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    Get TIN ( Tax Identification Number) Certificate In Bangladesh

    In this rule we will describe the technique concern how to acquire the Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate in Bangladesh along with the documents demand. And also Tax collection is the essential type of revenue for the public authority of any country. Thus the Government gives a Tax Identification Number; otherwise called TIN which is also an ID number gave to an individual or an organization to follow charge installments to the public authority. In Bangladesh The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is the main power to give TIN Certificate to the candidate. One can either get TIN Certificate in Bangladesh physically or electronically by apply to NBR.

    Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate in Bangladesh

    At the point when you acquire the TIN Certificate in Bangladesh through electronically it is called E-TIN. Each resident, whoever has some work will be needed to get a TIN Certificate independent of their yearly pay. Additionally, all the business elements, for example, Company, Branch/Liaison Office, also requirements to apply to NBR to get Tax Identification Number Certificate, hence as it is a compulsory to proceed with the business. The current government to digitalize the country has present E-TIN for upgrade the quality and also proficiency in charge assortment strategy. The interaction for acquire charge endor sement online is simple and bothers free, whenever applied in the right way with support documents. The Tax Ordinance, 1984 gives all arrangements identified with charge declaration.

    7 Featured Procedure To Get Tax Identification Number Certificate In Bangladesh:

    The followings are the means one requirement to follow to acquire TIN (Tax Identification Number) endor sement in Bangladesh, since the cycle is digitize, heaps of issue and time has been saved: 


    1. Make a User ID by display important data’s in the Registration structure 
    2. To acquire a User ID and secret word to open a record, and also a telephone number should be given to the entry. 
    3. A code is shipped off the number and also this code will be utilize to acquire User ID/Password. 
    4. Sign In with also User ID/Password  
    5. Fill in the TIN Registration structure by giving significant data and also of the Company 
    6. Also Review the submit application. 
    7. Acquire E-TIN Certificate. 

    Ensure 8 Qualified Required Documents for TIN Certificates Manually

    1. A Copy of Trade License 
    2. Also Organization Incorporation Certificate 
    3. Copy of Memorandum of Association and also Articles of Association (If Company) 
    4. A Bank/Financial Solvency Certificate also (If Company or Proprietorship) 
    5. Three copy of photo of Owner (If Proprietorship) 
    6. Also Three copy of photo of Managing Director (If Company) 
    7. Three copy of visa approximate photo (If Person) 
    8. Also Public ID/Passport copy of Entrepreneur 


    The time period for acquiring E-Tin certificate is just 1 day.

    NETWORKBD Associates Assists on getting E-TIN Certificates

    To get E-TIN Certificate, the administration of NETWORKBD can give 6 techniques per the following: 


    1. NETWORKBD has a fantastic and able group who can continue in acquire E-Tin Certificate effective also. To apply for E-TIN, from the outset, hence it is required make a record on NBR site. Hence The legal expert can begin application system by making a record on NBR online entry. 
    2. Corresponding to an individual, NETWORKBD requires certain data’s and documents from the customer prior to beginning the online application cycle like Address, telephone number, NID/Passport Copy, Personal also forth of the candidate. 
    3. Then again, in case it is a Company/Branch office, NETWORKBD, lawful group helps with gather required data’s, for example, MOA/AOA/Trade License/Incorporation Certificate, VAT and so on and after ward gets ready for apply for E-TIN. 
    4. NETWORKBD lawful experts can help with gather and also setting up the support archive. 
    5. In the wake of present the application along side support archive, E-TIN Certificate is acquire, and it is then impart to the customer. 
    6. NETWORKBD like wise offers types of assistance of restore the License, on the off chance that it lapses by making vital strides at the perfect opportunity.

    FAQs For Tax Identification Number

    How can I get TIN certificate in Bangladesh?

    Hence The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is the only authority in Bangladesh to issue TIN certificate to the candidate. By apply to NBR, and also one can get TIN certificate in Bangladesh typical. And also If you get TIN certificate in Bangladesh, it is called e-TIN.

    Is Tin ID valid for domestic flights?

     TIN ID is still accepted for check in unless it is valid with photo and signature.

    Can I register TIN online?

    The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has build an e register system that provides online internet access to tax payer register services such as a tax payer ID number, or  also TIN, issued online for individual tax payer.
    3.. Can I register TIN online?

    Can I have more than one TIN?

    It is not require until you start earning or filing a tax return. However, each person or tax payer will be assigned only one TIN.

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