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    Easily Obtain Export Registration Certificate With Us

    First and foremost, let us get what is Export Registration Certificates or ERC in Bangladesh. Export Registration Certificate needed to be acquired by any business foundations to send out any items from Bangladesh. Export Registration Certificate is compulsory for entity or organization to get consent for trading with no quality and worth limitation. In Bangladesh, under the Ministry of Commerce, the work place of the Controller of Imports and Exports (CCIE) is set up. It is a singular association and issues Export Certificate or ERC upon application. The Export Policy Order 2015-18 is the legal basis of Export Registration Certificate.

    Our Verified 7 Steps For Export Registration Certificate

    Stage 1 | Firstly, from the CCIE office or site the candidate is needed to gather the Export Registration Certificate application structure.

    Stage 2 | completely top off the ERC application structure

    Stage 3 | Arrange the copies of the required documents.

    Stage 4 | Submit the filled-in application structure and expected documents to the dispatch part of CCIE office.

    Stage 5 | Then the registration expense and cost of pass book will be kept at the Sonali or Bangladesh Bank

    Stage 6 | Next advance is to gather 3 copies of Treasury Challan.

    Stage 7 | After confirming the submit reports, CCIE will give the Export Registration Certificates or ERC and the passbook to the candidate.

    Get The Proper Procedure to Obtain Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

    The 16 Documents You Need To Get Registration Certificate


    We can make the export registration certificate process easy for you. Without a 3rd party company it can be time consuming and more expensive for a business.


    1. A copy of the original, appropriately validated Trade License of the organization.


    1. Certificate of membership in a significant exchange association attest by the attorney general.


    1. The VAT registration certificate.


    1. Attested copy of joint registered agreement.


    1. A copy of the company incorporation certificate must be attested (if it is a limited company).


    1. Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association attested.


    1. Originals of Treasury Challans.


    1. If there is an occurrence of partnership business, Organization Deed will be required.


    1. A copy of the organization financial/banking solvency certificate.


    1. Tax Clearance Certificate (TIN) of an earlier year of the foundation.


    1. An office lease agreement.


    1. The list of representatives, their compensation, and the organization identity.


    1. Images of the Managing Director/Entrepreneur in full size.


    1. Certificate of citizenship from the World Commissioner.


    1. Identification card of the Managing Director of the organization.


    1. It is necessary for a foreign director to obtain a Visa Copy and Work Grant.


    During the verification interaction, the first documents should accompany the copies. These documents are returned after the verification is complete. A First-Class gazette official or a Notary Public or a First-Class Magistrate will confirm all records.


    Preparation time for issuance of an ERC is about 4-5 working days. 

    Final Thoughts On Network BD Assistances in Achieving Export Registration Certificate



    Network BD assist clients when they start a business. If you start business alone then at first collect a Trade License from respective authority for Sole Proprietorship Business. After that open a Bank Account, collect TIN Certificate, Export Registration Certificate and VAT Registration Certificate. If you want to start business with two or more persons then you have many options, those are limited company, partnership firm, joint venture company, whichever is better for you. If Limited Company at first register a Company in Bangladesh. After registration collect Trade License of the Company, TIN Certificate, Open Bank Account, collect Export Registration Certificate and VAT Registration Certificate. For partnership business register Partnership Firm from RJSC. After registration collect Trade License of the Partnership Firm, TIN Certificate, Open Bank Account, collect Export Registration Certificate and VAT Registration Certificate. And also now you can start your dream ‘EXPORT BUSINES


    Anyone can Export any permissible item without any value and quantity restrictions and without obtaining any permission from any authority in Bangladesh but the Export Registration Certificate (ERC) or import license is needed for the import of the same. In Bangladesh, the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports (CCIE) which is also an individual organization under the Ministry of Commerce issues this Export certificate or Export license. So finally, Export Registration Certificate (ERC) or export license is a mandatory document for business entities who are desirous of exporting any other special items from Bangladesh.

    FAQs For Export Registration Certificate In Bangladesh

    How can I learn the needs of other countries?

     It is the responsibility of the exporter to comply with the laws of the importing country. So you may want to consult with the relevant regulatory authority of your importing country for any type of export certificate required.

    Can the old certificate be updated?

     No, we can’t update old certificates, but you can clone and re submit an previously submitted application to apply for a new one.

    Can I request multiple copies of the same certificate?

     Yes. You may request multiple copies of a certificate during the application process.

    Can language change or certificate be added?

    The standard certification for each certificate cannot be change. You may request additional language printing in the following certificates: a foreign government certificate, a certificate of exportability, and a certificate of certain risk content.

    Simplified Registering Certification of Export For You