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    Outsource TAX Return Services - Preparation Services - Accounting Service in Bangladesh

    The TAX return and filing of income tax return season is typically highly stressful for both individual taxpayers and companies. Having the ideal outsourcing partner for you enables you to maximize capacity, organize records, and lower overall error risk. In turn, this increases profit and lessen pricing pressure.

    Small and large enterprises, CPAs, and CPA firms can all take advantage of NetworkBD’s specialized tax preparation services. We adhere to a quality-restrictive method that is suitable for your company, enabling you to gain from better returns and lower tax liabilities. Our clientele is expanding and includes Fortune 1000 organizations from the Middle East, Australia, North America, and Western Europe.


    We Provide Tax Preparation Services

    We can swiftly grow up thanks to our extensive experience in both individual and commercial tax preparation services. For precise and efficient tax return filing, we specialize in carefully reviewing your balance sheets and categorizing each item on them. Additionally, we will categorize and understand P/L items as well as the taxability and treatment of different accounts. Our offerings consist of:

    1. Services in Tax and Regulatory
    2. Services for ProSeries Tax Processing
    3. Services for H&R Block Tax Cut Processing
    4. Services for Vat Return
    5. Services for Sales Tax Returns
    6. Accounting Services
    7. Service Taxes Federal
    Monthly TAX Return filing

    Why Choose Bangladesh for Tax Preparation Outsourcing? Here Are the Main Motives!

    By outsourcing tax return preparation to NetworkBD, you not only receive professional assistance for navigating the busy tax season, but you also increase its profitability by having extra hands at work for you. By outsourcing tax preparation to NetworkBD Experts NetworkBD, you may boost your revenues while easing the burden of added pressure.

    1. Efficiencies of 60% or more

    Why engage an internal staff of tax return preparers when you can deal with a reputable NetworkBD agency and save up to 60% on setup and other costs? Our team of 135+ experts makes sure you get the best within your means.

    2. Streamline your work and save time 

    As a business, you have a lot of responsibilities. Let us take care of your accounting and tax needs so you may adjust the size of your practice to busy and slow times.

    3. Error-free and precise delivery

    We take great pride in being the top accounting outsourcing company, providing rapid turnaround times, the best and most accurate services to international CA/CPA organizations.

    4. Process simplification and efficiency

    In order to increase productivity and ensure prompt delivery of our accounting and tax preparation services, we have developed a rigorous process at NetworkBD Experts NetworkBD. We also guarantee the protection and confidentiality of your extremely sensitive data.

    Our NetworkBD's Service Process

    In order to increase the effectiveness of tax processing, our resources are updated with the most recent hardware, software, and workflow procedures. For the latest information on Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO), global sourcing trends, and best practices in international company, we subscribe to online financial periodicals.


    As part of our tax preparation process, we:



    1. Scanned Documents to be Sent

    Sending us scanned papers is the first step. We provide you with our standard format so that you can send the pertinent data by e-fax messenger, MDI, or PDF files. When we receive the files, our knowledgeable tax experts input the data into the tax program of your choice.



    1. Data entry for tax returns and audits

    The tax return is audited once pertinent data has been entered into the program to ensure that everything has been appropriately submitted and accounted for.




    1. Analyses of Return

    The returns are then sent to your company for assessment through ASP/FTP. You will receive your returns in their entirety, along with any questions or remarks the preparer felt were required. You are allowed to ask for as many changes as you require.




    1. Final copies of the returns are delivered to the clients.

    We update the tax file and send you a final copy for filing your income tax return before the deadline once your firm has reviewed and finalized the tax filings.

    The Benefits of Hiring NetworkBD's Services

    As the cost of tax services on the mainland rises, more and more accountants and businesses are choosing to outsource tax processing services to reduce operational expenses and boost productivity and profitability. Using the best tax software and technologies, including Intuit’s Lacerte, Creative Solutions’ Ultra-Tax, Intuit’s ProSeries, ATX, and Drake, we at NetworkBD offer specialized services in order to satisfy this market demand.

    Some of the advantages of outsourcing to us include –

    1. Cost savings of up to 60% compared to the typical tax preparation cost now expended by a mainland firm for tax returns and income tax returns produced by us. In addition to ensuring higher profit margins, this cost reduction will also give the company a considerable marketing advantage for attracting new clients.
    2. Improved turnaround times and delivery times – We take great pleasure in our ability to deliver accurate tax returns on schedule, and our incredible client satisfaction rate speaks for itself. The typical turnaround time is between 24 and 48 hours, but depending on the urgency, we can adjust it to meet your needs.
    3. Customer satisfaction is higher because minimal overhead costs and a speedy ramp up of a flexible team size that can fulfill deadlines are guaranteed by well-coordinated workforce management. High levels of client satisfaction and return business are the results of this. The company and its employees are trained to be methodical and process-driven through the implementation of the processes.
    4. Methodologies that are more efficient – Our tax processing service methodology offers CPAs and tax service providers of practically any size a fantastic new way to manage their tax compliance workload and fulfill filing deadlines.
    5. Customers gain from fewer defects, shorter turnaround times, and increased delivery capabilities as a result of fewer issues and failures. These offer value by enhancing the performance of the systems that have been outsourced, lowering issues and failures, and enhancing stability.
    6. One-stop shop for all tax accounting services – In addition to professional tax services, we also provide a range of financial and accounting services, including H&R Block Tax Cut Processing Services, VAT return services, financial reporting services, etc.

    For Your Top-Notch Tax Preparation Services, Pick NetworkBD

    One of the top tax preparation service providers in Bangladesh, our goal is to serve as your financial and accounting advisor not just for this year but for many years to come. In addition to maintaining up-to-date on the most recent tax legislation, we also support cutting-edge infrastructure that enables us to effectively serve as a virtual extension of our client’s team while offering our budget-friendly services.

    You can also get assistance from our staff of tax professionals with quarterly tax filing. Learn more about the benefits of contracting NetworkBD for your finance and accounting needs as well as your VAT return needs. Find out how NetworkBD may assist you in making well-informed decisions about the future by outsourcing financial reporting services.

    Please feel free to contact us for further information if you have any questions about advance income tax payments, income tax slabs, tax processing & preparation services, pricing, taxation outsourcing, etc. We will be happy to help.

    FAQs For Monthly Tax Return Filing

    How much do services for tax preparation cost?

    Depending on the region you live in, tax preparation services might range in price from $99 to $225 each return.

    What are services for tax preparation?

    The best and most expedient approach to file your taxes is with the aid of tax preparation services.

    When the deadlines for paying use tax returns?

    The tax period determines the due date.

    Is tax applies to products sold on consignment ?

    Consignment sales require a shop to collect sales tax from the customer on any items that are subject to Vermont sales tax. For instance, if a consignment store sells clothing, it is not required to collect sales tax because apparel is not subject to it in Vermont. On the other hand, since bicycles are subject to Vermont Sales Tax, the consignment shop must collect tax from the buyer if it sells any.

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