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    We’re here to help you create a straightforward and strategic human resources recruitment structure for your business. Our objective as a company that specializes in Human Resources is to provide you with a smooth recruitment process.


    The Human Resources department is critical to the success of any company. As a result, finding the proper people to fill open positions in your Human Resources recruitment is critical. And also NetworkBD is a fantastic partner to assist you in doing so. We have the huge network and significant experience to help you find the appropriate match. Whether you’re looking for HR generalists, pay and also benefits specialists, change management professionals, or your next HR director.


    Many of our recruiting consultants have worked in Human Resources before, so they can quickly identify critical hiring needs. Which employees have the necessary skill sets and profiles to fill them. From HR managers to directors, we can assist you in locating mid to high-level employees.


    We take a consultative approach to hiring, which means we don’t just throw over a stack of resumes and call it a day. Instead, we build relationships with the businesses we partner with to guarantee that we’re not only hiring the right people. But also the right types of people for the jobs that your company needs to be successful.


    Our 4 Rigorous Human Resources Recruitment Process

    Executive Search Resource
    1. Executive Search

    Mid to top services faculty or specific employment force is focused on and spooky as there will be more averse to have dynamic occupation searchers at this level.

    Permanent Staffing Recruitment
    2. Permanent Staffing

    Focus on the Recruitment of abilities for any industry and field of employment, range from passage to mid-services level.

    Contract Staffing Recruitment
    3. Contract Staffing

    For tasks or undertaking employments that require a particular time of responsibility or when headcounts are of a business concern.

    Temporary Staffing and Flexible Hr Staffing
    4. Temporary Staffing

    We offer the resources and knowledge to help you complete your project and boost your company’s competitiveness.

    Presently, you can save both time and work that would most likely be better spent running. And operates your business by connecting with our Human Resource Recruitment services at NetworkBD.

    Top 3 Benefits Of Hiring Our Human Resources Recruitment Service

    NetworkBD Helps Relieve That Pain Of Benefit Renewals With Administrations And Authority.


    1. Avoid HR Compliance Issues


    When you start a business, you get used to juggling a lot of things. Human Resources Recruitment, on the other hand, is one area. Where it pays to hire a professional due to its sheer complexity. When you deal with NetworkBD, you’ll have a staff on your side who keeps up with the most recent state and federal employment rules so you don’t have to.


    2. Get Payroll On Time


    NetworkBD provides the experience, skills, and flexibility to deliver outcomes you can trust, regardless of the size of your payroll. Our web-based employee portal is combined with human-based resources that go beyond our platform. Every payroll procedure is tracked by one of our payroll specialists to ensure correct results every time.


    3. Provides Great Benefits


    Quality benefits are important to today’s employees. And they may opt to join and stay with a firm that has unique or competitive perks. Our benefits at Access point include not only the expected health, dental, and retirement plans, But also pet insurance, fantastic home, and auto insurance, vision coverage, telemedicine, car rental savings, and much more.

    Bringing Job Seekers & Employers Together For More Than A Decade

    Accordingly our one to many digital approach to recruiting, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Has revolutionized the environment for Human Resource recruitment companies in Bangladesh and beyond.


    Though our inbound initiatives allow us to engage passive HR talents. Such as HR Directors, HR Managers, and HR Business Partners, who are not available through traditional recruitment approaches. By recruiting the greatest HR candidates available – the top 15% – we are able to provide customers with the best HR agency experience possible.


    Human Resources recruitment function is changing at a rapid pace, just as the world of work is changing. Organizations are increasingly looking to HR for strategic counsel on how to improve employer brand, employee engagement, and productivity, in addition to more typical HR functions such as hiring, onboarding, remuneration, and training.


    Our advisors have an in-depth understanding of human resources wages, job titles, and hiring trends, ensuring that you attract and keep the best personnel at the right price. To ensure that we remain at the forefront of industry advances and continue to flourish, we partner with organization bodies and arrange guest-speaker events on a regular basis.

    Hire Quickly From A Qualified Talent Pool With Our HR Recruitment Service

    A Qualified Talent Pool

    We can swiftly discover the ideal person for your next role because of Network BD’s wide pool of professional human resources talent. Our candidates are not only quick to pick up new technologies, but they are also adaptable and have a continuous improvement mindset, which allows them to improve current processes.


    Accordingly we specialize in human resources recruitment and bring a wealth of knowledge to the work. Our primary values are commitment to excellence in performance, integrity, and customer service. We deliver award-winning staffing in all regions of the Bangladesh and at all levels of HR professional responsibility by combining the newest technologies with a network of candidates.


    1. We’re one of the finest HR recruiting companies in Bangladesh, with extensive HR search experience and a track record of delivering high-quality HR experts.

    2. We have access to a variety of HR talent pools, allowing us to provide our clients with “never seen before” HR candidates.

    3. To find passive HR talent, we use Deep, Advanced Social platforms, and Boolean Search approaches (the top 15 percent ).

    4. We’ve implemented one-to-many digital HR attraction methods that are inbound 24/7/365.

    5. Original recruitment HR information in the form of videos, Vlogs, articles, blogs, whitepapers, podcasts, and webinars is what we curate.

    6. We match candidates’ personalities to your company’s culture, giving you more control, better retention, and also a higher return on investment.

    FAQs For Human Resources Recruitment Service

    Will NetworkBD assign HR recruitment numbers like iRecruit nowadays?

    NetworkBD will assign unique identification numbers, but they will differ from how iRecruit generates numbers

    Can we add members of the search committee when recruiting?

    In NetworkBD, search committee members can be added to the appointment if the appointment is in your queue or it is checked out to you, until the appointment is sent to the classification analyst and categorized

    Will we receive standard email after posting location?

    Yes. Emails will continue to be sent during all recruitment steps, as they do now

    Do we need to upload the application of the selected candidate in iRecruit system?

    The application is already in the iRecruit system. If the candidate cannot complete the online application and has to complete a paper application, we will ask you to upload an applicatio

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