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    Choose Our Leading HRIS HRMS Implementation Services

    Your HRIS and HRMS frameworks are a center part of your business. Assuming you need your HR activity to be effective, you need the HRIS and HRMS Implementation Services by NetworkBD. 

    Choose Our Leading HRIS HRMS Implementation Services For Better Outcomes

    Offering 4 Strategic Approaches For HRIS HRMS Implementation Services

    The HRIS represents Human Resource Information System. The HRMS represents Human Resource Management Software. The two frameworks are urgent in guaranteeing your HR activities run as expected. 


    Get The Most Out Of Your Money With 4 Easy Steps


    1. Government Compliance 
    2. Account Management 
    3. Database Design
    4. Device Provisioning 


    At NetworkBD, our HRIS and HRMS Implementation Services can help you with these prerequisites and more. 

    HRIS HRMS Implementation Services That's Right For Your Business

    The NetworkBD group will make a full start to finish software framework that is both powerful and dynamic. From work process automation and finance compliance to information examination, our administrations will make your HR measures consistent. Our frameworks additionally meet the Affordable Care Act compliance prerequisites, and Account-keeping. 


    Our Framework Offers 4 Effective Functions Of HRIS HRMS Implementation Services

    1. Custom data set HRMS plan for your workers and staff. Deal with your Accounts and make your information, information recovery, sharing, information section, and cancellation simpler. Our worker stockpiling arrangements can be shared across the organization. 
    2. Track, and digitalize the character and Accounts of your workers and faculty. 
    3. Our administrations are altered to make a unified stage for all your human asset capacities. This incorporates on-boarding, worker preparing and the board, execution the Management, enlistment, and regulatory errands. 
    4. We offer help for approaches that include bringing your own Devices. This incorporates provisioning, security and the Management highlights, on-boarding and status confirmation. 

    Our System Also Provides The Following HRIS HRMS Implementation Services:

    1. Custom database HRMS design for your employees and staff. Manage your records and make your data, data recovery, sharing, data entry and deletion easier. Our employee storage solutions can be shared across companies.
    2. A single sign-on (SSO) function for managing, tracking, and digitizing your employees and employee identities and accounts.
    3. Our services have been customized to create a centralized platform for all your human resource functions. These include onboarding, staff training and management, performance management, recruitment and administrative work.
    4. We support policies that involve bringing your own device These include provisioning, security and management features, on-boarding and status verification. Need help implementing an Impact HR software solution?

    Let NetworkBD’s HRIS and HRMS implementation services meet all your human resource needs. The full range of our services means peace of mind knowing you are well and truly covered. For more information about our service, contact our friendly team today.

    We Are The Perfect Roadmap To A Successful HRIS HRMS Implementation Services

    Let NetworkBD’s HRIS and HRMS Implementation Services satisfy all your human asset needs. Our full scope of administrations implies genuine feelings of serenity realizing you are well and genuinely covered.

    Implementing HRIS HRMS System Effectively For Your Better Outcome


    After selecting us as a vendor and finalizing the contract with Network BD, the organization should conduct additional due diligence to ensure a successful implementation. Understanding the needs of HRIS end users, technical capabilities, software parameters, and the implementation process will improve the chances of deploying a system that meets HR and organizational requirements.


    First, determine and document the new HRIS’s underlying goal. This entails determining which components must be implemented and which are optional. Consider the size of the company, the number of employees, and the overall scope of deliverables.


    Things can go wrong no matter how well an organization prepares for an HRIS implementation. Scope creep of deliverables, poorly defined requirements resulting in rejected deliverables, late delivery, or poor communication between stakeholders, project management, and vendors are some of the most common issues encountered when implementing technology projects. To keep the project on track, a strong project implementation team will identify problems early on.


    Following implementation, the organization and vendor should conduct system testing to ensure data integrity, which is often done concurrently with data migration and configuration. Is the information stored in the proper location? Is it possible for users to query the data? Is the information accessible to those with the necessary security clearance? Each module should be tested for proper functionality by technical software team members, and functional HR team members should verify that the module is working properly and maintaining data integrity.


    Some businesses choose to switch to the new system right away, turning off the old one. When problems are discovered during testing and initial use, adjustments are made as needed. The organization-wide learning curve as users adjust to the new software is a potential disadvantage of this approach.


    Another option is to run both systems simultaneously, waiting a set amount of time (e.g., a month or quarter) before turning off the old software and incorporating any final system testing into the transition. Before the old software is removed, a parallel change allows for extensive testing.

    FAQs For HRIS HRMS Implementation Services

    Is NetworkBD HRM available in my country?

    You can use the Networkbd HRM system in any country. However, standard business time phone support is only available in Bangladesh. If you are not in Bangladesh, you can get phone support if you call during local business in one of these countries. Note that support is provided in English only. If you have additional questions or are interested in using NetworkBD HRM in another country, please contact our sales staff.

    How do I become a reseller or partner?

    If you are interested in becoming a reseller or partner, send us an email or contact us using our online form.

    Is support provided?Who do I contact for support?

    NetworkBD HRM or a partner who sells your software directly provides support via email and phone. In Bangladesh, phone support is only available during business hours. Please note that phone support is only available in English. All support issues are handled based on severity and criticism.

    Do you provide HR consulting services?

    We do not provide HR consulting services, but we will gladly refer you to one of our partners who does.

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