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    Most Reliable Recruitment Agency in Bangladesh

    NetworkBD is the main work environment connector and authorized Recruitment office.


    Another period of work has dawned and stretching out beyond the opposition in the recruitment game takes prevalent ability, information, and artfulness. As an authorized recruitment organization or recruitment agency in Bangladesh, NetworkBD possesses a great deal of every one of the three and that’s only the tip of the spades. NetworkBD is a market director characterized by responsibility, five star services and the best organization of employers and ability. Their standing is additionally marked with the undeniable great remaining of business office permit conditions. With regards to business arrangements, NetworkBD’s immaculate standard basically leaves the opposition in the dust. 


    Dynamic Expansion of Our Recruitment Agency Consultation Services

    As experts in organization Recruitment and consistence, NetworkBD has intelligently utilized on the force of expansion. They have added recruitment agency under their umbrella of services, in this way offering customers an all-adjusted way to deal with leading business. 

    NetworkBD Employment has been a Licensed Employment Agency. Registered with the BAIRA, NetworkBD Employment has obtained the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA). 

    BAIRA is compulsory for any firm that tries to work a business office. This incorporates substances and people associated with staffing or recruitment as a standard business movement. 2 BAIRA approves and legalizes: 


    1. Employee placement and Recruitment Agency inside Bangladesh or abroad. 
    2. Representation of the both employers and representatives for true application and accommodation of work passes. 


    This permit cements NetworkBD’s status as a BAIRA work office permit carrier. It is a sign of NetworkBD’s perfect history just as great remaining of work office permit conditions. NetworkBD is a spearheading individual from the Human Capital Development (HCD) Program. As a HCD, NetworkBD is important for a local area of managers devoted to reformist change in the working environment. HCD is focused on creating human resources and business practices to guarantee that the local work force and economy keep current. 

    Joining best practices in human asset with sharp recruitment services, NetworkBD offers extraordinary and adjustable answers for organizations. The right specialist provider can represent the moment of truth your business. NetworkBD has the business experience and ability to give the right arrangement.


    Perfect services presented by NetworkBD includes following 5 services:
    1. HR Solutions – agreements and finance, employee handbook, awards meeting, and so on 
    2. Bangladesh Immigration Solutions – citizenship, permanent residency. 
    3. BTC –Business Travel Card. 
    4. Passes – Bangladesh Employment Pass or Entre-pass, Personalized Employment Pass, and so on 
    5. Letter of Consent Application. 

    New Age Recruitment Consulting With 21st Century Partners for You

    Making the right connects among employer and representative takes various specialism’s and expertise. NetworkBD’s nexus of global organizations offer unparallel help for organizations across a large number of structures. 

    Get another line of work in Bangladesh or anyplace on the planet with NetworkBD, the main Recruitment agency in Bangladesh. Our specialists are prepared to offer help and direction with restrictive bits of knowledge into the work business. With NetworkBD close by, you will have a devoted accomplice focused on your carrier and development. 


    Talk to our Recruitment specialists and get the position you always wanted.

    FAQ For Recruitment Agency Services

    How do consultants get paid?

    Recruitment consultants have a base salary and then create a commission on the candidates they hire, which the employer pays as a percentage of the candidate’s salary. There may be a ‘fee’ threshold that must be reached before consultants start commissioning and that threshold will increase as they become more senior, but so is their base salary and goal.

    I applied for a vacancy and was not contacted - why is that?

    We accept all applications via e-mail, if we think you are suitable for this role we will contact you within 2 working days to discuss the role. If we haven’t contacted you yet, it may be that we felt you were unsuitable for the role or that we did not receive your CV.

    I applied for a vacancy online, does that mean my details have been sent to the client?

    No! We screen all applications and call the appropriate applicants to discuss the role and make them aware of who the last employer is. Your details will only be sent to one client if both you and your consultant agree to do so.

    If my applied application for vacancy is rejected ,can you give me the name of the hiring company?

    I’m not afraid! Since we provide a confidential service to both clients and candidates, we cannot simply disclose such information.

    Feel Confident with Our Expert Recruitment Consultation Services