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    A Leading Trust & Estate Planning Services In Bangladesh

    Writing a Will, Probate services, or preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney are all vital in ensuring your estate, finances, and affairs are in order, and remain in order, following your death.We are a self-contained business that has been in operation for about twenty-five years, collecting valuable knowledge and skill in our industry.


    We are members of The Society of Will Writers and are delighted to say that we have prepared hundreds of Wills and Trusts, many of which have been successfully probated. All of our employees have been trained and certified to provide independent will writing and probate services.


    We are prepared to address everything from the most basic inheritance concerns to the use of a Will to shield your assets and family from high taxes and nursing costs.


    Please contact us if you believe Trust & Estate Planning Services could be beneficial to you. If we are unable to take your call, we will contact you back as soon as possible during business hours and as soon as possible outside of business hours.


    We’d also want to point out that, in addition to membership in our industry’s professional organization, you’ll be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and office insurance. As a result, all of our clients can have complete peace of mind.

    Estate & Trust Planning

    The Key To Our Success Is Detailed Personal Attention


    We at NetworkBD believe you are the architect of the legacy, and we are here to assist you in creating the blueprint. We are dedicated to providing our clients with personalized estate and trust planning services because we think that each client has different goals and needs.


    So, with the help of our affiliate partner, we listen to your needs and financial goals, as well as assess your present financial situation, to build and implement a strategy that works for you and your family.


    We collaborate with our affiliate partner to provide you with best-in-class estate and trust planning services, allowing you to save inheritance tax, preserve assets for your beneficiaries, and distribute your estate quickly and correctly.


    We also provide excellent assistance in settling the estate of the deceased by paying off the deceased’s debts and liabilities and establishing inheritance and beneficiary rights. You can also take use of our willing writing and translation services.


    Remember that if you want to pass your possessions on to future generations, you must write a will. It is required since you are the one who determines who receives what from your estate. Otherwise, the individuals you actually want to help may not receive anything at all. If you are unmarried, for example, your partner may not receive anything because you are not wedded to him or her.

    The 8 Effective Features Of Our Estate & Trust Planning Services

    1. Will Translation & Will Writing.
    2. Custody for the rest of your life.
    3. Appointment of an Executor.
    4. Administration of Estates.
    5. Establishment of a Private Trust.
    6. Management of Trust.
    7. Services for Islamic Estate and Trust Planning.
    8. Document management.

    The 5 Reasons Why You Should Do Estate & Trust Planning


    1. To keep yourself and your family safe while you’re still alive –  A solid estate plan can protect your interests and provide your loved ones authorization to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself.
    2. To give clarity – An estate plan not only allows you to provide clear instructions on how assets should be passed on, but it can also help you avoid family feuds.
    3. To avoid the stress of probate – If you don’t plan ahead of time, the probate process can take a long time and be quite time consuming. Furthermore, any size estate might be burdened with probate fees and taxes.
    4. To safeguard the privacy of your family – Anyone can see who was named as an heir in your will in places where wills are considered public record. At the absolute least, your family may be flooded with adverts from businesses attempting to promote their services. Your privacy, as well as the privacy of your family members, can be protected with proper estate planning.
    5. To save money on taxes and leave more money to your loved ones – A properly prepared estate plan can assist families avoid paying more taxes than required whether they are currently subject to estate taxes or may become so in the future.

    Hire Us To Experience The Unique Benefits Of Estate & Trust Planning Services


    1. Estate taxes should be reduced.
    2. Assets are distributed quickly.
    3. Maintain confidentiality of your estate.
    4. Defining medical goals.
    5. Giving through philanthropy and foundations.
    6. Managing trusts with professionalism.

    A Dedicated & Experienced Team Focused On Your Legacy Goals


    Our commitment to excellence in money management has earned us national recognition. We provide a team of qualified, educated, experienced, and action-oriented advisors, including certified practitioners, certified public accountants, insurance specialists, attorneys.


    In addition to, other professionals who are committed to assist you in achieving your objectives. Our mission is to assist you in selecting investments that have the best chance of producing the results you desire, not to sell financial products.


    Moreover, our wealth managers are backed up by a team of in-house estate planning attorneys who prepare unique trust and estate papers with the goal of ensuring your legacy wishes are properly integrated with your overall financial strategy.

    FAQ For Estate & Trust Planning

    1. What happens if you die without estate planning?

    Your state’s laws of descent and distribution will determine who inherits your property if you die intestate (without a will). These regulations differ by state, but in most cases, your assets will be distributed to your spouse and children, or to other family members if you don’t have any.

    2. What does a will do?

    A will directs the distribution of certain assets you own at the time of your death, and you can normally dispose of such assets in any way you like. There are compelled heirship rules, which bar you from disinheriting a spouse and, in certain situations, children, may limit your ability to dispose of property as you see fit.

    3. What is a revocable living trust?

    Much has been written on the use of “living trusts” (also known as “revocable trusts”) as a solution for a number of estate planning issues that will not be addressed by wills. Contact us for more details.

    4. What is a lawyer’s role in estate and trust planning?

    Advertisements stating that creating your own will or trust utilizing do-it-yourself websites, retail software, or fill-in-the-blank will or trust kits from the bookshop may save you time and money are easy to fall for. It’s improbable that any of these options will result in a plan that meets all of your objectives.

    Only an experienced trusts and estates attorney can decipher the complex laws governing property rights, taxes, wills, probate, and trusts. More importantly, prefabricated programs and forms cannot give the breadth of legal counsel necessary to ensure that the form is correct, that assets going outside of your will or trust are appropriately managed, and that state law subtleties are considered.

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