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 Excellent Guidance For Registration Of A Foreign Company

Bangladesh is home to a developing number of foreign company setup having taken on a liberal modern strategy by offering the foreigner investor different liberal freedoms; hence making Bangladesh one of the arising center points for foreigner investment. Developing at more than 8% consistently over the previous decade and a huge local customer base, the economy is an attractive objective for interest in an array of sectors. 

In contrast to some arising economies, Bangladesh licenses incorporation of companies with 100% foreign value. A completely foreign company claimed enterprise incorporated in Bangladesh can go into business concurrences with different gatherings, be it regular or artificial, in and also outside Bangladesh to perform pay age, assembling and business exercises as a different legal substance entity to the pertinent business regulations.

Get Excellent Guidance for Registration of a Foreign Company

The Companies Act 1994 arrangements with the legal necessities of foreign company setup and also ensuing administration. The legal body under the Act is the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and also Firms (RJSC) which gives the detailed rules from name clearance to incorporation. 


According to global practice, there are two sorts of companies which can be enlisted in Bangladesh – public limited companies and also private limited companies. The sort normally picked by foreigner investor is private limited.

Here, 5 Registration Processes Of A Overseas Company Are:

1. Obtain Name Clearance 


The proposed name of the company should be approved before foreign company setup in Bangladesh. An application for the name freedom must be document to the RJSC along the filled in application structure and the proposed name.

2. Documentation 


The following archives should be ready and arranged with the end goal of the foreign company setup:

  1. Memorandum of Association (MoA) and also the Articles of Association (AoA) 
  2. Also Foreign advertisers goal to open an company in Bangladesh 
  3. Obtaining and executing the following structures:
  • Declaration on registration of Company;
  • Notice of Situation of registered office;
  • Also Consent of director to act;
  • List of people consenting to be directors (least 2 directors required);
  • Particulars of the Directors, supervisors and also overseeing specialists.

3. Formalities Related With Bank Account 


The advertisers are needed to open an impermanent financial balance for the sake of the proposed company with any planned keep money with condition that the record will be regularized once the foreign company setup is properly registered with the company house. After the record is made, the capital commitment must be transmitted to the transitory record and an Encashment endorsement must be acquired from the bank which is also express that the sum needed for the capital commitment has been properly remitted and received.

4. Submission Of The Documents To The Registrar 


At last, an application must be made to the RJSC alongside every one of the archives executed as record above alongside the Government tax. The RJSC subsequent to scrutinizing all records enlists the company and gives an endorsement of joining. Join us for foreign company setup in Bangladesh.

5. Post Registration Compliance 

After the registration interaction is finished, a Private Limited Company might need to get any or the following reports in general:

  • 1. Board of Investment Registration
  • 2. Trade license from the significant City Corporation.
  • 3. Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the National Board of Revenue (NBR)
  • 4. Also Vat Registration Certificate from NBR
  • 5. Fire Certificate from the Bangladesh Fire Service and also Civil Defense Authority (for modern enterprises)
  • 6. Environment Clearance Certificate from the Department of Environment, if the company is associated with modern tasks (for modern enterprises)
  • 7. Investor visas, work grants and also representative visas for foreign nationals.
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FAQs For Foreign Company Setup In Bangladesh

Can a foreign company be registered in Bangladesh?

Any foreign company can establish its place of business in Bangladesh by filing a form (information filed by a foreign company). Note: The form must be digitally sign by an authorize representative of the foreign company. Will apply for directors of a foreign company.

What are the documents to be submitted for the purpose of establishing a business place in Bangladesh?

Documents you need to start a business in Bangladesh Shareholder Agreement, Founder Agreement, Certificate of Inclusion, Certificate of No Objection (NOC), PAN Card of the Company, also TIN Number.

Which documents need to be filed with the registrar by a foreign company?

 Each foreign company will file a financial statement with the registrar in FC form Established by a foreign company in Bangladesh as per the Company (Registration Office and Fees) Rules, 3 Balance Sheets with the fees paid.

Can a foreign company operate in Bangladesh without registration?

Business registered outside Bangladesh (“foreign companies”) may establish business activities in Bangladesh without forming and registering limited companies or limited liability partnerships. Hence A foreign company may open a branch office or liaison office or project office in Bangladesh.

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