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    HR Performance Management Solutions In Bangladesh

    Our Human Resource Performance Management Services Can Strengthen Your Workforce to Outperform & Succeed

    We have the ability, the technology, and the experience to notice. And recognize the short come and quality of the labor force. Although give our customers a complete assessment system dependent on our discovery. To strengthen their labor force to yield benefit outcome. Also we help customers to join the staff assessment system into their business structure. The incorporate of a carefully plan exam model will help organizations to settle on valuable choice. In a wide range of spaces of performance the managements. 


    Performance Management System Provides Businesses with Insight On Each Employee’s Individual Capability, While Enabling Them To Formulate & Deliver An Effective Training Program!

    A Leading Human Resource (HR) Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh, HR Performance Management


    The transformation of technology has totally change the manner in which organizations lead assessment. The utilize of most important recent technology has improve on the cycle, empower organizations to identify top entertainer and make different examination plans. Perceiving the require for effortlessness, NetworkBD offers a cloud based assessment system. 


    Through our cloud base assessment system, HR and directors will actually want to investigate. And improve representative performance by offering consistent input and recognition. Accordingly it will mechanize the whole course of representative performance assessment, including progression arrang, the cycle to identify. And develop new pioneer to supplant old pioneer when they resign, leave, or pass away.


    Additionally we have made a point to give our customers a simple to utilize and helpful assessment system. After that will lessen time spent on planning year around worker performance reports. Our cloud base examination system will likewise empower objectivi and transference in the assessment cycle.

    Our Specialized HR Performance Management Services

    Take The First Step Towards Achieve Your Dream Workforce

    By picking HR performance management services with administration. You will actually want to course inventory data as well as plan occasions and coordination, direct assessment and assessment, learn ways. And authentication, perform bookkeeping, and develop substance and sourcing. Different advantage you will get incorporate arranging and valuation support, gathering input, and keeping up with individual worker profiles.

    NetworkBD additionally suggests creating trial periods for newcomer and preparing programs for all workers, including administrator. Doing as such guarantees after that newcomer are allow an equivalent opportunity to develop and prevail in the organization. We can help you in plan an examination, preparing, and trial review system. HR works with managers to get feed back from all employees.

    NetworkBD Gives You 8 Trusted HR Performance Management Solutions

    The process of performance management is a complicate job and there’s a lot to address. It needs to be done with each and every employee of the organisation. While each of them has different goals and ability and characteristic. That’s why choose a perfect platform to manage HR performance is important. Here 9is why, you should choose NetworkBD:


    1.Individually tailored HR support:


    We take more than enough time to get to know our employees and their organizations to understand their individual missions, values, choices, capacity and need. So that we can design and provide a comprehensive HR support system for our client to allow. Them to rest assure about getting relevant, responsive and reliable support from our team. 


    2.NetworkBD has Got You cover: 

    Basically we have got a strong team of professionals which allows us to be able to provide professional and reliable advice and support in a faster way. Although if your organization is facing some potential issues. Our team of trained professionals will handle that after taking enough time to understand. The circumstances and then to provide documents, guide or recommendation feasible for you.


    3.Get all internal documentations draft:


    We offer draft all the internal documents of our clients, created on a case by case basis. So that they do not have to waste time research ill fitting or outdate template to draft them on their own. NetworkBD made that easy for you. 


    4.Contracts and Handbooks without hassle:


    NetworkBD provides you with comprehensive employment contracts base on the client needs. And thoroughly study and then approve by employment law experts. Which is review regularly for changes in legislation and can be update with changes to contract whenever necessary.


    5.Save your Time and risk:


    We take care of all the groundwork, policy and process that are complicate for an individual to perform. And make you legally HR compliant. And NetworkBD constantly and continuously updates to meet the ever changing procedure. Also and requirements of employment law so you can focus on what you need to do.


    6.Improve your employee wellbeing:


    Taking time talking to understand employees and acting upon their needs have shown. A significant improvement in staff turn over and job satisfaction. This is why, NetworkBD offers personalize employee wellbeing service to fit your organization needs , values and environment. 


    7.Reduce the risks of repercussions:

    Financial, legal or any other risks that can possibly cripple a company, are covered and managed by us, before the evaluated report we provide to you about your business. We make sure that it’s not our client who’s facing those as we cover almost every possible risk factor to do so.


    8.We’re passionate to help our clientele:


    We do not avoid any risk factor, or do not overcharge our clients. We are here to analyse and make sure that each one of our clients is satisfy. With our service and we ensure mobility in their business. So that they can focus on growing the business and we are here to support that growth. 


    We take 3 Steps for HR Performance Management Planning

    Performance management consists of three major elements that follows as such:

    1. Performance planning:

    Performance planning is a crucial step to HR performance management that requires establishment of fixed goals and objectives. That the employees have to reach and which will mark their objected destination. But this goal set separately by different individuals must be align with that of the organization they’re working with. A detail performance planning should help the employees understand how to spend their time on doing what and how. They can allocate their efforts between special and on job duties. Making all the employees alert about their time frames, the expect outcomes and the measurement of their success. 


    2.Performance coaching:

    Performance coaching is need to provide regular feedback on performance around the year while supporting. The employees with directions and support, to modify and exercise their performance as necessary. As much as every employee is unique, an HR manager needs to be aware of the different capabilities of them, acknowledge those and polish them in a way that will meet their professional needs. Hence, this is a very important part in the management of HR performance to empower the employees and leverage their success. 

    3. Performance review:

    As the title suggests, this is the step to give feedback to the employees about their jobs and skills. This includes both recognition of their abilities and open discussion about their weaker skill sets and improving them. The next generation system focuses on real time feedback which means not tying the performance discussion to the compensation discussion.

    Become A Company That Is Aware Of The Risks Of It's Employees

    Our HR Performance Management Services administration will assume a significant part in the accomplishment of the organization. On the off chance that an organization is losing income or is failing to meet expectations. They need to utilize the presentation the board system to comprehend the regions, which require some work. It will permit you to review your employees’ presentation over duration of half of the year or a year. Giving you enough data to recognize the weak areas and give preparing to strengthen them.

    FAQ For HR Performance Management

    How should employees on leave handle reviews during the review process?

    HR works with managers to get feedback from all employees. Those who are on leave will receive feedback during the appropriate response cycle after returning from vacation.

    What are the best results for performance management?

    The HR Performance Management Services should provide feedback on what the individual is doing well and what can be done well or differently. It is the foundation of improved performance and overall professional development. Performance appraisal documents are the only component of the performance management process. Which begins with setting specific goals and expectations for each employee to measure the success of each manager’s work.

    Will my assessment be done only by my manager or others?

    Your manager is in charge of conducting performance reviews and signing off on the final reports. Managers, on the other hand, are encourage to seek input from others with whom they can collaborate or assist in carrying out their duties. In addition, before the performance discussion, the second-level manager is expect to review all assessments.

    What if I'm not sure about my manager's goals and expectations?

    If your manager or supervisor has not yet begun the goal-setting process, you should begin by making an appointment with them. Setting performance goals and expectations, as well as evaluating them, is a collaborative process.

    To Help Your Business Grow, Increase Your Employee's Focus