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    We Are Ready To Be Drafting Employment Contracts In No Time

    We’re prepare to help you develop a clear, effective, and strategic drafting employment contract handbook for your business. As a company that specializes in employee contract drafting, our mission is to provide you with a flawless employee contract and management system.


    An employment agreement is a legal document that businesses in a variety of industries require. They assist firms in reducing employment liability risks by assisting employees in understanding the standards they are require to fulfill while working at the organization.


    Before you design a Drafting Employment Contract for your company, there are a few things you should know about them. We’ll go through what an employment contract is, why it’s necessary, and how to draft one, along with a template you can use as a guide.

    Offering The Leading Drafting Employment Contracts Services in Bangladesh

    How Our Employment Contracts Help You?


    As an employer, you will almost certainly be the one who is drafting employment contract. In a legal disagreement, any ambiguity in the text will be read in favor of the employee, potentially exposing your company to severe responsibility.


    To help give predictability, we encourage companies to invest in professionally prepared employment contracts. We’re all too aware of the complications that poorly-designed and implemented agreements cause for businesses.


    We also provide guidance on the style and timing of job offers. Updating Drafting Employment Contract to reflect changes in the law, designing termination provisions, and assisting in the creation of enforceable non-solicitation/non-competition clauses are just a few of the services we provide.

    Our Drafting Employment Contracts Comply With Bangladesh Labour Law

    Drafting Employment Contract

    Bangladesh has a population of 168.1 million people and an estimated labor force of 90 million. Around 60 million of them work in agriculture, while the remaining 30 million engage in non-agricultural jobs. Nonetheless, federal labor regulations govern working conditions, hours, pay, leave policies, and health legislation for all Bangladeshi workers.


    The Bangladesh Labor Act of 2006 states that an establishment may make its own regulations as long as they adhere to the criteria. If no revisions are recommend within 90 days of receipt, they are acceptable. The aggrieved party has 30 days to file an appeal with the Court if the Chief Minister disapproves of the rules. Within 45 days, the government has the right to evaluate the appeal and make a final decision.


    Working hours are generally design to prevent employees from becoming overworked. Maintain a healthy work-life balance as well. During the previous century, however, it strove to increase productivity while also cutting unemployment. Bangladesh’s Labor Act of 2006 has strict daily and weekly working hour limits. It also discusses overtime hours and the compensation for it. Working hours are primarily intend to ensure that employees do not overwork themselves. Also, have a healthy work life balance for Drafting Employment Contract.


    During the previous century, however, it strove to increase productivity while also cutting unemployment. Bangladesh’s Labor Act of 2006 has daily and weekly working hour limits that need to be follow strictly. It also discusses overtime hours and the compensation for Each employee who is allow to work for a maximum of 8 hours a day. Any shift greater than six hours, however, should include a one-hour lunch break. Also, a five-hour shift. On the other hand, should also include a 30-minute lunch break.

    We Implement Additional Rules In Drafting Employee Contract For Your Benefit

    Additional Rules In Drafting Employee Contract

    Workers have the option to work 48 hours each week. In the event of overtime, they can work ten hours per day and 60 hours per week. In this case, employees have to be give a 24-hour break between shifts. The 2006 labor act has increase festival holidays by a day. Likewise, paid sick leave has been include. In addition, the bill raise the length of maternity leave from twelve to sixteen weeks.


    Who is authorized for paying employee salary is defined in the 2006 act. And that is the company’s CEO, manager, or other authorized individuals. There should also be a crucial indication of the time period during which the wage must be paid. According to the Bangladesh labor act (2006), the wages of each employee must be paid within seven working days of the due date, but no later.


    It also applies if an employee’s employment was terminate by the employer through forceful retirement or removal. As per the previous law, child referred to anyone under 16 years old and a young person is both child (under 16), and an adolescent. As a result, even a child might obtain a fitness certificate for a factory job. However, under the new labor law of 2006, under 14 is a child, while an adolescent is over sixteen, however, under eighteen years.

    Employee Contract

    This is why the new rule prevents youngsters from working and only allows adolescent fitness certificates. To add to that, employers must give appointment letters to all employees under the 2006 statute. In addition, provide an ID card for free. Except for the newspaper and the driver of a road transport vehicle. If a worker dies after three years of continuous service, he or she gets 30 days’ pay for each year work. The benefits should also be in addition to any existing retirement benefits with Drafting Employment Contract.

    Hire Us For The Following 4 Benefits With Drafting Employment Contract


    1. Aids in the defense of employee claims


    Unfortunately, a lawsuit or other legal action against a current or former employee is a matter of when not if. When this happens, a copy of your handbook is one of the most important items you can send to your attorney or third-party investigator.


    2. Employees are inform about the company’s expectations


    To foster good management-employee interactions, an employee handbook outlines leadership styles and best management practices.


    3. Showcases the advantages that your organization has to offer Drafting Employment Contract


    Is your employer offering health insurance, paid parental leave, or other benefits to its employees? You may guarantee that individuals are aware of these restrictions and eligibility requirements by including them in the handbook.


    4. Introduces your company’s culture, mission, and values to employees


    The most important part of your employee handbook is probably the introduction of new employees to your company’s culture and how they will fit in. This gives a sense of belonging and pride.


    FAQs For Drafting  Employment Contracts

    Is the job contract the same for part-time workers?

    Yes. Part-time employees have the same rights and the right to behave less favorably than full-time employees. For example, they are entitle to the same benefits and terms of employment (as need), similar to full-time employees, unless failure to provide these benefits can be objectively justify with Drafting Employment Contract.

    At what point is an employment contract mandatory?

    Once an unconditional job offer is accepted by a potential employee, a contract exists. This can happen before employment begins.

    Can there be an employment contract if there is nothing written?

    Yes there could be. A verbal agreement (especially where the employee has already done some work in exchange for pay) will be equally binding – although it may be more difficult to prove what the specific terms of the agreement are. In addition to providing legally required written statements, make sure you have written proof of the terms of any other important contract. Don’t leave things for chance, or you may regret it later.

    Can I successfully apply for a job subject to the completion of the probationary period?

    Yes. Three to six months is normal, and you need to be long enough to judge whether the employee is willing and able to work. If there is a probationary period, it must be included in the written statement (with other conditions) and given to the employee or staff on or before the day they start work. Employees can only claim unfair dismissal after two years of continuous service, if dismissed.

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