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    Get The Best Video Monitoring Service In Market

    Video monitoring service is the security guards or conventional passive monitoring methods fall short in protecting large commercial premises including transportation and industrial facilities, auto lots, building sites, and warehouse facilities.


    Why You Should Try Our Video Monitoring Services

    • With the help of our advanced analytics cameras, which are supervised by knowledgeable security officers who ensures your security.
    • Our advanced video monitoring team maintains and monitors perimeter security in real-time. We have enough resources to serve our clients.
    • We keep an eye out for it and respond trespass attempts, theft, destruction, and other significant offenses before they happen.
    • Our security solutions can remotely control access control gates in place of pricey security guards or ineffective keyless entry systems.
    • To prevent theft, vandalism, or unsafe behavior before it happens, we can also monitoring internal places and outside as well.
    • By using voice control, lights, and fast access to police officials when necessary, live remote video monitoring makes it feasible to identify and prevent crimes before they happen.
    • Using our remote video monitoring, our staff can be in charge of assigning and overseeing parking spaces, keeping a close eye on crucial inventory, and ensuring site security around-the-clock.
    • Utilize our remote video monitoring cameras & speaker systems in place adherence to safety standards and corporate policies.
    • For instance, to ensure that all vehicle inspections are carried out accurately and appropriately, live stream video monitoring cameras might be deployed in the inspection locations.

    Video Monitoring Services We Provide

    In general, Video monitoring & surveillance can be integrated with other programs, which provides the following features:


    1. True Alarm Detection
    2. Eliminating erroneous alarms
    3. Face Recognition
    4. Recognizing the customer-counting table
    5. Crowd sensing
    6. Queue management time analysis
    7. Border surveillance
    8. Detection of Intruders
    9. Identification of Vehicle License Plates


    There are lots of video monitoring services we provide. So don’t hesitate to contact us right now for more details on our unique video monitoring systems.

    Top 3 Reasons Why We Are The Best


    24/7 Video Monitoring:

    We provide a round-the-clock video monitoring solution to our business and industrial clients in the Bangladeshi city of Dhaka. An online monitoring system like this has the main benefit of being available constantly. One person can monitor multiple displays at once thanks to our real-time video monitoring technology and our talented security officers.


    Remote Surveillance:

    This is another another powerful resource that our security group provides to its clients, enabling them to perform remote surveillance throughout Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can use it to access your video even though you’re not physically present. Our automated monitoring system may send you security alerts and photographs via email or SMS.


    Focus on Off-Page SEO:

    Many businesses experience false alarm problems at their facilities, which causes them to waste valuable time on pointless inquiries. Bugs, trees/leaves, reflections, lighting, wind, & weather conditions can all result in false alarms. Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) cloud-based false detection filter system lowers false alarm rate by up to 90%.

    Beyond Our Security

    Our off-site tracking system do more than just prevent break-ins and other crimes, as was already discussed. A home is always kept secure and safe thanks to remote surveillance. This indicates that it doesn’t merely deter criminals. Our agents of remote video monitoring services can keep an eye out to make sure, for instance, that all employees are donning the right personal protective equipment and safety gear. Remote employees can speak with a person directly if they are not abiding by protocols and procedures and rectify the conduct.

    The outcome is a location that is safer and more efficient. Along with safeguarding our employees and significantly lowering injuries and accidents, this will also leave a good impression on your clients. Businesses prefer to collaborate with companies that are reliable and effective.


    What is the camera's picture quality?

    We have HD cameras, zooming capabilities, and thermal filters for viewing at night.

    How much will the video surveillance system cost?

    It entirely depends on the plan you decide on.

    What type of support would your company receive?

    We are providing 24/7 customer support service for our valuable clients.

    What happens throughout the installation procedure?

    We make sure the person installing our system is knowledgeable enough to suggest the ideal locations for the cameras and the kind of configuration your company requires.

    Contact Our Friendly Team Today For More Information On Our High Quality Video Monitoring Services.