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    Our Staff Outsourcing Solutions Boost Forward-Thinking

    For forward-thinking enterprises, Bangladesh’s Staff Outsourcing Solutions are the answer. To ensure that service is never compromised, a firm should be appropriately staffed throughout the year. This is especially true during busy or peak seasons. You may do just that using NetworkBD’s Staff Outsourcing Solutions. You’ll always have access to our top-notch team of specialists without the burden or cost of hiring full-time employees.   


    It’s a clever and effective technique to cut costs and time spent on administrative activities. In reality, an experienced workforce might be beneficial to your company.


    Staff Outsourcing Solution Services Take Care of Your Needs

    Our staff outsourcing solutions services are meant for clients who need to hire staff for a specific length of time on short notice, but may also be used as a permanent hiring solution for many others. Smart Search brings together our recruitment teams with our payroll and HR Outsourcing Services departments to provide a complete Contract and Temporary staff outsourcing solutions for your Thai business. Our staff outsourcing solutions services allow you to tailor your staffing needs to your business objectives without the legal, image, or financial risks that come with hiring full-time employees. For international corporations establishing representative offices in Thailand, outsourcing staffing needs is excellent for short and long-term employment throughout the early stages of their local operations.


    In Bangladesh, NetworkBD provides staff outsourcing solutions, commonly known as Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or Employer of Record services. Our PEO services are designed for foreign organizations whose operations in Bangladesh necessitate the hiring of local or foreign staff. The end client can have a physical presence in Bangladesh without having to establish up a legal corporation because all employment, HR, administrative, and legal matters are outsourced to NetworkBD. The client customizes the employment package to meet their specific needs, while NetworkBD handles all areas of compliance and onboarding, allowing the customer to focus on their core business operations.

    How Our Staff Outsourcing Services Benefited You?

    Many firms throughout the world are turning to staff outsourcing to gain greater organizational flexibility, higher efficiency, lower overheads, and easier HR management. The NetworkBD Staff Outsourcing Division was established to meet rising demand among organizations for the economic and operational benefits that outsourcing may provide.


    NetworkBD’s staff outsourcing solutions is a one-of-a-kind concept in which a variety of HR activities have been seamlessly integrated to provide clients with a full outsourcing solution. In a few weeks, NetworkBD works as a “Third Party Service Provider” that recruits hires, and places a workforce according to customer criteria! Following that, Fischer & Partners manages the outsourced employees’ employment records/files, salary and benefits administration, promotions and increments, regulatory and legislative obligations, as well as all disciplinary and performance management issues. 


    Staff outsourcing solutions efficiently relieves client organization management of day-to-day HR operations management challenges, allowing them to focus on more strategic and value-adding activities while saving time.


    The following are 6 examples outsourced to NetworkBD:


    1. Officer of the Consulate
    2. Staff in consumer banking and FMCG sales.
    3. Employees in the call center.
    4. Personnel in charge of customer service and processing.
    5. Executives in charge of supervision.
    6. Drivers and couriers.

    NetworkBD Provides The Following Special 10 Services

    1. Employee recruitment, hiring, and outplacement.
    2. Joining formalities, background checks and verifications are all completed.
    3. Personal files are kept up to date.
    4. Salaries and pay packages are processed.
    5. Employees’ income tax management.
    6. Management of medical benefits and insurance.
    7. Handling is a prerequisite.
    8. Surveys of employees and motivational analysis.
    9. Indemnifying the organization from any legal duties imposed by statute.
    10. Other areas or functional activities that are not specified above can be outsourced depending on the demands of the customer.


    When you work with us, we can act as the legal employer for your employees. If they’re expats, we’ll also handle their payroll processing, tax compliance, benefits administration and Thai work permits. Your staff will follow Thai labor legislation, and you will save money on operational costs. It is your responsibility to run your company efficiently. It’s our responsibility to make things easy. For a free staff outsourcing solutions consultation, feel free to contact us.

    Get 10 Reasons Why NetworkBD Is The Best Choice

    NetworkBD has always taken pleasure in providing high-quality service to its customers. It’s how we’ve managed to keep our reputation as the best in the business. We assist you in managing your outsourced crew so that you may concentrate your efforts where they are most needed.


    The following are some of the advantages of using our Staff Outsourcing Solutions:

    1. Regularly train your employees so that their skills and abilities are always up to industry requirements.
    2. Staff turnover is low.
    3. More affordable from a financial standpoint.
    4. We have the experience you need to help your company become digital.
    5. We assist your company in increasing efficiency and implementing future-proof technologies.
    6. Our experience spans a wide range of fields. Accounting, HR, payroll, secretarial, tax, administration, IT solutions, digital marketing, and more are all included.


    We are also a fully licensed employment agency as an added plus. This means we’re more than capable of meeting your company’s recruitment needs. You’ll never have to worry about a staff shortage or quota again. With NetworkBD, you can rest assured that your company’s future is in good hands.


    Contact one of our helpful team members today to learn more about our Staff Outsourcing Solutions. 

    FAQs For Staff Outsourcing Solutions

    How much do your services cost?

    Depending on the scope of work, NetworkBD offers very competitive pricing. The costs will vary depending on the services required. Please get in touch with us for a free estimate!

    How much engagement do I need with Outsourced staff?

    When you hire an outsourced employee, you assign them a supervisor who oversees their performance and activities to ensure you get the most out of them at all times. This concept is unique in that we provide a high level of support. With this in mind, it is STRONGLY recommended that you interact, guide, and engage your outsourced personnel in the same way that you would any other member of your team.

    In which locations do you operate?

    We offer our services both locally and internationally. However, you can use our services from any country in the world as we are certified to operate internationally.

    How can outsourcing help your company?

    Outsourcing allows you to focus on growing your business by freeing up time, space, and money.


    Therefore, it keeps your staff productive without requiring them to focus on too many time-consuming duties. Also, it prevents you from hiring and training additional employees.

    You Can Be Passionate About Your Work And Grow Your Dream Business With Us!