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    This is a guide clarifying the step-to-step methodology regarding how to obtain an import registration certificate in Bangladesh along with the data about the list of reports need just as the recharging technique. 


    Initially, let us get what is Import Registration Certificates or IRC in Bangladesh. Import Registration Certificate in Bangladesh or IRC is a declaration needed to be acquired by any business foundations to Import any items in Bangladesh. Import Registration Certificate is mandatory for an element or organization to get consent for bringing in with no quality and worth limitation. In Bangladesh, under the Ministry of Commerce, the workplace of the Controller of Imports and Exports (CCIE) is set up. It is a singular association and also issues Import Certificate or IRC upon application. The Import Policy Order 2015-18 is the legal basis of Import Registration Certificate.

    Our Proven 8 methods To Get Import Registration Certificate 

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    Stage 1 | Firstly, from the CCIE office or site the candidate is needed to gather the IRC application structure.

    Stage 2 | completely top off the IRC application structure

    *Stage 3 | Arrange the copys of the necessary archives.

    *Stage 4 | Submit the filled-in application structure and expected records to the dispatch segment of CCIE office.

    Stage 5 | Then the registration charge and cost of passbook will be kept at the Sonali or Bangladesh Bank

    *Stage 6 | Next advance is to gather 3 copys of Treasury Challan.

    Stage 7 | After checking the submitted records, CCIE will give the Import Registration Certificates or IRC and also the passbook to the candidate.

    The Most Important 16 Required Documents

    1. Verified Copy of original properly bore witness to Trade License of the organization. 
    2. Legal Attested Copy of Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate from important tax association
    3. A VAT registration certificate. 
    4. Also Verified Copy of Joint Registered Agreement. 
    5. Verified Copy of Company Incorporation Certificate (whenever Limited Company). 
    6. Verified Copy of Memorandum of Association and also Articles of Associations. 
    7. Original copy of Treasury Challan. 
    8. Association Deed in the event of Partnership business. 
    9. Also Copy of Financial/Bank Solvency Certificate of the organization. 
    10. Tax Clearance Certificate (TIN) of earlier year of the foundation. 
    11. An Office Rent Agreement. 
    12. Insights about list of representatives, and also their compensation and identity of the organization. 
    13. Visa size photos of the Managing Director/Entrepreneur. 
    14. Citizenship Certificate of the chiefs by the Word Commissioner. 
    15. Also Public ID card of Managing Director of the organization. 
    16. Visa Copy and Work grant is required if the director is also a foreigner. 


    For working with the check interaction, it is prescribe to present the first archives alongside the copies. When the check is finish the first archives will be return. All reports will be properly validate by a First Class gazette official or Notary Public or also First-Class Magistrate. 


    Preparing time for issuance of Import Registration Certificate is roughly 4-5 working days.

    Excellent Technique And Required Documents For Renewal Import Certificate

    The Steps : 


    1. The candidate organizes every one of the necessary records for restoration. 
    2. The yearly recharging charge should be kept at the Sonali or Bangladesh Bank 
    3. Also Accommodation of lapsed IRC alongside one copy of the Treasury Challan at the Bank. 
    4. After the check, CCIE will issue the reestablished IRC Certificate. 


    IRC should be recharge each year and the following reports are need to be introduce by the candidate: 


    1. Original copy and two set copies of the IRC and Passbook 
    2. Also A Renewal Application by the candidate 
    3. Original copy and also 2 set copies of the depository challan of the yearly recharging expense at the Sonali or Bangladesh Bank. 


    Processing time for IRC renewal is roughly 4-5 working days.

    FAQs For Import Registration Certificate

    What is the import method?

    Import method. Typically, import and export procedures involve obtaining licensing and compliance prior to shipping, arranging transportation and warehousing after unloading, and obtaining a duty clearance as well as paying taxes.

    What do I need an import license for?

    Most industrial products in others country does not require an import license to be import. However, as a result of restrictions impose at the national or UN level, import licenses for certain industrial products are required.

    What are the documents required for import?

     List of documents required for import customs clearance Bill of entry, Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading or Airway Bill, Import license, and also Certificate of insurance, Letter of Credit or LC, Technical writing or literature (required for specific products only) Industrial license.

    What are the 3 stages of import?

    Procedures and steps involved in importing goods Import method: The steps taken in the import process are discuss as follows:
    (i) Trade search
    (ii) Also Collection of import licenses and quotas
    (iii) Receipt of foreign currency

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