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    The Most Convenient Legal Process Outsourcing Provider For Your Business

    We can fully manage and build your high-performance legal process outsourcing team by sourcing from a robust legal talent pool from all over the world, and we serve an average of 2,000 companies per year. You can benefit from our high-performance legal process outsourcing team of legal attorneys, paralegals, and support staff who perform legal transcription outsourcing or legal research outsourcing with strict confidentiality in order to preserve client-attorney privilege.


    Whether you’re an established law firm or a startup looking to expand your legal capabilities, legal process outsourcing to us can be a cost-effective strategy, potentially saving you up to 72% due to the country’s low cost of living and government policies that offer generous benefits and support to its flourishing BPO industry.


    Our Top Outsourced Legal Process Services

    The following are examples of high-value, complex, and multi-tiered legal process outsourcing and advice:

    • Brand name Registration
    • Wealth Management Services
    • Business Partnership Disputes Resolution
    • Legal Help in Personal Data Protection
    • Intellectual Property Services
    • Planning of Joint Venture Agreement
    • Drafting and Reviewing of Shareholder Agreement
    • Debt Recovery and Letter of Demand
    • Audit of Collective Agreement Services in Bangladesh
    • Sales and Purchase Agreement to Draft and Review

    Key Benefits Of NetworkBD's Legal Process Outsourcing

    Our specialized legal process outsourcing recruiters have the knowledge and experience to find top legal professionals for you. Best applicants are then filtered by our HR for their legal employment requirements and perks on your behalf, and we ensure they are up to date with the latest industry standards through our legal process outsourcing career development programs, training, and professional certifications.


    Your confidential client data (such as Personally Identifiable Information or PII) and case information are safeguarded by our comprehensive data security protocols, which are integrated into the workstation of your legal process outsourcing team. We also provide IT help desk support 24 hours a day, seven days a week via ticketing system, email, or phone to support your employees in-person and/or remotely.


    Our simple-in, simple-out legal process outsourcing terms assess and further customize your offshore layout to meet your requirements. Your full-time legal process outsourcing team will work solely for you from one of our cutting-edge offices, which are outfitted with high-speed internet, security, video conferencing rooms, and recreational amenities. With NetworkBD, our proprietary talent management framework, and a managed serviced office customized to reflect your organization’s brand and culture, we give you complete control over the performance of your legal process outsourcing team.

    Enjoy Additional Legal Process Outsourcing Services With Us

    Get the following Bangladeshi corporate and commercial legal process outsourcing services for which Network BD is well-known among its clients:

    • Cited case summaries  in an opposing party’s brief
    • Memos and legal research
    • Motions
    • Discovery of Pleadings, including subpoenas, RFPs, RROGS, and RFAs
    • Responses to discovery and pleadings such as motions to compel/quashing/protective order
    • Document examination
    • Summaries of depositions
    • Leases
    • Wills and Trusts
    • Attorney-in-fact powers of attorney
    • Agreements
    • Articles on the law
    • Letters of demand and other correspondence
    • Operating agreements, by-laws, and corporate resolutions

    For busy law firms and corporate legal departments with overburdened in-house staff, or for cases requiring a specific skill set for behind-the-scenes legal work, our legal process outsourcing provides convenience, cost savings, and more.

    Grow Your Business With 5 Benefits Of NetworkBD's Legal Process Outsourcing

    NetworkBD’s legal process outsourcing, at its core, is an efficient way to increase capacity, focus on your law firm’s strengths, and boost profits.


    1. Increasing your knowledge of your practice area: Because there are so many different types of legal practice, your law firm cannot be an expert in all of them. By using our legal process outsourcing services for contracting lawyers, you can meet all of your clients’ needs without hiring a full-time employee.
    2. Allowing flexible staffing in your client cases: Freelance attorneys work only when your law firm requires assistance. Hiring a legal process outsourcing team allows you to find qualified legal assistance at any level of skill for any type of project or case. And as an added bonus? Hiring a lawyer on a freelance basis is a great way to test the waters before committing to a full-time recruit.
    3. Moving away from flat-fee billing: Legal process outsourcing through NetworkBD allows you to hire talented lawyers on a flat-fee basis to aid you with discrete projects or entire cases. You can charge your clientele a flat fee or set fee caps for legal work. In our extensive blog, you can learn more about law firm billing.
    4. Bringing down the expense of your legal services: For example, NetworkBD does not charge its users any sign-up or monthly payments just to be a part of the marketplace. When you employ a legal process outsourcing team through our website, you only pay the flat fee price. Finally, your customers benefit from these cash reserves.
    5. Striking a work-life balance: Firms are under more stress than ever to operate continuously in order to make a profit. Legal process outsourcing provides extra assistance when needed without the administrative costs of a full-time associate. Use your extra time to reconnect with friends, family, and interests.

    FAQs For Legal Process Outsourcing

    Is LPO a part of outsourcing?

    LPO is an abbreviation for Legal Process Outsourcing. An LPO is an offshore unit that performs legal work assigned by corporations’ in-house legal departments or organizations from locations where it is expensive to perform, such as the United States or Europe, to locations where it can be performed at a significantly lower cost.

    What is the role of legal process outsourcing?

    Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is a practice in which law firms and other organizations outsource legal work to other locations or legal support service providers. Generally, countries such as the United States outsource legal services to countries such as India.

    Is it good to join LPO?

    LPOs provide a wide range of legal services, such as litigation research, contract drafting, patent services, and so on. As India continues to benefit from the outsourcing boom, LPO provides opportunities for both a different legal career and a high-paying job.

    What is a LPO example?

    LPO services include agency work as well as services that require physical presence, such as court appearances and face-to-face negotiations. The most common services provided are agency work, document analysis, legal research and writing, drawing up of pleas and briefs, and patent services.

    Our Most Efficient Legal Process Outsourcing Brings Your Legal Rights Into Focus