frequent questions using our variety of smart solutions. Allow us to assist you in navigating the rough waters of people management. Consider us to be the HR advisory services you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford. Because now you can!


    1. Navigate Hybrid Workplace
    2. New Workplace Adjustment
    3. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
    4. Technology Implementation
    5. Culture & Retention
    6. HR Community

    The Best Recruitment Methods & Tools For HR Advisory Services

    Most importantly, you need HR Advisory services to recruit and maintain a qualified team of professionals. Because, the HR department is in charge of matching the right people to the relevant employment openings.


    In this way, the HR function contributes to the success of an organization. It allows for significant transformation and the conversion of people’s full potential. This, in turn, will add to the company’s success.

    Why Do You Need HR Advisory Services?

    It takes a long time to find the suitable people to fill the positions. That’s why, with our HR Advisory Services, we’re here to make things a little easier. Moreover, we assist your company in sustaining the transformational change required to flourish in today’s economy. As a result, your business will grow.


    We have a solution for you, whether you are a small business that wants to fulfill basic HR responsibilities without having to engage a full-time HR department, or you have an HR professional on staff but have occasional queries and concerns. We can even create a solution that is tailored to your exact requirements.

    Making Companies Successful With Our 6 Strong HR Advisory Services

    HR Advisory services from NetworkBD provide firms with the objectivity and knowledge they need to ensure compliance and best practices in human resources. We recognize that each organization has its own set of requirements, and that one solution does not fit all. This is why, in order to boost organizational productivity and limit risk.


    Additionally, we provide you with a customized solution that is responsive to your human resource concerns. This necessitates a strategic viewpoint for some firms. Others are more tactical in their approach. We assist you in making successful human resource management an intrinsic part of your organization, regardless of your needs. You may rely on our professionals to lead you through the proper steps to secure the long-term viability and success of your company.


    1. Transforming HR Activities: Most importantly, we arrange for the right HR management suitable to your needs.
    2. Talent Management: Moreover, we find you employees who will have a mixed set of skills and experience for better benefits.
    3. People Management: Through what we call Behavioral Change Management, however, we can help you manage your people, systems, and procedures.
    4. Better Workforce Understanding: Also, to determine what the future workforce will require, you must first understand how the existing workforce operates.
    5. Design Organizational Structure: Additionally, we’ll make sure your company develops a change-capacity so that your teams stay effective and adaptive.
    6. Employee Training: Finally, we build and construct customized programs focused at improving effective leadership, individual ownership, and sponsorship.

    The 6 Additional Features Of Our HR Advisory Services

    Sometimes all you need is a little assistance and sound guidance. Our HR On-Call service is a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized organizations to leverage our substantial human resource skills.  You can choose to set your terms as a pay-as-you-go arrangement or a longer-term retainer. We customize our services to meet your needs and make adjustments as needed.


    Certified consultants from NetworkBD work with you to provide advice and solutions to your HR-related questions. You may rest easy knowing that HR professionals are simply a phone call away and ready to help with everything from creating an employee handbook to limiting your exposure to statutory non-compliance.


    1. HR Infrastructure For Start-Ups
    2. Job Description
    3. Policy Design
    4. Surveys 
    5. Productivity Engineering
    6. Leadership Coaching

    FAQ HR Advisory Services

    What does the HR consulting audit cover?

    It’s a comprehensive review of your company’s payroll, benefits, safety, and administrative policies and processes. However, compliance comes first, followed by recommendations for best practices.


    As a result, you will receive a full report, compliance recommendations, and considerable resources from our HR library of materials that have been personalized and tailored to your company.

    What should be kept in an employee file and who should have access to it?

    Performance appraisals, disciplinary and training records, as well as their initial application and new hire documentation, should all be shared with employees.


    Moreover, access should be restricted to those who have a “need to know” justification. Plus, the employee file should not contain any medical information.

    How do we improve turnover rates?

    Hire the right people, provide them with the tools they need to execute their jobs, and treat them with respect. Primarily, employees quit for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, for lack of engagement and respect.

    How much does our HR advisory cost?

    It largely depends on the company size and services taken. However, it will save you the monthly cost of a permanent HR. Therefore, contact us for a detailed discussion.