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Get Guaranteed Instructions To Change Company Name

Any corporation may change company name for a specific reason and with the approval of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms. The change in name will not affect the company’s rights or obligations, nor will it invalidate any legal procedures carried out by or against it and any official actions carried out or commenced against it under its previous name should be carried out or initiated under its new name.

Our 6 Valuable Guidelines While Changing Company Name Easily

It is essential that the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association be change when changing a company name. Company names can be change by a special resolution pass in a general meeting and approved by the Central Government under Section 13 of the Companies Act 2013.

The following steps outline how to change the name of a private limited company:


1. Passing a Board Resolution When Partners Are in Agreement

A board meeting should be call in order to pass a resolution to change the company name. The board of directors will discuss and approve the change company name, instructing the CS or Director to check with MCA if the name is available, and calling an extraordinary general meeting to pass a special resolution.


2. Checking The Availability Of a Name

An authorized director or secretary will submit an INC-1 form to MCA for the purpose of checking the availability of the company name and approving it. This process is the same as that adopted at the time of initial name approval.

An official RoC letter will be sent confirming the propose name is available. This will not be deemed the final approval of the company name, it is just a confirmation from RoC that the propose name is available.


3. Passing the Special Resolution

The company should call an extraordinary general meeting once MCA has approved the name. Changes to the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association will be made through a special resolution.


4. The Registration Process

The special resolution will be filed with RoC within 30 days of passing the resolution. It should also be accompanied by Form MGT-14, containing details about the special resolution. Please submit the following documents along with Form MGT-14:  


  1. Copy of Special Resolution,
  2. The EGM notice,
  3. Statement to the EGM,
  4. Also Changes to the Memorandum of Association,
  5. Changes to the Articles of Association

As soon as the MGT-14 is filed, the company must file the INC-24 with the RoC for the central government’s approval along with the prescribe fee for change company name.


5. Certificate of Incorporation Issuing

It will issue a new certificate of incorporation if the Registrar of Companies is satisfied with the documents.

The name change process is not complete until the new certificate of incorporation is issue by the RoC.


6. Including company name in MoA and AoA

As soon as a new certificate from RoC is receive, the name of the company must be include in all the copies of the MOA and AOA.

We Provide The Guaranteed Instructions To Change Name Of a Company In Bangladesh

 Special 7 Resolutions For Changing A Company Name


You must pass a special resolution for the change of company name if ACRA approves the new name.


You need to complete the following steps in order to pass a special resolution:


  1. Prepare a written resolution to change company name.
  2. Decide when to hold the general meeting.
  3. Inform all shareholders of the date of the meeting and the resolution to change the company’s name.
  4. The resolution to change the company name must be approve at the meeting by members holding at least 75% of voting rights.
  5. A copy of the resolution must be submit to ACRA within 14 days. BusinessLife+ makes this simple.
  6. Also After filing with ACRA, your company name change will be updated. You will be required to file a notice of company incorporation under your new company name, and the change will take effect once the notice is filed.
  7. Make sure that the change has been made to your company name on BizFile+.

Keep Your Customers, Website And Suppliers Updated


Your customers and suppliers must also be notified about the change. This is particularly true for partners and suppliers.


It is not enough to take care of these things.


Your company’s logo should be refresh first. You will be doing business under a new name and your old logo is no longer valid. You should redesign the logo so that it reflects your new business name. It would be best to start over with a new logo in this case.


Then, review your marketing strategy. If your change company names, you will have to change your marketing strategy. The right marketing strategy empowers business owners to make better choices with regard to reaching new customers, improving their reputation in their communities, and also keeping loyal clients.

Are You Ready To Change The Name Of Your Business?

Have you decided to change company name in Bangladesh? Read over this mini-guide again if you are still unsure. Make sure you take certain steps before you start the process.


It is important to have a clearly defined strategy, a budget, and most importantly, to fix what isn’t working. No matter how important it may be, a new name will not necessarily fix a broken business. No matter what name you decide to use for your business, you should determine if it’s the name alone that puts your business at risk.

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Final Thought

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FAQs For Change Company Name In Bangladesh

How does this service work?

Once you place an order for a company name change service, you can submit the new company name electronically through your account.
It usually takes up to a business day to approve a new company name depending on the work pressure of the company house. Once the name is accept you will receive a certificate of name change. The certificate will be available for download from your account.

Can I get a new incorporation certificate mentioning the name of the new company?

 Yes, you can download the certificate from your company’s admin page. Please note that the certificate mentions both previous and new company names and the date the new name came into effect. The company number remains the same.

How do I know if my new company name is available?

We highly recommend that you check the availability of your new company name through our company name search tool before placing an order. However, if the company name is submit but not approve by the Company House, you can resubmit another company name without any additional fee.

Who needs to be notified if the company name changes?

Yes, you need to update with your new company name. You will also need to update your bank, customers, suppliers, service providers, relevant authorities and other business contacts. Be sure to update your company’s stationery, signage, website and also domain name.

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