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Best Offshore HR Management Service in Bangladesh

Searching for an offshore HR (Human Resources) consulting firm in Bangladesh to provide quality HR administrative and recruitment services? We provide the most efficient and affordable offshore HR services to help you manage your business smoothly and successfully. We provide comprehensive solutions to all of your HR service needs, from strategy to implementation to measurement.



Companies select NetworkBD as a third-party service provider because we can outsource your HR-related tasks and functions, allowing your company to focus on core business objectives.



Furthermore, our team of professional and competent HR professionals manages employee turnover and an established offshore HR services program. Our firm provides the best solutions to all of our clients in order to help them improve their company performance through the use of the right personnel.


Our 4 Most Popular Offshore HR Management Features

Executive Search Resource
1. Human Resources Audit

NetworkBD allows you to keep track of your organization’s offshore HR practices whether you spend less or more time managing human resources.

Permanent Staffing Recruitment
2. Human Resources Compliance

Using NetworkBD’s offshore HR compliance, your company will be in compliance with COBRA, ERISA, HIPAA, ADA, EEOC, DOL, and other regulatory procedures.

Contract Staffing Recruitment
3. Employee Management

While you will retain complete control over hiring practices, NetworkBD can handle all legal work prior to an actual interview through our offshore HR management.

Temporary Staffing and Flexible Hr Staffing
4. HR Web Portal

With an all-inclusive offshore HR management portal and digitally produced reports, we make it simple for you to quantify, record, and review your documents.

Enjoy Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring Our Offshore HR Management Service

Contract Staffing Recruitment
1. Increased Efficiency

Our offshore HR team is in charge of employee productivity for you.

Temporary Staffing and Flexible Hr Staffing
2. Strategic Planning

We assess, recruit, and deploy effective employees for your business.

Contract Staffing Recruitment
3. Compensation Planning

Employee benefits and gratuities are handled by our offshore HR management.

Temporary Staffing and Flexible Hr Staffing
4. Expert Consultancy

Provides expert advice and consultation to the in-house HR department.

Enrich Your Organization With Our Offshore HR Management Services

We can handle a variety of offshore HR management tasks. Furthermore, NetworkBD offers unique offshore HR service support, particularly for small, medium, and large businesses. As a result, we make certain that we provide all of the solutions that our clients require in an efficient and dependable manner. This makes it easier for them to manage their business and employees.

  • Effective candidate tracking software.
  • Maintain a record of all candidate activities.
  • Collect multiple resumes through job postings.
  • Set up calls, interviews, and reminders.
  • Review and analysis of compensation plans.
  • Employee retention and incentive services.
  • Processing and reporting of payroll.
  • Payroll tax filing.
  • Receive notifications when the candidate status changes.

Why You Should Work With NetworkBD

We have years of experience providing domestic and international companies with offshore HR support and consultations. We want to continue our accomplishments and keep that legacy alive.


1. Prioritize Qualification Requirements

Our experts will assist you in determining which qualities your potential employees should have.


2. Evaluation of Top Candidates

Advanced techniques, intensive interviews, and thorough background checks are all part of our pre-screening process.


3. Flexible Screening Process

Please tell us what type of interview you prefer. We can send you a video resume and set up a virtual/personal interview.


4. One-Stop Solution

We will provide you with the infrastructure, tools, and other resources required for your offshore team’s success.

FAQ For Offshore HR Management Service

Will NetworkBD assign HR recruitment numbers?

Yes, NetworkBD will assign unique identification numbers.

Can we add members of the search committee when recruiting?

In NetworkBD, search committee members can be added to the appointment if the appointment is in your queue or it is checked out to you, until the appointment is sent to the classification analyst and categorized

Will we receive standard email after posting location?

Yes. Emails will continue to be sent during all recruitment steps, as they do now

Do we need to upload the application of the selected candidate in your system?

The application is already in the system. If the candidate cannot complete the online application and has to complete a paper application, we will ask you to upload an application.

We Guarantee To Provide The Most Effective Offshore HR Service