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    Simplified Factory Establishment Licenses Procedures For You

    Bangladesh requires that all factory and establishments be registered with the government in accordance with the Factories Act and Rules. Hence All mills in Bangladesh are required to obtain  Factory Establishment License . Department of Inspection for Factory and Establishments (DIFE) office districts are responsible for getting licenses, and also establishing or expanding factories. It is an independent government agency responsible for assessing the security and well-being in factories and also establishment in Bangladesh. The publication gives additionally mills information and training about the soundness of representative and the requirement of work laws in Bangladesh. The Government offers online license applications for establishment. Labor Inspection Management Application (LIMA) also allows the application cycle of Department of Inspection of Factory Establishment Licenses to be simplify. Right now, candidates can easily apply, oversee, and also screen licenses through the LIMA gateway.

    The Most Effective Method to Obtain Factory Establishment Licenses in Bangladesh

    The 14 Full Process of Getting Factory Establishment License is Given Below:

    The process of getting factory establishment licenses is not a easy process. If you want to take our factory establishment license you have to follow these procedure:


    1. At First, Visit the Labor Inspection Management Application Website 
    2. From the Top Menu, continue with “Structures” and then select “Structure 77” (License Application) 
    3. Make a User ID and Password 
    4. Then, at that point, Auto Login/Login to Lima Portal by giving the new User ID and Password 
    5. Top off the application structure by demonstrating essential data’s. 
    6. Attach the necessary connections 
    7. Save draft or finish the application 
    8. Also Present the Application 
    9. The application is then inspect by DIFE Licensing Authority 
    10. Contingent upon the kind of industry the application is then ship off DIG/IG 
    11. DIG/IG will audit the application and also give remarks 
    12. On the off chance that necessary, Establishment will be investigate and also give appraisal report on an assessment 
    13. After all the evaluation and check assuming the Licensing Authority/DIG is full fill factory license will be given 
    14. Acquire the Factory License

    At any time after the submission of use, its advancement can be observe by Logging in to the User Account. When the application is endorse an email is sent off the candidate. The factory license is need to be restored by paying the planned recharging charge before 31 December of every year also. On the off chance that, under any condition, an application for a factory building, augmentation, and also enrollment or license is denied, the candidate will reserve the option to engage the Government inside 30 days of the dismissal. Contact us for factory establishment licenses support.

    NetworkBD Associates Assists on Acquiring the Factory Establishment License

    To get factory establishment license, the administration NETWORKBD factory establishment licenses support team can give are as per the following: 


    1. NetworkBD has excellent and capable team who can continue in acquiring factory establishment license. To apply for factory license, from the beginning, it is required make a record on also LIMA site. Hence The legitimate specialists can begin application technique by making a record on LIMA online entry. 
    2. Depending on the kind of Factory/creation, supporting archives can be unique. NETWORKBD legitimate group helps with gathering supporting archives needed for application, for example, NOC, Trade License/Incorporation Certificate and so on and then plans for apply for Factory License. 
    3. NetworkBD legitimate factory establish ment licenses can help with draft, gather and also setting up the support archives. Hence NetworkBD also makes essential installments of Government charges to the concerned power. 
    4. When the application is present, the situation with the application can screen and if the Licensing authority further request any documentation the NetworkBD team can continue with that too.

    Final Thoughts On Network BD Factory Setup Service In Bangladesh:

    Network BD Corporate and Commercial Transaction practice team includes a wide range of capabilities from routine corporate matters to more complex and also sophisticated business structuring and transactions.


    Our clients include large multi national business as well as small and closely held companies. The firm assists clients in many industries and business parts, including energy, banking, health care, retail, solid waste, information services, food services and also distribution, real estate, and non profit.


    Among the corporate and commercial dealings we handle are: Factory establishment licenses , Contracts, Strategic association and alliances, Mergers and Disposition, restructure, and also turn around, Special purpose entities, Real estate, Real property and equipment leasing, Licensing, Corporate reporting.

    FAQs For Factory Establishment Licenses In Bangladesh

    How to get factory establishment licenses in Bangladesh?

    An authority of the mills shall apply to the district office of the inspection department of the factory and establishment for its construction, creation and also obtain a license or renew it.

    What is the validity of the given license?

     The  license is valid until 31 December of the year in which it was granted.

    Are there any restrictions on getting a license?

    Yes. Only licensed industrial areas can be license by using 10 or more workers or 20 or more worker without the help of capacity in the factory where the process is complete.

    Can a factory be licensed in a residential area?

    No. Factories cannot operate in residential / unfamiliar areas as directed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.
    Easily Get Factory Establishment License in Bangladesh With Us