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    Perform Strategically With Our Project Management Services

    Project management involves planning, organizing, and supervising project operations in order to complete a project within specified timeframes. NetworkBD deploys the appropriate experience, resources, and proven best practice approaches to ensure that your organization’s projects are completed on time and on budget. Understanding client requirements, maintaining clear communication with contractors, and having contract management experience are just a few of the factors that go into successful management of project and implementation.


    From idea to completion, our project management services include everything from planning, scheduling, and cost control through design, construction, and commissioning. On all projects, from cutting-edge eco-friendly projects to high-end luxury developments, we provide bespoke PM solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We assist our clients in achieving their long-term investment objectives while upholding the highest levels of safety and quality on all projects.


    Accelerate Your Project Management Success In 5 Ways

    1. We manage the planning, organization, and management of engineering and construction project resources to ensure profitability, quality, and on-time completion.


    2. We help our clients define their priorities, identify their risks, and implement management and control procedures and systems to fit their needs, as well as ensure that their infrastructure is managed and executed optimally.


    3. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals enables us to take on Project Management (PM) of extremely complex and demanding projects while adhering to the highest standards set by major accredited organizations such as the Project Management Institute.


    4. We recognize the importance of providing our clients with the most up-to-date technology and technological tools in order for them to make rapid and proactive decisions, anticipating problems that may arise during the infrastructure’s life cycle.


    5. A specialized technical group of over 200 people supports our PM services. This technical expertise, along with a solid grasp of all stages of an infrastructure’s life cycle, enables us to successfully address this type of service in both local and international markets for transportation, building, and water infrastructures.

    Get 3 Core Benefits Of Our Project Management Services

    By altering the way they approach their work, NetworkBD assists enterprises in enhancing their Project Management procedures. Our strategies produce positive outcomes for firms, such as:


    1. Improved Communication

    With our solution in place, project managers, designers, engineers, and other project influencers may collaborate more effectively by sharing a single knowledge base and following the same methodology. Projects can be completed with minimal time wasted on logistical questions if they have a well-coordinated PMM and are overseen by a PMO.


    2. Expert Support

    With best-practice Project Management support systems, intensive training and mentoring programs, and methodology development tools, Momentum Project Management professionals help your firm establish the foundation it needs to succeed.


    4. Long-Term Solutions

    Our mission is to develop all-encompassing solutions that position your company for long-term success on every level. We accomplish this by providing training and establishing specialists within your company.


    Even better, our solutions include high-quality resources as well as hands-on help from Project Management experts, resulting in a one-of-a-kind set of solutions for your equal one-of-a-kind firm.

    NetworkBD Offers 4 Extensive Project Management Services

    1. Project Management in IT:

    IT projects can be tough to manage due to the enormous number of resources involved. The effectiveness of an IT project is influenced by a number of factors, including software and hardware tools, data management, and programming. NetworkBD can help with IT project development by offering technical experience, project management, requirements gathering, third-party testing, and implementation support.


    2. Development of the Project Management Methodology (PMM):

    Establishing a uniform strategy for Project Management is a feasible first step in integrating Project Management activities within a firm. By creating expectations and process standards, PMMs help firms improve repeatability and consistency. NetworkBD aids organizations in developing their own project management models (PMMs) in order to create a shared knowledge of the project lifecycle and clearly define roles and responsibilities within the company.


    3. PMO and EPMO Establishment:

    Project Management Offices (PMOs) and Enterprise Project Management Offices (EPMOs) are important functions within companies that create standards and expectations to help with PM. NetworkBD provides PMO and EPMO setup services based on industry best practices to ensure your company’s long-term success.


    4. Mentoring and Education:

    Employees are the backbone of your company’s Project Management success, thus their skills and knowledge are crucial for progress. NetworkBD helps businesses flourish by creating and coordinating Project Management training and mentoring programs that ensure proper PMM implementation.


    There is also a guarantee of quality! These specialized Project Management services assist your company in efficiently completing projects by providing expert guidance and support at each stage.

    4 Unique Services Make NetworkBD Different Among Others

    1. From conception to completion, we have the knowledge and experience to help you through the entire project life cycle. Because of our specializations in project planning, procurement, design, and delivery, we are experts in advising customers on how to achieve the right balance of time, cost, and quality.


    2. Because no two customers or projects are alike, our individualized approach allows us to advise on how to manage project bottlenecks and facilitate risk reduction techniques while ensuring that critical objectives are accomplished. We can either follow a pre-determined strategy or use our own best-practice methodology to handle projects.


    3. In addition to aiding you with successful project delivery, we can help you develop your organization’s project management capabilities through our training programs.


    4. Our broad experience in a variety of industries, including construction, oil and gas, and ITC projects, allows us to advise on project governance and governance training, concept development, feasibility studies, quality assurance, and improvement programs, among other things.

    FAQs For Project Management Services

    How do we monitor cost control in our project management services?

    Typically, the project manager is in charge of this. As well as, budget management, planning and risk mitigation, are all part of cost control. In addition, we have a software to analyze, determine, and control costs.

    What is Gantt chart in project management?

    A Gantt Chart is a table that depicts the progress of a project and all of its components. Simply put, it’s a visual representation of all your forthcoming tasks and deadlines on a timeline.

    How do we manage risk in a project?

    Initially, you should determine your project risk tolerance. However, if you’re considering how to manage risk in a project, start with making an action plan.

    How do we schedule a project?

    We create a schedule that details the start and end dates. In addition, there are milestones that must be accomplished in order for the project to be completed on schedule.


    Furthermore, we employ software that was created expressly for this reason.

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