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    The HR service delivery refers to the way a company’s human resources division deals with its staff members and provides them with services. It used to be that employees could stop by, ask questions, and pick up the papers they required as part of an open door policy for human resources services. The delivery of HR services is currently evolving quickly to take into account the workforce’s changing demographics, driven by cloud computing and mobile applications.

    Services of Human Resource in Bangladesh

    We offer the following Human Resources Services

    1. Creating HR rules and regulation
    2. Carrying out organization estimates
    3. conduct surveys on employee satisfaction, pay, and benefits 
    4. Supporting the advancement of  placement and repetition and
    5. assess job gradings, pay, and benefits 

    Employees have access to varying levels of HR knowledge in many modern service delivery models, allowing businesses to properly allocate their HR resources.

    We Are Expert On Payroll Services

    Our team of experienced hr services experts or payroll professionals has the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice. We are the best practices and accords for your human capital in Bangladesh. We use the most advanced payroll program for exact payroll processing as an HR service supplier, and we pay strict attention to the most recent legal payroll laws and practices.


    Companies must pay correct sums of payment to their employees within 7 days of the end of the salary period, according to the Bangladesh Employment Act. Companies that fail to comply with the specified guideline will be fined or held accountable. As a result, timely salary preparation is critical for all businesses. Furthermore, the Employment Act’s most recent mandatory duty is to provide payslips to all employees.


    Unfortunately, many businesses believe that preparing employee pay is a simple undertaking. In fact, accurately calculating employee pay and filling out mandatory contributions is a time-consuming and labor-intensive operation that is also costly. Having an in-house payroll department raises your operating costs and wastes your limited resources and time.

    Our Payroll Service includes the 6 followings, but is not limited to:

    1. Employee wages are willful on a monthly or bi weekly basis.
    2. Payroll reports, legal reports, and pay slips are all create.
    3. Assisting with bank transfer salary disbursements (GIRO)
    4. Assisting with CPF online filings before the deadline
    5. Preparing the Year-End Personal Tax Form and any necessary appendices
    6. Filing of Tax Clearance for abroad employees


    Our Payroll Service or HR Services Bangladesh is not limited and may be tailored to fit your company’s environment and efficiently satisfy your needs.

    We Offer Human Resources Recruitment Service

    Using our human resources recruitment services, whether you’re looking for contract workers, full-time employees, part-time employees, or flexible workers, will be a breeze. During the entire process, our human resources Bangladesh professionals will take into account all of your requirements and preferences, sending you only the most qualified individuals, making decision-making much easier to build up your human capital in Bangladesh. By extensively verifying our job applicants, compiling their relevant experience, qualifications, and appropriateness for your open position, we ensure that you only get the best individual for the job.

    Our Services for HR Performance Management Perfect For Your Needs

    We have the capability, technology, and knowledge to monitor and differentiate the workforce’s faults and strengths, and then deliver a thorough appraisal system based on our findings to our clients. We help companies integrate a staff appraisal system into their business structure to enhance their employees and provide profitable results. Businesses will be able to make more informed judgments in a variety of areas of performance by incorporating a precisely constructed appraisal methodology.

    Successful Recruitment Agency in Bangladesh

    A new era of labor has begun, and staying ahead of the pack in the recruitment game requires exceptional skill, understanding, and finesse. NetworkBD, being a licensed employment firm in Bangladesh, possesses all three qualities and more. NetworkBD is an industry leader known for its dedication, top-notch service, and extensive network of businesses and people.

    We Are Expert On HR Grants Consulting Services

    By support firms in design and supply flexible working hours for employees, NetworkBD’s HR grants consulting services may help businesses enhance employee retention. As a result of this activity, costs will be reduced, staff productivity will increase, talent will be entice, industry standards will be customary and so on.

    Develop Your Company’s Employee Handbook With NetworkBD

    A handbook can undoubtedly provide an overview of your company’s philosophy and operating procedures. Employers can use employee handbooks to get things off to a good start with new hires. A handbook also protects the employer’s rights by giving employees with easy-to-understand employment guidelines. It will also be an excellent reference tool for your personnel.

    Our HR Core Values

    HR Services is a Human Resources firm based on integrity and personal commitment to our candidates and clients. As such, our core values are based on the following:


    Deliver our best: We deliver our best by doing the basics of our business superbly well. We are responsive and dedicated.


    Commitment: We are committed to acting in the best interests of our clients, candidates and staff members.


    Creativity: We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by exceeding our clients’ expectations. We are flexible and innovative in our approach with our staff, clients, and candidates.

    FAQ For Human Resource Services in Bangladesh

    What about NetworkBD HR billing and accounting?

    One of the best traits of using NetworkBD HR is the single payment. Made with each pay cycle for requires. The client company reports the amount paid to each employee and does the rest of the NetworkBD HR work. NetworkBD HR offers clients the ability to report specific labor related costs. It is in a form that provides simple integration with internal accounting software.

    What other services are provided by NetworkBD HR?

    NetworkBD HR has expanded its service offerings to include the necessary capabilities of a more sophisticated company. These may include full HR counseling services, background checking, applicant drug testing, supplemental employee benefits, etc. These services may be paid for individually or as part of an overall service plan.

    In the NetworkBD HR PEO system, will I lose control over my staff?

    No. NetworkBD HR is a co-employment partner of HR clients and NetworkBD HR employees. The client maintains responsibility for the day-to-day management of the workers. Clients retain all “Hire and Fire” authority, conduct promotions, and provide on-site supervision as needed.

    What are the benefits of co-employment?

    Through co-employment, NetworkBD HR assumes responsibility for the broader responsibilities and risks that an employer typically bears. NetworkBD HR pays and reports wages and employment taxes from its own account and manages employee benefits clients. NetworkBD HR offers you superior administration while eliminating your administrative hassle.

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