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    FAQ For  Online and Social Media Monitoring Services

    How do I find relevant conversations?

     With most tools, type a question to find the references you want. Your query may mention your hotel, brand and company as well as more general topics such as boutique hotels, resort spas, hotel bars, hospitality design, etc. You can type complex search strings to find exactly what you’re interested in. In, when separating irrelevant content.In addition to searching for terms and words, you can search for specific site references; In the original geographical area; Different days, weeks or months; With positive, negative or neutral feelings.

    What does social media monitoring cover?

     Good monitoring tools crawl major social channels such as forums, blogs, news and review websites and more, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and more.

    Why can't I just do a Google search?

    Google does not filter spam, duplicates and date limits. Most social hearing aids have systems in place to help ensure that the content they find is relevant. With social media monitoring, you can search for much more specific terms and exclude others for much more precise results than regular Google search.

    Isn't this an invasion of privacy?

    Monitoring tools can only search for publicly available information. For example, they do not access Facebook pages, including personal settings, secure tweets, Facebook messages, private messages in forums, etc.

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