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    Get High-Quality Virtual CFO Services Affordably

    Our experienced operational CFOs work with you as your professional virtual CFO team to fine-tune your financial strategy to maximize shareholder value, accelerate growth, and meet your growth and profit goals.


    We have numerous virtual CFOs on staff who have extensive experience in a variety of businesses. When you use NetworkBD’s virtual CFO services, you’ll be assigned a CFO that is the best fit for your industry and project requirements. Although this CFO will be in charge of your financial strategy, you will benefit from the skills, insights, and relationships of the whole CFO team.

    Get High-Quality Skilled Virtual CFO Services

    Our Financial Assistance Service Perfectly Fit For Anyone

    Our Virtual CFO service connects you with a remote team of Accountants, CPAs, and Tax Advisors who collaborate with you to help your business succeed. Because there is so much redundancy, nothing ever goes wrong (even when someone is sick or takes a vacation).


    You’ll have a single point of contact, sort of like a project manager, which will improve time, money, and management efficiencies. Our Virtual CFO Services are ideal for expanding service-based businesses that require professional financial guidance but cannot afford a full-time CFO or controller.


    VCFOs provide a variety of 6 popular and in-demand services, including:


    1. Financial forecasting, analysis, and reporting on an annual basis.
    2. Software implementation and system audit.
    3. Revenue projections and cash flow management
    4. Profit maximization and complete financial forecasting.
    5. Managing cash shortages.
    6. Cost control and scalability


    Strategic planning and fundraising are perhaps the most important services, especially when it comes to securing equity for start-ups. The financial aspects of running a business are a challenge for most small and medium businesses. Working with VCFOs will allow them to close the gap without having to pay top dollar. VCFOs provide unrivaled customization based on your company’s needs as well as your budget.


    This is advantageous for start-ups, as VCFOs can assist in raising capital and laying out the entire accounting process. VCFOs are typically experienced financial strategists with the necessary experience to highlight the appropriate metrics and analysis. They are also skilled at preparing financial statements for businesses that will appeal to banks and independent investors.

    Our World-Class & Customized Virtual CFO To Improve Your Business Growth

    The obstacles of running a startup, a growing firm, or, for that matter, any business, are immense! Managing your company’s finances, compliances, corporate governance, and strategy requirements are critical duties that you cannot afford to overlook. Furthermore, every entrepreneur requires strategic counsel as well as daily help to satisfy his or her financial and technical accounting needs. NetworkBD, Bangladesh’s premier CFO services provider, assists businesses from the inception of their operations until they reach the status of a huge public company.


    To learn more about best practices and customizable solutions that work for you, contact Network BD today.

    Enjoy Our 7 Benefits of a Virtual CFO Service

    1. Long-term or short-term

    Use a virtual CFO as a stand-in for a real CFO during a transition or as a supplementary advisor for a specific challenge, project, or stage of your business.


    2. Affordability

    Reduce the cost of your next project by using these tips. Virtual CFOs are often less expensive than hiring or sending a finance executive to manage your next strategic financial phase or project.


    3. Local Expertise 

    Get instant access to the most up-to-date local practices, regulations, and procedures, as well as corporate structures, profit repatriation, auditing, HR law and policies, IT infrastructure, and more.


    4. Objective Points of View

    Obtain a more objective perspective on assessments, challenges, and options, particularly at the local or departmental level, where corporate profit and compliance strategies appear to be at odds.


    5. Agility beyond Finance 

    With our in-house legal, HR, payroll, technology, and other experts available to support a VCFO, you can meet increasingly diverse and changing needs.


    6. Enhance Communication

    Assist various departments in various offices, regions, and countries in working together to achieve business goals.


    7. Outsourcing CFO

    Streamline your company’s finances from the start to the finish line.

    Handle Everything from Financial Reporting to Strategy Development


    CFO (Virtual/Remote)

    Our Virtual CFO Service addresses the challenges of cost-effectively growing a business, allowing new businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Our ongoing Virtual CFO retainer engagements can range from 2 hours per week to 35 hours per week.


    Interim Chief Financial Officer

    When your current CFO unexpectedly leaves or becomes ill for an extended period of time, you have the option of wasting time and money searching for a new candidate or bringing in an experienced CFO from our team as your Interim CFO.


    CFO with a Special Purpose

    The present CFO is under a lot of pressure to manage numerous projects at the same time, which can lead to delays in decision-making and project management. We can assist the current top management and CFO in completing many projects more efficiently at this important moment.


    CFO on a permanent basis

    Our team of seasoned CFOs can provide exclusive insights, strategic advice, and customized solutions that will positively impact your company. We can pinpoint exactly what you require, making it simple for us to find the best CFO talent available.

    FAQ For Virtual CFO Services

    When do I need a virtual CFO?

     It all depends on where you are with your business. The idea is to take away the tedious accounting work from business owners so you can focus on what you can do – grow your business! At the same time, it is important to understand where your business is financially when you want to grow or plan for the future. We’ve been on the clients board for the first few months of enrollment!The advantage of this is that all accounting apps and processes are set up immediately to build a strong foundation as they grow.

    Can you help me with raising money?

     Of course! This is an important time to do your accounting and reporting so that you have something to show investors or lenders. We recommend starting with our “Startup” package that includes everything you need to get up and running so you’re ready to support your potential investors!

    Are you an accounting firm?

     We are technically a CPA registered accounting firm, but our services are somewhat different from your average firm. Our focus is to assist companies with the operational and reporting aspects of accounting on a monthly or weekly basis as opposed to on an annual basis.We maintain a working relationship with our clients and work as their virtual finance team to take care of all aspects of their accounting cycle and reporting each month.

    What size of business helps you?

    We are not limited to a certain size of business, however, we will ideally work with small sized businesses until they are large enough to hire a full-time CFO, controller, or finance team. It can be any business that is pre-revenue or startup size.

    Improve Your Financial Strategy, Overcome Challenges, and Accelerate Growth With Our Virtual CFO Services