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    The Most Reliable Offshore Payroll Services To Increase Employee Retention

    NetworkBD offers the most competent professional stuff in the industry, focusing solely on the offshore payroll sector for your corporation. The goal here is to provide beneficial offshore payroll management services as well as payroll consolation to corporate clients and assist them in resolving disputes over compensation payments among company employees.


    We take over all of your obligations in the offshore payroll areas and implement strategies for turnaround times that allow us to track our performance. In the industry, our quality and service levels are unmatched. Our offshore payroll service is a combination of technology and personalized attention. The system has an established intervention plan in place to ensure that all problems are dealt with and all queries are answered. If you talk to our experts, they can help you create a happy workplace.


    We guarantee that your employees will be pleased with the offshore payroll management system we provide. Our policies ensure that standards, financial regulations, and federal regulations are followed. Employees of our clients are very satisfied, and we provide them with sufficient information about payroll, benefits, taxes, provident funds, and any of the many other aspects of offshore payroll processing.




    Enjoy Our Customized Processes For Offshore Payroll Solutions

    Executive Search Resource
    1. Adaptability

    We ensure that resources are still accessible if your headcount is reduced during a downturn. Offshore payroll management helps businesses with seasonal demands adjust.

    Permanent Staffing Recruitment
    2. Leave Administration

    Your employees can view their leave information and submit leave applications through their smartphones thanks to our Leave Management System.

    Contract Staffing Recruitment
    3. Performance Evaluation

    The Online Performance Appraisal System provides your managers with a comprehensive overview of their team’s performance and improvements on a quarterly basis.

    Temporary Staffing and Flexible Hr Staffing
    4. Travelling Abroad

    Your employees can easily submit their travel requests online using our Travel Management System, which replaces time-consuming email or manual requests.

    Contract Staffing Recruitment
    5. Payroll Administration

    Our powerful offshore payroll processing engine will handle your complex payroll needs while keeping you in complete control of your payroll processes and other incentives.

    Temporary Staffing and Flexible Hr Staffing
    6. Workforce Governance

    Our Workforce Management System is an integrated solution that includes Time and Attendance Sheets, Workforce Scheduling, and Time Sheet Management.

    Why NetworkBD Is Your Best Choice For Offshore Payroll Management

    Contract Staffing Recruitment
    1. Experience & Expertise

    Our experts understand offshore payroll management better than most others.

    Temporary Staffing and Flexible Hr Staffing
    2. Employee Self-Service

    We are always available in the cloud, up to date with the latest features, and require no maintenance.

    Contract Staffing Recruitment
    3. Cost Effective

    NetworkBD offers the most affordable offshore payroll management services in the country.

    Temporary Staffing and Flexible Hr Staffing
    4. Employee Help Desk

    NetworkBD offers the most affordable offshore payroll management services in the country.

    Boost Your Business With Our Additional Offshore Payroll Services

    NetworkBD provides a comprehensive suite of managed offshore payroll and HR software, ranging from basic payroll software to a full package of HR and payroll management. Benefit from our unmatched service:

    • Monthly payroll calculation.
    • Determination of statutory deductions, including CPF.
    • Levy for skill development.
    • Levy on foreign workers.
    • Religious/ethnic fund deductions.
    • Payroll administration processing.
    • Annual financial reporting.
    • Pay slip issuance and maintenance.
    • Payment statements.
    • Electronic leave administration.

    Benefits Of Our Offshore Payroll Management Service

    • An error-free offshore payroll procedure
    • Quick turnaround
    • Low risk of penalty for noncompliance
    • On-site assistance with problem resolution
    • Flawless documentation and reports
    • Simplifying all payroll processes
    • Reduced IT infrastructure investment
    • Thoroughly planned resource deployment
    • Multiple-level process checks to reduce errors
    • Error-Free Calculation for Your Company

    FAQ For Offshore Payroll Management Service

    How do you calculate payroll?

    Net pay is calculated by deducting all withholding and tax deductions from your staff’s gross pay. We collaborate with your finance team to understand the various deductions applicable to each of your employees.

    What is your process in managing a payroll system?

    Step 1: Create an employer identification number.

    Step 2: Gather pertinent employee tax information.

    Step 3: Determine a payroll schedule.

    Step 4: Determine your gross pay.

    Step 5: Determine the deductions for each employee.

    Step 6: Determine your employees’ net pay and pay them.

    What are points that must be documented in an employee's payroll record?

    • Information in general,  Name of the employee, Address.
    • Forms for tax withholding,  Form W-4, State W-4 form is required.
    • Time and attendance logs,  Timesheets.
    • Payroll records,  Pay scale.
    • If applicable, termination/separation documents, Information on the final paycheck.

    What are your methods to manage payroll?

    Step 1: Have employees complete W-4 forms.

    Step 2: Apply for an EIN.

    Step 3: Establish a Payroll Schedule.

    Step 4: Develop a Paycheck Calculation System.

    Step 5: Withhold and pay your taxes.

    Step 6: Submit W-2s and tax forms.

    Our Promise Is To Provide You With The Most Affordable Offshore Payroll Service