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Its known fact that human resource is one of the significant resources of an association. Some even thought that an association is to just be comparable to its kin. Thusly, we can see that Human Resource Consultancy and Advisory Services in Bangladesh assume a significant part in the business activity as well as recognize the organization from its competitors. Human Resource Management, as the name suggests, is a particular HR counseling capacity inside an association entrusted to deal with Talent procurement, and overseas representatives of the association, for example pay, performance the board, association improvement, working environment security, Healthcare, benefits, worker inspiration, preparing, and other related issues. Today, a viable Human Resource Management plays its essential part in overseeing peoples just as the working environment culture in an association where it could assist the association with keeping focused to advance and achieve its objectives. 


Strategic & Reliable Human Resource Consultancy Services For Your Business

While many organizations have their in-house Human Resource group to deal with peoples and work environment undertakings, there are organizations who outsourcing the capacity of human resource to an outsider Human Resource Consultancy. Other than the motivation to remain savvy in administration expenses, the outsourcing course of action of human resources capacity will assist with working on functional readiness just as increment the associations competitive advantage. 

Human Resource Consultancy (HR Consulting), as the name proposes, is the outsider HR consultancy organization that gives expert counsel and administrations to help organizations in enhancing the proficiency of their Human Resource’s tasks. Commonly, Human Resource consultancies are gotten to resolve a particular issue and are entrusted with a unique task – be it examining or proposition or the performance of another approach intended to resolve certain issue. 

Our Expert Team Of HR Advisory Services Focuses On The Following 3 Areas

01. Transformation of Human Resources Functions

This piece of administration includes putting the right and reasonable construction and abilities to improve Human Resource Consultancy that could accomplish more whenever contrasted and customary HR the board. 

02. Management in Behavioral Transformation

As the name infers, social Transformation Management is a redone approach utilized in peoples the executives, cycle or system variables of progress to meet the planned business objectives. The Human Resource Consultancy administration frequently assists customers with planning and construct programs with the expects to Transformation and further develop business performance.

03. Talent Management

Each association needs the right combination of gifts to accomplish its business technique. Human Resource Consultancy comes in to help an association in Talent procurement, including the treatment of the recruiting system and advancement of Talent maintenance’s technique.

NetworkBD’s Professional HR Consultants Are Ready to Help You!

We understand that great peoples Management are a significant piece of the business system; thusly, we will assist you with acquiring competitive people’s advantage with our experts and HR experts. Our HR Consultancy and Advisory administrations plan to assist our customers with advancing their business functional proficiency. 



You Have The Option Of Directly Supervising & Customizing The Transformation



  1. The foundation of more clear vision in peoples Management that is lined up with the organization’s business technique. 
  2. The arrangement of a more lithe and practical HR group. 
  3. The improvement of an altered Talent the executive’s technique. 


Our HR Consulting and Advisory Services cover The 11 Most Crucial Areas



  1. Drafting of the representative handbook as well as work contract 
  2. Audit of HR approaches and strategies 
  3. Human resource arranging and management
  4. Management of compensation and advantages 
  5. Performance Management
  6. Worker commitment and correspondence 
  7. Workers’ learning and advancement (technique and performance) 
  8. Administration advancement 
  9. Talent acquisition 
  10. Progression arranging 
  11. Industrial relations Management


Basically, Human Resource Consultancy is the establishment of an association. A powerless structure’s establishment forces the risk of imploding. The equivalent goes for an association, as well. Its kin run the association, regardless of whether they are at the center level or senior level. Peoples’ strength, commitment, and dedication are the significant pinions that decide an association’s prosperity. They are the significant resources that are much more significant that the systems or machineries.

FAQ For Human Resource Consultancy & Advisory Services

Why should I use HR Consulting?

We are a highly knowledgeable and experienced human resource team. With over 75 years of combined HR experience, we have the depth and knowledge to help you partner with your management team and staff as an asset. We have created HR departments in many organizations that are truly strategic business partners

How can we improve our turnover rate?

Hire the right people, give them the tools they need to get the job done, and make them feel appreciated and valued. Communication is critical. Employees don’t leave for money – they leave because they don’t feel involved or respected

What should an employee file and who should have access to it?

Employee performance review, disciplinary and training records, their initial application and new recruitment documents that have been shared with them. Access should be confidential and placed on a “need to know” basis.

How does HR Consulting Audit cover and what is its value?

It is a complete opportunity assessment of your salary, benefits, security and administrative policies and procedures. We focus first on consent and then on advice for best practice. As a result of the audit you will receive a detailed summary, advice for compliance and a significant source of customized and useful content for your organization from our HR library.We’ve been able to create a customized approach to assist you with your strategic / administrative HR tasks, as well as help your organization become more self-sufficient in areas you have not previously felt comfortable with.

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