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    Get Full Control Of Your Entire Supply Chain Sourcing

    Supply chain sourcing could be difficult to understand. That is why we created our Supply Chain Management services to assist you with your logistics complexities. Our local expertise, combined with our global infrastructure, gives you a good supply chain backbone to help to encourage and exceed customers ’ expectations.


    The broad range of valuation capabilities offered by SCM services can assist you in meeting your business goals with dependability, speed, quickness, resilience, cost reductions, and sustainability. Our experienced supply chain sourcing teams can control your logistics, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

    High- Quality IFRS Reporting Services

    General Supply Chain Sourcing Process

    In general, the sourcing process consists of a few basic steps, which are as follows:


    Internal evaluation: The first stage refers to an internal process. You must describe baselines with your own company and understand its key features.


    Market analysis: At this point, you already know what your organization is. You must now assess dynamics, identify key players, and comprehend competitors.


    Collect supplier information: So now you understand how the market works, you can define supplier criteria and seek out suppliers who meet your requirements.


    Sourcing strategy: Following the initial analyses, you can define your supply chain sourcing strategy. It details how you’ll approach your provider and handle stock.


    Bidding process: The bidding process begins with the creation and distribution of a request for proposals. This is the stage at which the buyer establishes a contracting format and short-lists suppliers.


    Negotiation: Negotiate and select Here, the buyer will contact suppliers and determine which ones meet the specifications. This step will result in a supplier selection.


    Contract: You can now work on your execution and audit plans. Select your strategic partners as well as begin laying the groundwork for your  supply chain sourcing.

    Our End-To-End Services For Your Specific Business Needs

    Your company is unlike any other. Supply Chain Management provides you with an intricate ecosystem set up to ensure that your supply chain operates exactly as you expect it to. NetworkBD  SCM provides a set of tools for continuously improving, digitizing, and optimizing your global supply chain sourcing while involved in managing exceptions.

    Global collaboration with local solutions

    Our global and local expertise contributes to the improvement of your supply chain sourcing while maintaining your overall objectives in mind.


    Connector for the supply chain

    As a container logistics integrator, we provide solutions that handle every step of your logistical issues on your behalf.


    Improved continuity

    Exceptions are handled more quickly and smoothly. This ensures that your cargo is always moving, even when the unusual occurs.



    With our well-suited solutions, you can easily navigate the complexities of business and supply chains sourcing.


    Visibility and useful insights

    We design and manage visible just-in-time supply chain sourcing that allow you to advance up or slow down as needed.


    A reliable partner

    We foster customer partnerships by developing in-house alternatives and strategic alliances.

    Why Should You Consider Supply Chain Sourcing Services?

    A reputable supply chain sourcing services provider can provide benefits to in-house groups that compensate for capabilities that those teams may lack. They provide access to a large pool of category-specific specialists, as well as the assurance of tried-and-true processes and the effectiveness of cutting-edge technology. This not only enables best-value sourcing, but it also enables procurement teams to progress along the curve with a clearer focus on main strategic actions and issues are fixed with organizational goals.

    Experience in the Category

    Any supply chain sourcing provider must have extensive category knowledge and experience, as illustrated by the variety and quality of skill at its disposal. A large in-house pool of group and subject matter specialists usually indicates a strong sourcing capability. Our team of seasoned industry experts, identified opinion makers, commodity and content consultants, and marketing research professionals, all focused on providing clients with world-class value.


    Excellent sourcing BPO firms have their own software systems, which include a comprehensive set of instinctive, user-friendly sourcing tools effort to simplify and optimize the sourcing process. Apart from fostering enterprise-wide collaboration, these systems ensure compliance with sourcing practices, assist in risk management, and propel organizations ahead of their competitors.


    Supply chain sourcing consulting services necessitates a high level of adaptability. The delivery approach of greatest sourcing BPO providers is inherently adaptable. This implies that their solutions are tailored to specific customer needs, both short and long term, ranging from category-specific projects to multiyear engagements designed to achieve long-term goals.

    International Reach

    Companies that provide supply chain sourcing services like NetworkBD must have a global footprint and global acumen. Operations centers in strategic locations around the world can be a valuable source of searched data, market intelligence, and cost-effective execution support, all of which contribute to higher and faster returns on investment. Low-cost countries account for at least 20% of the total sourcing investment for best-in-class sourcing BPOs.


    NetworkBD is a leading strategic supply chain sourcing services provider to some of the world’s largest corporations. Our fully integrated end-to-end procurement platform automates the sourcing process and provides enterprise procurement teams with access to greatest supply chain sourcing tools, making it easier to find the right suppliers and streamline source-to-contract operations. Join forces with us today.

    FAQ For Supply Chain Sourcing Services

    How should I modernize my supply chain sourcing and procurement processes?

    Today’s CPOs must navigate a much more complicated landscape that includes economic uncertainty, ongoing supply network interruption, and a need to meet consumers’ changing values and expectations.
    It means that CPOs must not only maximize costs but also strengthen the value chain’s resilience, all while responding to new customer ’s company needs—and developing more sustainable methods to how the organization spends. Furthermore, as the custodians of a company’s third-party relationships, CPOs play a critical role in the company’s future growth strategy. To meet all of these demands, CPOs must rethink how they operate, leveraging digital procurement and closed-loop spend management to reduce costs, increase value, and support future growth.

    Should I request references?

    Yes. You can learn a great deal about a company by who it does business with – both its customers and its suppliers. While you can anticipate any references they provide to be positive, it gives you the opportunity to discuss the source with a neutral third party to see if the reference is a good fit again for way you do business.

    In addition, you should request product samples. This allows you to see how a company completes a sequence, the quality of products they provide, and how it’s packaged firsthand.

    Are there various types of supply chain sourcing?

    Depending on the goods you want to buy, you could choose to collaborate directly with manufacturers, through distributors, or through wholesalers. Here are some examples about how these friendships might function:


    Actively working with manufacturers eliminates the middleman and it may allow you to obtain the most affordable products. However, not every automaker will work directly with every vendor, or they may possess MOQs that outpace your capabilities.


    Working with such a wholesaler may enable you to obtain products from a variety of vendors. In this manner, if a specific automaker is unable to supply you with the what you require, they can still satisfy your order by switching to some other vendor. Working with a wholesaler will cost you a markup on goods, but you will also get better rates than on the open market – unless you can purchase direct.


    Some makers only sell their products through distributors. If this is the case, request a list of suggested distributors from the manufacturer to ensure the supply chain is reliable.

    How can I get started with such a new procurement strategy?

    Accenture has created a robust and repetitive model to assist businesses in implementing a CLSM approach. Its adaptability and speed allow them to start generating value in a matter of weeks, while its robustness ensures that value is sustained over time.


    The model is comprised of two main components. The first, spend transition, focuses on increasing the value of procurement by reexamining expenditure through a “zero-based” lens. The second, new ways to work, seeks to integrate procurement, financial services, and the rest of a business into a new operating model based on digital technology and automation.

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