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    Our Exclusive Guideline For Company Registration Services

    Permitted Foreigner Ownership  With Company Registration Services


    Bangladesh is exceptionally open with respect to foreigner ownership, permitting up to 100% of foreigner ownership in many areas. In certain areas, nonetheless, you need earlier endorsement from the public authority and a couple of areas limit both local and foreigner investment for company registration services in Bangladesh.


    Additionally, different advantages of company registration services to buy land and property for the name of the organization, tax incentives, and so on.


    Least capital requirement 


    There is no authority least capital requirement in Bangladesh for company registration services.  However, financial backers should remember that they need to make an internal remittance of the chance that they expect to recruit foreigner representatives.

    Enjoy Our Premium 2 Types Of Legal Company Registration Service

    1. Private Limited Company 


    A large number of organizations in Bangladesh are registered as private limited organizations (LLC). The obligation is limited to investors’ common capital and also LLCs in Bangladesh can be completely foreigner claimed. 


    Any individual who is over 18 is qualified to enlist an organization. Besides, the law recommends at least two and a limit of 50 investors, and two chiefs. Also, note that you can frame a joint venture for company registration services with a local substance to share the qualities and reduce the risks.

    2. Public Limited Company 


    Conversely, a public limited organization can welcome people in general to hold shares and is typically enlisted on a stock trade. 


    A public limited organization has at least seven individuals, three chiefs, with no greatest number of investors. Its investors can be any legal individual or any person who is over the age of 18, qualified by Bangladesh Law. 


    It can raise assets from the general population. Beside Companies Act 1994, it ought to also agree with Securities and Trade Commission Act 1993.

    Our Qualified 5 Steps Interaction of Company Registration Service


    Stage 1: Name clearance 


    Initially, you need endorsement for your organization’s name from The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC). 


    Stage 2: Drafting of required documents 


    Besides, you need to draft the Article of Association (AoA) and Memorandum of Association (MoA). While setting up those, you need to draft it alongside different structures as prerequisites for compliance to RSJC. 


    Stage 3: Opening of bank account 


    Thirdly, you should open a bank account in the proposed name of the organization and make an internal remittance of essentially in the event that you anticipate recruiting foreigner workers.  NetworkBD can help you with setting up the financial balance. 


    Stage 4: Submission of records to the RSJC 


    In this progression, you need to present every one of the necessary papers to the RJSC and pay the Registration taxes. You can also investigate RSJC for the fuse endorsement during the standard cycle time. 


    Stage 5: Post-Registration compliance 


    At this point, you have the declaration of incorporation; Articles of Association (AoA) and Memorandum of Association (MoA), and you have a recently registered organization in Bangladesh. 


    You also need to continue to some extra licenses and certificates for company registration services: 

    1. Trade License 
    2. Assessment Identification Number (TIN) 
    3. Tank Registration Certificate 
    4. Also Fire Certificate 
    5. Natural Clearance Certificate (if important) 

    Get the Alternative Way to Setting Up a Company Registration 


    A branch is an expansion of its parent organization and not an independently consolidated substance. At the end of the day, the parent organization is answerable for its branch’s liabilities. 


    A branch can take part in business exercises, given BIDA’s endorsement. In any case, the Trade Control Guidelines screens its activities stringently. 


    The normal foundation season of a branch in Bangladesh is 45-60 days. 


    Representative/Liaison office 

    Very much like a branch, a contact, additionally called an Representative office, is liable to BIDA’s endorsement as its essential prerequisite. It should have a parent organization abroad, and its exercises are limited since it just fills in as a correspondence or coordination instrument of the business assets in Bangladesh. 


    Additionally, observe that a contact office can’t procure any local pay in Bangladesh. The parent organization bears the entirety of its costs and functional expenses through remittance. 


    There additionally can’t be any outward remittances of any sort from Bangladesh assets, with the exception of the sum got from abroad. Also, it additionally follows the overall process of company registration services in Bangladesh. 

    Establishment activity with local promoters 


    Foreign owned organizations can also go into establishments in Bangladesh. Through an establishment, you can allow local promoters to utilize your image, give those specialized help and also charge fees or commission on their agreement.

    FAQs For Company Registration Services

    What is a registered office?

    Registered office refers to the address of an official correspondence of a company or the principal place of its business. Hence The registered office address will be used for all official communications of the company.

    What is Subscribed Capital?

     Subscribed Capital refers to the amount of capital agreed to bring shareholders into the company.

    What is the minimum capital required to register a company?

     No minimum capital (authorized or paid up capital) is required to register a company. However, the registration fee payable to the Registrar of Companies depends on the different slabs of authorized capital of the company.

    What is paid up capital?

     The paid up capital of a company actually refers to the amount of capital brought into the company by the shareholders.

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